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ESI, ROT, and LBJ – Thoughts on Data Management While Visiting the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library: eDiscovery Trends

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A friend met me there, and one of the things we’d hoped to do (besides listen to a lot of live music) was visit the LBJ Presidential Library housed at the University of Texas campus. The library houses more than 45 million pages , including an extensive audiovisual collection and more than 650,000 photos and 5,000 hours of recordings.

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Welcome new Archive-It teammates


Ella Hitchcock is completing her Masters in Library and Information Sciences + Masters of Art from the University of Alberta. A world traveler who’s been to 17 countries, including Russia and Finland, she’s pleased to be a part of the Internet Archive because of her alignment to the mission “universal access to all knowledge.”.


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URLs Aren’t Archives ¯_(?)_/¯, and Other Stories

The Schedule

The expectation of action on the part of institutions such as the Library of Congress was frustrating. Those of us in academic and legal environments have been dealing with link and citation rot for ages. Local library initiatives such as the Ann Arbor News digitization project at the Ann Arbor District Library.

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How Content Services Are Enabling the Digital Transformation of Electric Utilities


For instance, by educating a customer about how much more money he’s paying for his excessive AC use at peak summer hours, the electric utility can motivate him to reduce use at peak times. Improving processes exposes data debt, so electric utilities can save on storage by purging ROT data and leveraging previously dark data for new services.

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Part 1: OMG! Not another digital transformation article! Is it about understanding the business drivers?

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For example, organizations can re-package video libraries, songs, research, and course material for different audiences – customers, researchers, academics, students, and so on; and they can monetize the content via CaaS. Cryptocurrency, Strategy & Education, Investopedia. Blockchain, Provenance, and Authentic Information.