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Our Data Governance Is Broken. Let’s Reinvent It.

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My current work is split between two projects: One has to do with data governance, the other political media. And second… Governance. Government – well for sure, I’d wager that’s increased given who’s been running the country these past two years. But Governance? Data Governance. We’ll start with Governance.

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Wells Fargo, revisited, again


Wells Fargo refunds insurance premiums to hundreds of thousands of customers who bought “add-on” services such as pet insurance, identity theft, home warranties, debt protection, and legal services. How deep did the cultural rot go? File this one under (a) Governance and (b) Compliance.

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Part 3: OMG! Not another digital transformation article! Is it about effecting risk management and change management?

ARMA International

Take the example of the pandemic: only some governments engaged pandemic experts to develop actions plans. The end state is to use DT to optimize the use of resources, increase ROI, and improve governance, strategic risk management, and compliance, as illustrated by the five levels in Figure 3. Figure 3: Digital capability levels.