Legendary Help: Modernizing the retail customer experience

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Unfortunately, it has created issues for retailers, as they need modern and agile mobile and web-friendly interfaces for shopping. . A Rocket customer, who provides retail management software to companies across the globe needed help creating more user-friendly web and mobile portals.

Retail giant Home Depot agrees to a $17.5 million settlement over 2014 data breach

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Retail giant Home Depot has agreed to a $17.5 The US largest home improvement retailer giant Home Depot agrees to $17.5 According to the US retailer the payment card information of approximately 40 million Home Depot consumers nationwide.

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E-learning: the effective way to train your team

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It is widely acknowledged that the retail and hospitality industries experience high staff turnover: frontline roles are often filled by temporary, young or part-time staff, the hours can be long and unsociable and the work can be physically demanding. Despite the operational challenge of staff turnover, there is still a need to ensure that teams are trained to perform not only their core duties but also to do so safely. They can also start and stop the training at will.

DPIAs for retail and hospitality 

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It’s relevant for everyone, including retail and hospitality. Retail and hospitality organisations will likely need to conduct several to cover all their processes, both new and existing. Common activities for retail and hospitality requiring DPIAs. To give an idea of what activities may require a DPIA in real terms for the retail and hospitality sectors, here is a non-exhaustive list: CCTV.

Mainframes, Freight Trains and Education Pains

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You use a freight train. I’ve seen what those “why are we doing this” folks, who now are in middle and upper management, have done trying to make pickup trucks do what trains were made for. By David Robertson , guest blogger.

Sports retail giant Decathlon leaks 123 million customer and employee records

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Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, has suffered a massive data breach, affecting 123 million customer and employee records. It contained information from the retailer’s Spanish businesses and potentially its UK stores.

How data breaches are affecting the retail industry

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Only time will tell – and we may not have to wait long – but in the meantime, what is the impact of data breaches in the retail industry, and what needs to be done to mitigate them? World-famous retailer Fortnum & Mason suffered a data breach , affecting 23,000 of its customers, through a Typeform service used to collect votes for one of the categories in its food and drink awards. Despite the prospect of fines and other penalties, many retailers are still not PCI-compliant.

CNIL Adopts Its First Sanction as Lead Supervisory Authority, Fining French Online Shoe Retailer

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On August 5, 2020, the French Data Protection Authority (the “CNIL”) announced that it has levied a fine of €250,000 on French online shoe retailer, Spartoo, for various infringements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). employee training).

Finance sector must simplify staff awareness training

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In a report published last month , the FCA urged organisations to tackle staff awareness training at all levels, and to ensure the lessons are simple and appropriate to the environment that employees work in. The findings are the result of a discussion between 175 organisation, aiming to address security concerns in the fund and investment management, insurance, retail banking, and retail investment and lending sectors. Staff awareness training is a crucial part of this.

The Ocado fire – when disaster recovery becomes real

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Although share prices showed signs of recovery within a couple of days, more than £1 billion was wiped off the stock market value of the firm, as investors worried that retailers may be less keen to buy into the automated warehouse technology having seen that there is a potential vulnerability.*.

Heathrow Airport fined £120,000 for data breach

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The data affected: The ICO penalty notice said: [T]he stick held a training video containing names, dates of birth, vehicle registrations, nationality, passport numbers and expiry, roles and mobile numbers of 10 individuals involved in a particular greeting party, and also details of between 12 and 50 (exact number unconfirmed) Heathrow aviation security personnel, including names, job titles and identification of two individuals who were trade union members or chairs.

Radisson Rewards programme breached

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Staff awareness training is essential, along with compliance with regulatory frameworks such as the GDPR and the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Cyber Security Data Protection EU GDPR Retail #BreachReady data breach phishing awareness staff awareness trainingLast month the Radisson Hotel Group, a global player in the hospitality industry with more than 1,400 hotels in 114 countries, discovered that its rewards programme had been breached.

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Safely adopting technology in the hospitality industry

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We offer extensive training and consultancy services,available in a variety of formats – classroom, Live Online, distance learning and in-house – to suit different organisations. Cyber Resilience Cyber Security Data Protection PCI DSS Retail Staff Awareness Training hospitality hotelsThe hospitality sector has embraced consumer-facing technology.

