Complete Guide to Phishing Attacks: What Are the Different Types and Defenses?

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Approximately 83 percent of organizations said they faced a successful phishing attempt in 2021, up from 57 percent in 2020. This guide breaks down the different types of phishing attacks and provides examples to help organizations better prepare their staff to deal with them.

UntitledNew Zscaler Research Shows Over 400% Increase in Phishing Attacks With Retail and Wholesale Industries at Greatest Risk

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Annual ThreatLabz Report reveals phishing-as-a-service as the key source of attacks across critical industries and consumers globally; underscores urgency to adopt a zero-trust security model


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Retail Fraud Spikes Ahead of the Holidays

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Researchers note massive increases in retail goods for sale on the black market, retail phishing sites, and malicious applications and social media profiles

Amazon Prime Day Spurs Spike in Phishing, Fraud Attacks


A spike in phishing and malicious websites aimed at defrauding customers aim to make Prime Day a field day for hackers.

Holiday Shoppers Beware: 100K Malicious Sites Found Posing as Well-Known Retailers


Web Security copycat sites Fraud holiday shopping Let's Encrypt Phishing retail tls valid certificatesThe copycat sites are using valid certificates to be more convincing.

Exclusive: Welcome “Frappo” – Resecurity identified a new Phishing-as-a-Service

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Frappo” acts as a Phishing-as-a-Service and enables cybercriminals the ability to host and generate high-quality phishing pages which impersonate major online banking, e-commerce, popular retailers, and online-services to steal customer data.

Phishing Tactic Hides Tracks with Custom Fonts


The phishing campaign is using a new technique to hide the source code of its landing page - and stealing credentials from customers of a major U.S.-based Web Security Bank Credential Stealing custom fonts obfuscation Phishing phishing campaign retail substitution cipherbased bank.

Catches of the Month: Phishing Scams for July 2022

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Welcome to our July 2022 review of phishing attacks, in which we explore the latest email scams and the tactics that cyber criminals use to trick people into handing over their personal data. NFT marketplace warns users of phishing scams.

Google: Security Keys Neutralized Employee Phishing

Krebs on Security

Google has not had any of its 85,000+ employees successfully phished on their work-related accounts since early 2017, when it began requiring all employees to use physical Security Keys in place of passwords and one-time codes, the company told KrebsOnSecurity. The basic model featured here retails for $20.

Sports retail giant Decathlon leaks 123 million customer and employee records

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Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, has suffered a massive data breach, affecting 123 million customer and employee records. It contained information from the retailer’s Spanish businesses and potentially its UK stores.

FIFA caught hook, line and sinker in phishing attack

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Football world-governing body FIFA has admitted that its systems suffered a sustained phishing hack earlier this year. It is believed that the breach was caused by an employee falling for a phishing scam. Phishing attacks are increasingly sophisticated, but there are simple steps that can be taken to mitigate the risks. The post FIFA caught hook, line and sinker in phishing attack appeared first on IT Governance Blog.

Experts Weigh in on E-Commerce Security Amid Snowballing Threats


How a retail sector reeling from COVID-19 can lock down their online systems to prevent fraud during the upcoming holiday shopping spike.

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How data breaches are affecting the retail industry

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Only time will tell – and we may not have to wait long – but in the meantime, what is the impact of data breaches in the retail industry, and what needs to be done to mitigate them? World-famous retailer Fortnum & Mason suffered a data breach , affecting 23,000 of its customers, through a Typeform service used to collect votes for one of the categories in its food and drink awards. Despite the prospect of fines and other penalties, many retailers are still not PCI-compliant.

Catches of the month: Phishing scams for December 2021

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Welcome to our December review of phishing scams, in which we look at the latest tricks that cyber criminals use to scam people. IKEA found itself battling a sophisticated phishing attack last month, after cyber criminals targeted employees using compromised reply-chain emails.

Catches of the month: Phishing scams for November 2021

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Welcome to our November review of phishing scams, in which we examine the latest campaigns and the tactics being used by cyber criminals to fool you into handing over your information. Phishing attacks are harder to spot on your smartphone.

