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ESI, ROT, and LBJ – Thoughts on Data Management While Visiting the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library: eDiscovery Trends

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In 2016, a study by Veritas found that as much as 85% of ESI is Redundant, Obsolete, or Trivial (ROT). most of it ROT. How does your organization keep ROT at bay? A Fortune 500 company in 2018 might create five floors worth of data every year (or more!), So, what do you think?

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Preserving your information from digital disasters


Digital disasters of systems are increasingly common due to a number of factors including human error, computer job error, natural and manmade disasters, cybercrime, bit rot, and file format obsolescence. Here are examples of how disk rot, a natural disaster, and data breaches can cause monumental losses.

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Does Your Content Drive Organizational Value?


If you’ve been paying attention to the research we conduct and the educational information we share, you know that AIIM describes Intelligent Information Management (IIM) as all the things you want to do with, or get from, your organization’s information. The result: an unmitigated content mess!

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Susan Sherrouse AIIM18 Speaker Interview


I contend that it is a constant education process to differentiate Information Professionals from Information TECHNOLOGY Professionals. I've taken quite a few vintage quilts out of attics, quilted them, and they are now in use daily and loved - versus rotting away.

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Welcome new Archive-It teammates


She brings her experience in book digitization, including as a Digitization Assistant with University of Alberta’s Digital Initiatives project, and her time as a Research Assistant documenting link and image rot using image recognition tools. As a Web Archivist, she’s interested in archiving social media around fan fiction.

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How Content Services Are Enabling the Digital Transformation of Electric Utilities


For instance, by educating a customer about how much more money he’s paying for his excessive AC use at peak summer hours, the electric utility can motivate him to reduce use at peak times. Improving processes exposes data debt, so electric utilities can save on storage by purging ROT data and leveraging previously dark data for new services.

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The Hacker Mind Podcast: Learn Competitive Hacking with picoCTF


PPP wanted to give their past high school selves the infosec education they didn’t have. It seems that preparing for, or even playing a game of capture the flag, might be a great way to expose any educational gaps, if not generally improve and deepen the security skills, you might already possess.