Four Use Cases Proving the Benefits of Metadata-Driven Automation


Organization’s cannot hope to make the most out of a data-driven strategy, without at least some degree of metadata-driven automation. Metadata-Driven Automation in the BFSI Industry. Metadata-Driven Automation in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

What’s Business Process Modeling Got to Do with It? – Choosing A BPM Tool


With business process modeling (BPM) being a key component of data governance , choosing a BPM tool is part of a dilemma many businesses either have or will soon face. Choosing a BPM Tool: An Overview. Organizations that adopt a BPM tool also enjoy greater process efficiency.

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Data Mapping Tools: What Are the Key Differentiators


The need for data mapping tools in light of increasing volumes and varieties of data – as well as the velocity at which it must be processed – is growing. Data mapping tools have always been a key asset for any organization looking to leverage data for insights.

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Measure Twice, Cut Once: How the Right Data Modeling Tool Drives Business Value


The need for an effective data modeling tool is more significant than ever. Data modeling is the upfront “measuring tool” that helps organizations reduce time and avoid guesswork in a low-cost environment. Evaluating a Data Modeling Tool – Key Features.

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14 top metadata management platforms

Information Management Resources

Alation, ASG Technologies, Informatica and Smartlogic are among the top providers of metadata management tools, according to a new Magic Quadrant study from Gartner. Data management Data strategy Data types

Responsibility of Data Architecture in Data Governance

Perficient Data & Analytics

Data architecture will also be involved in the review and assessment of tooling and platforms for use by each of the various capabilities. In addition, the establishment of common metadata principles is required to enable interoperability of tools across the capability areas.

Data-Driven Enterprise Architecture: Why Enterprise Architects Need to Look at Data First


The typical notion is that enterprise architects and data (and metadata) architects are in opposite corners. With governance, which sets its fundamental components firmly on data, metadata and infrastructure. It’s time to consider data-driven enterprise architecture.

Constructing A Digital Transformation Strategy: Putting the Data in Digital Transformation


Your organization won’t be able to take complete advantage of analytics tools to become data-driven unless you establish a foundation for agile and complete data management. Harvest data – Automate metadata collection from various data management silos and consolidate it into a single source.

Five Benefits of an Automation Framework for Data Governance


In data governance terms, an automation framework refers to a metadata-driven universal code generator that works hand in hand with enterprise data mapping for: Pre-ETL enterprise data mapping. Governing metadata.

Cell Networks Hacked by (Probable) Nation-State Attackers

Schneier on Security

The tools and the techniques ­- such as the malware used by the hackers ­- appeared to be "textbook APT 10," referring to a hacker group believed to be backed by China, but Div said it was either APT 10, "or someone that wants us to go public and say it's [APT 10].".

Governance in Healthcare: Ownership and Consistency

Perficient Data & Analytics

The rise of big data, self-service, and more powerful and flexible end-user information visualization and preparation tools, consumer/ member/patient experience is impacting governance in a significant manner with regard to structure, decision rights, and accountabilities.

Tools TSLAC Uses To Access and Make Available Older Formats

The Texas Record

Earlier this month, some members of SLRM took a tour of two ARIS workstations to see what tools they use to access and make available formats that have achieved digital and technical obsolescence.

Top 5 Data Catalog Benefits: Understanding Your Organization’s Data Lineage


With the right data catalog tool, organizations can automate enterprise metadata management – including data cataloging, data mapping, data quality and code generation for faster time to value and greater accuracy for data movement and/or deployment projects.

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Duo Security created open tools and techniques to identify large Twitter botnet

Security Affairs

Researchers at security firm Duo Security have created a set of open source tools and disclosed techniques that could be used to identify large Twitter botnet. The experts first identify the automated bots then they use the tool to monitor the evolution of the botnets they belong.

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GUEST ESSAY: Why there’s no such thing as anonymity it this digital age

The Last Watchdog

As a result, the development of de-anonymization tools is becoming increasingly more advanced. Metadata spying. Metadata is worthy of a separate examination. Despite warnings from cybersecurity academics, whistleblowers or former NSA and CIA agents, the general public shows no animosity toward metadata surveillance. Metadata can be used to reverse-engineer and pinpoint identity quite easily. When you take a picture, it has location, time and exposure metadata.