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Online Retailer LightInTheBox exposes unsecured DB containing 1.3TB of web server logs

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LightInTheBox is a Chinese online retailer trading on the New York Stock Exchange, most of its customers are in North America and Europe. vpnMentor researchers pointed out that the security measures implemented by the retailer were insufficient.

Data: E-Retail Hacks More Lucrative Than Ever

Krebs on Security

Traditionally, the average price for card data nabbed from online retailers — referred to in the underground as “ CVVs ” — has ranged somewhere between $2 and $8 per account. In contrast, the value of “ dumps ” — hacker slang for card data swiped from compromised retail stores, hotels and restaurants with the help of malware installed on point-of-sale systems — has long hovered around $15-$20 per card.

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Catches of the month: Phishing scams for September 2019

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We’re back for another round-up of phishing scams that caught our eye over the past month. This series provides real-life examples of phishing emails, helping you understand how they work and what you should do to avoid falling victim. Ever since the organisation breached all 3 billion of its users’ information, its email platform has been a hotbed for phishing scams. The post Catches of the month: Phishing scams for September 2019 appeared first on IT Governance Blog.

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Catches of the month: Phishing scams for April 2021

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Additionally, you should be wary of unsolicited emails, texts or adverts – particularly if they offer suspiciously good deals – and check whether the vendor is a member of STAR (Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers).

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The Countdown to Black Friday Has Begun. Are Retailers and Consumers Ready?

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

So before the shopping frenzy begins, we thought this would be an opportune time to outline some best practices that both retailers and consumers should follow in order to protect consumer data. Customers are expecting more and more when it comes to their shopping experience, and this holiday season will push the envelope as retailers are making brick-and-mortar stores more digital and connected while offering online shoppers an in-store experience. No phishing here.

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Catches of the month: Phishing scams for December 2019

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Want to stay up to date on phishing scams ? These attacks begin with a spear phishing attack sent to someone in the organisation who handles payments. See also: Phishing scams for November 2019. Phishing scams for October 2019. Phishing scams for September 2019.

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Catches of the month: Phishing scams for May 2020

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Whether you’re forced to work from home, out of work or otherwise preoccupied by the stress and discomfort of lockdown, we are all more susceptible to phishing emails than ever before. The email should raise suspicions if you’re aware of how phishing scams work.

Amazon’s data breach email looks like a phishing scam

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An unknown number of Amazon customers reported yesterday and today that they had received an email from the online retail giant (see below). To many, the email looks to be a phishing scam of some sort. The post Amazon’s data breach email looks like a phishing scam appeared first on IT Governance Blog. It appears that Amazon had a bit of a problem – and it very nearly went unnoticed.

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Radisson Rewards programme breached

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It also advised members to be aware of phishing emails: You should also be aware that third parties may claim to be Radisson Rewards and attempt to gather personal information by deception (known as ‘phishing’) […] Radisson Rewards will not ask for your password or user information to be provided in an e-mail. Cyber Security Data Protection EU GDPR Retail #BreachReady data breach phishing awareness staff awareness training

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TA505 Abusing Legit Remote Admin Tool in String of Attacks

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Russian-speaking threat group has been targeting retailers and financial institutions in the US and abroad via a spear-phishing campaign

Shopping safely over Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost upon us, kickstarting what retailers hope will be a successful trading period. However, retailers offering both a physical and digital presence stand to gain the most, as the omnichannel approach is favoured by 69% of UK-based survey respondents. There is also an increased risk of phishing over the Black Friday period. Cyber Security Data Protection EU GDPR PCI DSS Retail black friday cyber monday ecommerce fraud shopping

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PCI SSC warns organisations about growing threat of online skimming

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The alert, issued in partnership with the Retail & Hospitality ISAC (information sharing and analysis centre [link] ), highlights a recent increase in malware attacks targeting e-commerce websites to gain payment card data. The PCI SSC and the Retail & Hospitality ISAC highlight the threat of: Plugin vulnerabilities; Brute-force login attempts (aka credential stuffing); Phishing scams and other social engineering techniques; and. PCI DSS Retail

Butlin’s Hacked – 34,000 customers affected

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A spokesperson confirmed that the compromise had taken place over the past 72 hours and was caused by a phishing email. Cyber Security RetailButlin’s has suffered a data breach that has affected up to 34,000 of its customers. In a notice posted on its website , Butlin’s managing director, Dermot King, said: “We would like to assure all our guests that your payment details are secure and have not been compromised. Your Butlin’s usernames and passwords are also secure.”.

