US Government Accountability Office Releases New Report On The Internet of Things (IoT)

Privacy and Cybersecurity Law

The GAO also convened a number of expert meetings during the drafting process, bringing together experts from various disciplines, including computer science, security, privacy, law, economics, physics, and product development. The GAO identified four technological advancements that have contributed to the increase in IoT devices: Miniaturized, inexpensive electronics. Cloud computing. Cloud computing allows for increased computer processing.

IDEA 2008


Linguistic User Interfaces – Chris Crawford Wouldn’t it be nice if, instead of digging through nested menus buried inside subpanes of dialogs, we could just talk to our computers in plain language? Sure it would, but computer scientists have long since proven that such “natural language processing&# can’t be done. “Traditional&# computers, cell phones, pocket PDAs, game systems, gesture-based input, store kiosks and checkouts, and much more.