Key Skills for Records Managers: How RIM Professionals Can Best Work With CPOs


For example, you may be able to assist CPOs in matters regarding the metadata that describes customer data. Metadata about customer data is critical to the CPO’s mission to maintain data privacy. By using intuitive tools and tips for better executive relationships, you can optimize interactions with the CPO and benefit concerned customers. Privacy & Security consumer privacy CPO CPO's mission data privacy intuitive tools records manager

Five Reasons to Attend Data Citizens ’19


So, whether you’re trying to decide for yourself, or your team – I do know you will bring back lots of ideas, tools, and techniques to help accelerate business transformation at your own organization. AI Data Privacy Data Quality For Data Stewards For IT Stewards Metadata management

Getting Azure tagging fundamentals right

DXC Technology

While it can be a helpful tool, tagging has its limits and special quirks that must be addressed. It permits you to take resources that have a logical connection, such as their lifetime allocation, and assign metadata […].

How to Dominate the Domains of the NEW CIP - D2: Extracting Intelligence from Information


Extracting intelligence from information is all about gaining a better understanding of the information your organization has by using a variety of tools, techniques, and automation. Taxonomies: If metadata makes up the bricks of findability, taxonomies are the blueprint.

Dreading Your Content Migration Project? 7 Ways Robotic Process Automation Can Help


Issues with Poor or Missing Metadata: Particularly for a file share, many of the documents will have little or no metadata associated beyond what's captured in the file information and any folder structures that are present. A significant benefit of migrating from a file share to an actual information management solution is the enhanced ability to search - but that requires that metadata be present and correct.

Xenos – a different kind of Enterprise RSS tool


Xenos is a different class of Enterprise RSS tool from systems such as Attensa and Newsgator. A Xenos user can setup a series of profiles pointing at different RSS feeds that they can then review, filter and augment with internal metadata before forwarding on the feeds they selected to be the most valuable or relevant to other people.

erwin Automation Framework: Achieving Faster Time-to-Value in Data Preparation, Deployment and Governance


The tools and processes for this should automatically generate “pre-ETL” source-to-target mapping to minimize human errors that can occur while manually compiling and interpreting a multitude of Excel-based data mappings that exist across the organization. Governing metadata.

NEW TECH: ‘Network Traffic Analysis’ gets to ground truth about data moving inside the perimeter

The Last Watchdog

Modular microservices, software containers and orchestration tools get spun up, using open source components; all of this mixing and matching occurs in the internet cloud, keeping things moving right along. You can get to the ground truth by extracting the metadata about the data that’s traveling on the network. Postman is a convenient, developer-centric tool that has existed for a long time,” Costlow said. Digital transformation is all about high-velocity innovation.

Evaluating the Different Ways to Automate and Streamline Information Capture


Through Metadata Values. Some solutions make it easier to manage these by allowing for the definition of a “content type” or “record class” which might include associating certain metadata fields or values, business rules, and blank templates. Through Metadata Values: Metadata can also be used in conjunction with bulk import tools to capture some types of information automatically.

Discovering SharePoint Content Types and Columns with PowerShell


Content Types and Site Columns are very powerful tools to structure, describe, and administer all types of information in Microsoft SharePoint. It is unfortunate how poorly understood these tools are and how little reference material tends to be available online, particularly for the out-of-the-box content types and site columns available. content types metadata Office 365 PowerShell SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013 site columns

Implementing Information Management on SharePoint and Office365


There is no SharePoint fairy that assesses all your information, uploads just the valuable stuff to SharePoint, applies appropriate access controls, and fills in the metadata. It's hard to overestimate the impact of SharePoint on the information management market.

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Rocket.Build 2019: Using open source to improve the mainframe experience

Rocket Software

Ant could handle everything from C to JavaScript, we had good expertise on our team, and it was among the first open source tools that we ported to the IBM Z platform. When these files were copied, they lost this metadata, and I lost some hair.

