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How Content Services Are Enabling the Digital Transformation of Electric Utilities


Electric utilities in the United States are a major source of CO2 – they created 1.55 And according to the US Energy Information Agency, consumption is expected to grow by 50% by the year 2050. To get greener, electric utilities must digitally transform.

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Key strategies and technologies to help utilities respond to a “storm” never seen before


Key strategies and technologies to help utilities respond to a “storm” never seen before. For more than three decades, I served at a leading electric utility, responding to numerous storms to keep the lights on for customers and to support critical infrastructure.


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Business ID Theft Soars Amid COVID Closures

Krebs on Security

To prove ownership over the hijacked firms, they hire low-wage image editors online to help fabricate and/or modify a number of official documents tied to the business — including tax records and utility bills.

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Coming together for DC ‘21


Attendees will hear from numerous industries including healthcare, telecommunications, energy and utilities, higher education, technology, life sciences, and retail. I am eagerly waiting for June 16th to kick off this great event.

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Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

The virtual event provided hundreds of attendees with thought-provoking sessions and lots of practical tools for growing revenue in a digital age. solution, access, value, and education. INSIGHTS from SENTINEL. jstewart. Wed, 06/23/2021 - 16:11.

Cloud 71
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Updates on Federal Cybersecurity Legislation

Hunton Privacy

This bill would amend the Federal Power Act to grant the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) authority to issue emergency orders requiring critical infrastructure facility operators to take actions necessary to protect the bulk power system. The GRID Act is being considered by the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources at this time. The American Clean Energy Leadership Act.

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A Soccer Field on the Data Center, Chickens in the Parking Lot - in Northern Virginia

Interactive Information Management

They become (and currently are) an attractant for other data centers, service providers and a well-educated workforce, a magnet, the "cool factor", a "symbol of transformation", generating tons of political capital and psychological benefit – which tends to be very desirable and valuable in this area near Washington DC. A user/purchaser of local resources, from facility supplies, energy and materials to IT equipment and services 4. events, in-person groups, speakers, etc.)

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The Hacker Mind Podcast: Hacking Industrial Control Systems


Think of a room in a larger conference where people of like interests gather to hear speakers, see demonstrations and participate in themed Capture the Flag events. It's individual pieces of it that fall apart and become a nightmare for that company or that utility or whatever.

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The Hacker Mind Podcast: Reverse Engineering Smart Meters


For example, in 2009, the Obama administration provided financial incentives to utilities in the United States. And again, smart meters were positioned squarely as making the environment more friendly by knowing how and when energy is being used by individual customers.