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Estonian National charged with helping Russia acquire U.S. hacking tools and electronics

Security Affairs

made electronics on behalf of the Russian government and military. The Estonian man is accused of having helped the Russian government and military to purchase US-made electronics and hacking tools. “Shevlyakov also attempted to acquire computer hacking tools.”

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Court Denies Criminal Defendant’s Motion to Suppress Evidence Obtained via Warrantless Search: eDiscovery Case Law

eDiscovery Daily

Immergut denied the defendant’s motion to suppress emails and evidence derived from a warrantless search of Defendant’s workplace email account, finding “any expectation of privacy in Defendant’s work email was objectively unreasonable under the military’s computer-use policies in effect at his workplace.”.


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Security Affairs newsletter Round 414 by Pierluigi Paganini – International edition

Security Affairs

billion rubles. billion rubles.

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Snowden Ten Years Later

Schneier on Security

I fly a lot—a quarter of a million miles per year—and being put on a TSA list, or being detained at the US border and having my electronics confiscated, would be a major problem. So would the FBI breaking into my home and seizing my personal electronics. Transferring files electronically is what encryption is for.

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Cyber is Cyber is Cyber

Lenny Zeltser

Computer security, perhaps? This might be because the industry continues to embrace the lexicon used in government and military circles, where cyber reigns supreme. If our goal is to engage with and educate as broad a range of people as possible, using ‘cyber’ will help us do that. Are you in cybersecurity?

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Encryption: How It Works, Types, and the Quantum Future

eSecurity Planet

Through public and commercial development of advanced encryption methods, organizations from sensitive government agencies to enterprise companies can ensure protected communications between personnel, devices, and global offices. Before computer science, two individuals could use an identical key to unlock a shared mailbox or gate.

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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in May 2020 – 8.8 billion records breached

IT Governance

Russian military accessed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s emails in 2015 hack (unknown). Wright County, MN, government notifies those affected by cyber attack (12,320). Online education site EduCBA discloses data breach after hack (unknown). Advanced Computer Software Group exposed data of 190 law firms (10,000).