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Out of the frying pan


Here he explains why a profile-raising performance from public libraries during the pandemic won’t save them now, and how they might change that. This includes neighbourhood services which covers public libraries and other services such as planning, regulatory services, road maintenance and waste. What does he know? Lost in the crowd?

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Homomorphic Encryption Makes Real-World Gains, Pushed by Google, IBM, Microsoft

eSecurity Planet

Microsoft’s SEAL (Simple Encrypted Arithmetic Library) is another such effort, an open-source software library created by researchers at the company that uses multiple forms of homomorphic encryption. million by 2027, an average of 9.7 It’s available on GitHub. DARPA Gets In on the Effort. million in 2019 to $246.29


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The Week in Cyber Security and Data Privacy: 15 – 21 April 2024

IT Governance

EDPB sets out priorities for 2024–2027 The EDPB (European Data Protection Board) has adopted its strategy for 2024–2027, which is based around four pillars: Pillar 1 – Enhancing harmonisation and promoting compliance. million, the Department is removing HHS Login from its grantee payment system.

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The history of Kubernetes

IBM Big Data Hub

Each virtual machine has a guest operating system (OS), a virtual copy of the hardware that the OS requires to run and an application and its associated libraries and dependencies. Modern-day containers are defined as units of software where application code is packaged with all its libraries and dependencies.

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