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[Podcast] IIM Challenges and Opportunities in the Energy Industry


The energy industry plays a crucial role in all our lives. Information—energy utilities run on millions of documents to accomplish complex business operations and support their foundational principles: ensuring worker safety and providing reliable energy to end-users at a reasonable cost.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Records Management Service

Armstrong Archives

Quality records management is a necessity for many business owners, and it can be difficult to know which vendors are the right fit for your business. It is important to understand that not all records management services are the same. Several elements may affect the quality and delivery of records management. As such, outsourcing your records management to them could lead to compliance issues down the line. Energy & Utilities.


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Document Storage for the Energy Industry

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If you work in the energy industry, it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the most heavily regulated. To comply with government regulations, an energy company might have tens of thousands of documents that need to be physically stored, scanned or destroyed. Inventory Management.

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Digital sobriety


Analyzing , Information Governance , Records Management. What we can say for sure is that manufacturing user equipment is the most expensive, from both an energy and an environmental viewpoint. Apart from renewable energies, it is the energy with the best carbon footprint.

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Do You Have the Right Stuff to Transition to Information Governance?

ARMA International

If you are in the records space today, then you are standing at a similar crossroads. Hmmm … sounds a lot like records management, doesn’t it? all of which require the same disciplines we utilize when managing our records.

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SAA/CoSA/NAGARA 2018 recap: Session 204

The Schedule

Scheduling the Ephemeral: Creating and Implementing Records Management Policy for Social Media. Beth, Kristen, and Laura presented a program in which they each brought their unique perspective to the management of social media as records within the Federal Government. I’d like to begin the session recap by focusing on Laura’s presentation, as hers is a perspective many archivists and records managers may not have heard before.