A Considerable Insight into your Data | Capture, Organize, Store and Deliver rich media assets with everteam.iNSight


For better visibility and proper decision making, everteam.iNSight allows you to search your data and retrieve media assets which will be found easily through metadata tags. Sentiment and Trend Analysis tools. ? Predictive Analytics tools. ? Drag and drop tool. ?

A Considerable Insight into your Data | Capture, organize, store and deliver rich media assets with everteam.iNSight


For better visibility and proper decision making, everteam.iNSight allows you to search your data and retrieve media assets which will be found easily through metadata tags. Reporting Features: Sentiment and Trend Analysis tools. Predictive Analytics tools. Drag and drop tool.

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Everteam.iFile | Connect, Extract, Process, Manage and Analyze all your Stored Information


Everteam.iFile will analyze large amounts of iFile packages using powerful AI tools to achieve emerging business innovations and maintain the appropriate level of governance compliance as iFile assets and communications are securely stored using record level hash and asset watermarks.

Competitive Advantages of Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Banking


Machines can also create descriptions of information inside documents, emails and recordings – a type of label called “ metadata ” – that makes the content easily searchable. Financial firms that act quickly to apply these new tools will gain a significant competitive edge.

Experts spotted a rare Linux Desktop spyware dubbed EvilGnome

Security Affairs

The modules used by EvilGnome are reminiscent of the Windows tools used by the Gamaredon Group, other analogies include the use of SFX, persistence with task scheduler and the deployment of information stealers.

Refine Your Enterprise’s Approach to AI in 2019

Perficient Data & Analytics

One of the things we found out through the course of that implementation was that they didn’t actually have all of the necessary metadata about their products to make recommendations. Our experts will be at booth #617 discussing how we can help clients maximize your investment in AI tools.

Data Strategy at Strata Data Conf New York

Perficient Data & Analytics

Presenters Jason Wang, Tony Wu, and Vinithra Varadharajan explore cloud architecture and its challenges, as well as using Cloudera Altus to build data warehousing and data engineering clusters and run workloads that share metadata between them using Cloudera SDX.

M-Files 2018 Is Industry’s First Solution to Intelligently Unify and Manage Information Stored in Other Systems without Requiring Migration

Document Imaging Report

M-Files 2018 and the new Intelligent Metadata Layer provide a unified and simple interface that enables users to quickly access documents and other information regardless of the system in which they are stored. M-Files 2018 and the Intelligent Metadata Layer delivers a simple, unified experience for intelligently finding, accessing and managing information residing within any system, without disturbing existing processes and the users that depend on them.

Analyzing AZORult malware using NSA Ghidra suite

Security Affairs

Its release was a sort of “ main event ” for security researchers all around the globe, which immediately started exploring its functionalities to find out its place within the reversing tool panorama. Ghidra is a valuable tool in the arsenal of a Reverse Engineer.

Archiving and describing mass tragedy: the Web Archive on the October 1, 2017 Shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada


After several months of identifying and capturing content our next challenge lay in creating descriptive metadata for the collection. by Tammi Kim, Special Collections and Archives Technical Services Librarian at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Gartner's top 10 - what about liquid security?


Graham got to this one before me - Gartners top 10 IT trends for 2008 : Green IT Unified Communications Business Process Management Metadata Management Virtualisation 2.0 This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit. However, you need to come over and see my new blog at ©2005-2009. ©2005-2009. Disclaimer: Information on this blog is of a general nature and represents my own independent opinion. Please seek advice for specific circumstances.

Iran-linked group Cobalt Dickens hit over 60 universities worldwide

Security Affairs

The experts have noticed that the APT group is using free online services as part of their operations, including certificates issued by the Let’s Encrypt C A , domains, and publicly available tools.

A Guide to CCPA Compliance and How the California Consumer Privacy Act Compares to GDPR


An effective data governance initiative should enable just that, by giving an organization the tools to: Discover data: Identify and interrogate metadata from various data management silos. Harvest data: Automate the collection of metadata from various data management silos and consolidate it into a single source. Structure data: Connect physical metadata to specific business terms and definitions and reusable design standards.