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The Life Cycle of a Breached Database

Krebs on Security

TARGETED PHISHING. But the more insidious threat with hacked databases comes not from password re-use but from targeted phishing activity in the early days of a breach, when relatively few ne’er-do-wells have got their hands on a hot new hacked database.

Types of Malware & Best Malware Protection Practices

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Phishing. Attackers often use botnets to send out spam or phishing campaigns to carry out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Phishing and Social Engineering. Phishing and social engineering are a type of email attack that attempts to trick users into divulging passwords, downloading an attachment or visiting a website that installs malware on their systems. More targeted efforts at specific users or organizations are known as spear phishing.

Threat Report Portugal: Q2 2022

Security Affairs

The submissions were classified as either phishing or malware. Phishing and Malware Q2 2022. The results depicted in Figure 1 show that phishing campaigns (68,9%) were more prevalent than malware (31,1%) during Q2 2022.

Threat Report Portugal: Q3 2021

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The submissions were classified as either phishing or malware. Phishing and Malware Q3 2021. The results depicted in Figure 1 show that phishing campaigns (79,8%) were more prevalent than malware (20,2%) during Q3 2021.

E-learning: the effective way to train your team

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It is widely acknowledged that the retail and hospitality industries experience high staff turnover: frontline roles are often filled by temporary, young or part-time staff, the hours can be long and unsociable and the work can be physically demanding. Retail Staff Awareness Training cyber security training e-learning employee training

Getting #BreachReady: prepare for the worst, hope for the best

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However, in addition to the visibility and ‘newsworthiness’ of such breaches – especially in consumer-facing organisations such as Dixons Carphone and Fortnum & Mason – it is also acknowledged that the convenient world of interconnectedness we enjoy provides cyber criminals with more opportunities to mastermind sophisticated hacking and phishing attacks. Cyber Security Data Protection EU GDPR Retail #BreachReady data breach data breach reporting

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Bristol Airport systems offline in suspected ransomware attack

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Our ten-minute Phishing and Ransomware – Human patch e-learning course allows you to educate your staff quickly and cost-effectively. Cyber Security Retail e-learning phishing RansomwareAnother day, another cyber attack. This time it’s Bristol Airport. It has been reported that a speculative ransomware attack on the airport resulted in its information screens being taken offline, and flight information being written on whiteboards, although no flights were delayed.

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Experts report a rampant growth in the number of malicious, lookalike domains

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Cyber security firm Venafi announced it has uncovered lookalike domains with valid TLS certificates that appear to target major retailers. Ahead of the holiday shopping season , security experts from Venafi conducted a study of typosquatted domains used to target 20 major retailers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and France. retailers with over 49,500 typosquatted domains. Experts reported nearly 84,000 target retailers in the U.S.,

Threat Report Portugal: Q1 2021

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Threat Report Portugal Q1 2021: Phishing and malware by numbers. The submissions were classified as either phishing or malware. Phishing and Malware Q1 2021. It is important to make reference to the values of Q4 2020 as phishing and malware maintain a growing trend.

Threat Report Portugal: Q2 2020

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The campaigns were classified as either phishing or malware. Phishing and Malware Q2 2020. The results depicted in Figure 1 show that phishing campaigns (84,5%) were more prevalent than malware (15,5%) during Q2 2020.

Retail 110

Threat Report Portugal: Q4 2021

Security Affairs

The submissions were classified as either phishing or malware. Phishing and Malware Q4 2021. The results depicted in Figure 1 show that phishing campaigns (92,2%) were more prevalent than malware (7,8%) during Q4 2021.

Wipro Intruders Targeted Other Major IT Firms

Krebs on Security

The crooks responsible for launching phishing campaigns that netted dozens of employees and more than 100 computer systems last month at Wipro , India’s third-largest IT outsourcing firm, also appear to have targeted a number of other competing providers, including Infosys and Cognizant , new evidence suggests. A screen shot of the Wipro phishing site[.]app.

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