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MyKings botnet operators already amassed at least $24 million

Security Affairs

.” The malware was first spotted in February 2018 by researchers from Proofpoint when the bot was using the EternalBlue exploit to infect Windows computers and recruit them in Monero cryptocurrency mining activities. Encryption used is a very simple ROT cipher, where the key is set to -1.” ” continues the analysis.

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Susan Sherrouse AIIM18 Speaker Interview


The onslaught of information is burying us - we need to learn how to dig out - and mine the gold - more effectively! I've taken quite a few vintage quilts out of attics, quilted them, and they are now in use daily and loved - versus rotting away. Please provide one or two points that you will mention during your session.

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Information Literacy and Records Management

Brandeis Records Manager

Also, as I’ve suggested , fact denial and fake news—land mines under the librarian’s definition of info literacy—should be serious concerns for the RIM and IG professional communities as well, given our core principles of integrity and transparency. Like records management , info literacy has considerable social justice implications.

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Welcome new Archive-It teammates


She brings her experience in book digitization, including as a Digitization Assistant with University of Alberta’s Digital Initiatives project, and her time as a Research Assistant documenting link and image rot using image recognition tools. As a Web Archivist, she’s interested in archiving social media around fan fiction.

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Past, present and future in a digital transformation journey

OpenText Information Management

A digital transformation is the adoption of new business processes and practices to help an organization compete effectively in a modern and increasingly digital world. The objective is often tied to cost leadership, increased competitiveness or simply moving into a niche.

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Part 2: OMG! Not another digital transformation article! Is it about the evolution from RIM to Content Services?

ARMA International

Auto-classification can leverage AI using RPA and ML / MT to analyze the digital content and categorize it, including redundant, obsolete, and temporary (ROT) [4] content. Much of the content will never be accessed, yet the cost to manage ROT content will continue to increase. Figure 1: Auto-classification and AI.

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Part 1: OMG! Not another digital transformation article! Is it about understanding the business drivers?

ARMA International

AI can also reduce the human effort required to “crunch” vast amounts of content – generated and stored in an organization’s content repositories – in order to identify redundant, obsolete temporary (ROT) [2] content that has no business value. Blockchain, Provenance, and Authentic Information. Data Analytics.