Point-of-Sale (POS) Security Measures for 2021

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It’s a tough time to be a retailer. Using POS devices for other tasks: Carson said retailers too often allow users to leverage POS systems for common tasks like checking email or surfing the Web. …and a fourth step: employee training.

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Customers lose confidence – data breaches aren’t just about fines

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Train your staff. Training can be classroom-based, but there are other options such as e-learning, in-house training courses, and – of course – books for independent learning. Cyber Security Data Protection EU GDPR NIS Regulations PCI DSS Retail Staff Awareness business continuity management data breach Hacking Information security security spendA recent survey by Ping Identity shows that customers move away from brands that have suffered data breaches.

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FIFA caught hook, line and sinker in phishing attack

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One of the most basic ones is training every employee to look for certain clues, such as mismatched URLs or misleading domain names. Cyber Security Retail Staff Awareness data breach football phishing phishing attack SportFootball world-governing body FIFA has admitted that its systems suffered a sustained phishing hack earlier this year. In March, more than 70 million documents and 3.4

Sailing the cyber security waves

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This could include: Staff training ; Limiting user privileges; Keeping systems up to date; Implementing encryption methodologies; and. Cyber Security Data Protection ISO 27001 Retail Staff Awareness Cruise operators Freight Maritime industry Shipping Travel travel and tourismShips have experienced a digital transformation in recent years. New technologies are helping them navigate the waters and ensure that everyone on board experiences the connectivity and convenience they expect.

This Is How Walmart Beats Amazon

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Sheila is used to exactly this kind of response – she’s been trained to expect it, and to manage the conversation that ensues. Sheila is a college-educated Walmart management associate, and delivering these gift boxes is a mandatory part of her company training. Strange how the world’s biggest retailer, a place she’s never shopped, seems to know her brand preferences for skin care and chocolate. A scenario from the future.

Getting #BreachReady: prepare for the worst, hope for the best

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It is vital to ensure that your teams are trained appropriately , with annual refreshers to maintain awareness. A report of staff training. Specifically, had the staff member involved in the breach received data protection training in the past two years? Cyber Security Data Protection EU GDPR Retail #BreachReady data breach data breach reportingThe EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is very much alive and kicking.

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Data Stewards, Say Goodbye to Painful, Rules-based Matching.


Today’s third-generational data management platforms with a machine learning component, help you derive the matching rules automatically from the data and also offers you the capability for active learning/training of the machine. Reltio Cloud’s ML component allows you to verify and accept the match criteria which in turn progressively trains the machine toward finer levels of match. Bring on the data and teach the machine to make your life easier. Too much data, too little time!

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#ModernDataMasters: Lewis Ownes, CEO Agile Solutions


In the early days I worked in data transformation for data into banks through digital printing – amazing that I trained to do all these elaborate hand-crafted books and ended up doing cheque books! Uncategorized B Compliance & GDPR B Consumer 360 B Customer 360 B Digital Transformation B Financial Services & Insurance B Healthcare B High-Tech & Manufacturing B IT B Business B Life Sciences B Machine Learning B Patient & Member 360 B Retail & CPG

FCC Proposal Targets SIM Swapping, Port-Out Fraud

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Additionally, the FCC said it may impose additional customer service, training, and transparency requirements for the carriers, noting that too many customer service personnel at the wireless carriers lack training on how to assist customers who’ve had their phone numbers stolen.

#ModernDataMasters: Steve Whiting, Chief Operations Officer


I was trained in Oracle relational databases and GUI tools to deliver group-wide Banking Systems. Uncategorized B Compliance & GDPR B Consumer 360 B Customer 360 B Digital Transformation B Financial Services & Insurance B Healthcare B High-Tech & Manufacturing B IT B Business B Life Sciences B Machine Learning B Patient & Member 360 B Retail & CPGKate Tickner, Reltio.

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REvil gang exploited a zero-day in the Kaseya supply chain attack

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Ciaran Martin , former head of the NCSC , provided disconcerting info about the supply chain ransomware attack that disrupted 20% of Swedish food retail capacity, pharmacies, train ticket sales.

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Bristol Airport systems offline in suspected ransomware attack

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With malicious links and attachments accounting for 59% of ransomware infections, organisations of all sizes and types must ensure staff are trained to be vigilant and secure. Cyber Security Retail e-learning phishing RansomwareAnother day, another cyber attack. This time it’s Bristol Airport.

