Mortgage Retention Requirements See Renewed Emphasis During COVID-19 Pandemic


This means even greater challenges for servicers, who are dealing with record volumes and geographically scattered employees no longer working in a central office. million homeowners — 9% of all outstanding mortgages — were in private sector or government mortgage forbearance programs as of Memorial Day, with numbers only projected to rise heading into summer. Detailed Documentation Required. The financial fallout from COVID-19 never seems to stop spreading.

A Record Center Is Not An Archives: Dispatches from a ARM sector change

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In case you missed it on social media or in the MAC Newsletter, I have left my position of 10 years as University Records Archivist at UWM and moved across town to become the Records Officer and Document Services Manager for the City of Milwaukee. In some ways it’s kind of an odd position, born out of the Document Services Section’s previous life as Milwaukee Printing and Records. Local government! More local government please. Welcome back from SAA!