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How a data fabric overcomes data sprawls to reduce time to insights

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Data fabric in action: Retail supply chain example. To truly understand the data fabric’s value, let’s look at a retail supply chain use case where a data scientist wants to predict product back orders so that they can maintain optimal inventory levels and prevent customer churn.

Data breaches and cyber attacks quarterly review: Q3 2021

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As the graph above demonstrates, the other big contributors were the technology and media sector (37 incidents), the education sector (35), retail (18) and professional services (15).

ROUNDTABLE: Targeting the supply-chain: SolarWinds, then Mimecast and now UScellular

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The intruders got in by tricking UScellular retail store employees into downloading malicious software on store computers. Attacks like this are unfortunately frequent and even well-intentioned, well-trained, users can fall victim to a clever attack. The end-user remains the “weakest link” within an organization; proper training, assessment, and reinforcement are an essential part of any security and compliance strategy.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful EDI Operations (Getting Started)

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For instance, retailers, manufacturers, insurers, healthcare providers, and transportation companies use EDI daily to communicate critical business information with trading partners, customers, and electronic marketplaces. Do cross train your team .

US citizens lost more than $68M to SIM swap attacks in 2021, FBI warns

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The FBI recommends mobile carriers take the following precautions: Educate employees and conduct training sessions on SIM swapping. Authenticate calls from third party authorized retailers requesting. and mobile carriers: Educate employees and conduct training sessions on SIM swapping.

Using the online marketplace to enhance customer experience


Building an online marketplace provides retailers with an opportunity to strengthen their DNA and offer customers a seamless and complementary product and service offering with limited risk. By offering a broader product line, retailers can attract new customers and keep existing ones.

Catches of the month: Phishing scams for December 2021

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The message might include an expensive item that you have apparently purchased, enticing you to follow a link to alert the retailer to the mistake. By following that link, you are sent to a bogus website that’s made up to look like the retailer’s login page.

FIN8 group used a previously undetected Sardonic backdoor in a recent attack

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The group focuses on organizations in the insurance, retail, technology, and chemical industries in the U.S., Financially motivated threat actor FIN8 employed a previously undocumented backdoor, tracked as ‘Sardonic,’ in recent attacks.

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GUEST ESSAY: 3 key ingredients to stress-free compliance with data handling regulations

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This enables regulatory compliance with HIPPA for healthcare organizations, PCI DSS for retailers, and other regulations. Train employees. Lastly, it’s critical that you also regularly train your employees on the fundamentals of information exchange, governance and best practices for regulatory compliance.

How Not to Acknowledge a Data Breach

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A source I spoke with at a large retailer and Wipro customer said the crooks who broke into Wipro used their access to perpetrate gift card fraud at the retailer’s stores. Overall, I’m willing to chalk this entire episode up to a complete lack of training in how to deal with the news media, but if I were a customer of Wipro I’d be more than a little concerned about the tone-deaf nature of the company’s response thus far.

What is Modernization?

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IBM i is at the core of thousands of companies around the world, from banks to retailers to manufacturing plants. I was asked as part of our Ask Rocket program to answer the question “What is Modernization?”.

What You Need to Know About E-Skimming

Adam Levin

The retailer wasn’t alone. On the business side of things, it’s crucial that software patches are applied as soon as they’re released, and that employees are trained to recognize the signs of compromise.

Spotlight: When Ransomware Comes Calling

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While exact numbers are hard to come by, large scale studies of companies found that more than a third had been hit by ransomware in the past year, with the retail, government and education sectors particularly hard hit.

Catches of the Month: Phishing Scams for July 2022

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The next most frequent targets were software-as-a-service and webmail providers (20.5%) and e-commerce sites and retail stores (14.6%). You can help educate your staff with IT Governance’s Phishing Staff Awareness Training Programme.

MY TAKE: Michigan’s cybersecurity readiness initiatives provide roadmap others should follow

The Last Watchdog

My reporting trip included meetings with Michigan-based cybersecurity vendors pursuing leading-edge innovations, as well as a tour of a number of thriving public-private cybersecurity incubator and training programs. He pulled together the Michigan Cyber Range , an unclassified, private cloud network initially set up to teach, test and train IT staff to defend their organizations’ networks.