FAQ: Is Metadata a Part of an Electronic Record or Not?

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Recently, we have received many questions about metadata. Most of the inquiries about metadata revolve around two questions – What is metadata and why is it important. The purpose of this article is to discuss whether metadata is part of an electronic record and if so why.

Bulgarian Presidency Presents Progress Report and Points for Debate on ePrivacy

Hunton Privacy

On June 8, 2018, the Council of the European Union’s Bulgarian Presidency presented a progress report (the “Report”) on the draft ePR to the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council. The Report reflects on the amendments presented in the May 2018 Examination of the Presidency text. These questions relate to permitted processing of metadata, protection of terminal equipment, privacy settings and the balance between innovation and the safeguarding of confidentiality.

GUEST ESSAY: Why there’s no such thing as anonymity it this digital age

The Last Watchdog

Metadata spying. Metadata is worthy of a separate examination. Despite warnings from cybersecurity academics, whistleblowers or former NSA and CIA agents, the general public shows no animosity toward metadata surveillance. Perhaps this is due to government officials trying to smokescreen by saying “It’s just plain old metadata, don’t worry about it”; or vague laws which don’t clarify when we become subject to metadata surveillance.

Webinar: Finding the Right Information in Your Stockpiled Content


On March 3, 2017 I presented an AIIM Webinar on how to make enterprise information more findable. AIIM auto-classification content analytics findability Information Architecture metadata Search Speaking Webinar

ProtonMail denies that it spies on users for government agencies

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Steiger pointed out the company provided metadata and so-called secondary data that could be used by law enforcement and intelligence agencies for surveillance purposes. “Metadata or secondary data that is available must be provided.

Competitive Advantages of Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Banking


Machines can also create descriptions of information inside documents, emails and recordings – a type of label called “ metadata ” – that makes the content easily searchable.

Further hardening glibc malloc() against single byte overflows

Scary Beasts Security

Inline vs. out-of-line metadata It's time for a brief foray into memory allocator design. glibc malloc is based on dlmalloc, which has an inline metadata design. Specifically, every buffer handed out to the program is preceded by a little piece of metadata indicating the size of the chunk and whether the previous chunk is free or not. However, the internal metadata for this allocator is mixed in with pages handed out as buffers to the calling program.

Google is taking action on deceptive installation tactics for Chrome Browser Extensions

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The additional changes are part of the Project Strobe presented by Google in October 2018 in the aftermath of the data breach that exposed data of over 500,000 users of its Google+.

Biggest eDiscovery Challenges Facing Plaintiff’s Attorneys, Part Five

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Lastly, with regards to question “Does the EDRM model seem more like a defense model than a plaintiff model, given that it is more focused on producing then presenting?

Experts spotted the iOS version of the Exodus surveillance app

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The phishing sites used to deliver the threat contained links to a distribution manifest, which contained metadata such as the application name, version, icon, and a URL for the IPA file.

Shining the Light on DPLA in Florida

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These three institutions contribute metadata for their digital collections content as well as on behalf of several new content partners. We are doing this with the help of many volunteers around the state serving on our working groups , which focus on metadata , outreach , and training.

2010 Olympic Torch Relay Photographs Now Available

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This project was intended to test our digital preservation capacity – specifically, the ability to ingest large numbers of files and automatically upload access copies and descriptive metadata to our online database (powered by software called Access to Memory , or AtoM for short).

Paralympic Torch Relay photographs now available

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Reference code: AM1550-S10-F14-: The presentation of this series is somewhat different from the two other torch relay series we made available in the past year. The duplicate images were kept; some may have different titles, depending on the descriptive metadata present in the source file.

Describing web archives: Learning from Archive-It partners and friends


In case you missed it live, want to revisit anything, or share with your colleagues, the recording, presentation materials, and space for continued discussion are all now online here in the Archive-It Community Forum. Metadata consultant Rebecca Guenther then dove deeper into the metadata profile for archived websites that NYARC therefore incorporated into its multi-institutional cataloging workflow, noting opportunities for revision and adaptation to many more library contexts.

No Bates, No Problem for Native Files: eDiscovery Throwback Thursdays

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It seems like many attorneys and some courts still have to learn that you can produce in native format and still support the idea of presenting in image format.

Biggest eDiscovery Challenges Facing Plaintiff’s Attorneys

eDiscovery Daily

Are plaintiffs more motivated to request native files than defendants because they are more invested in using the metadata? Does the EDRM model seem more like a defense model than a plaintiff model, given that it is more focused on producing then presenting?

Analyzing AZORult malware using NSA Ghidra suite

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On the 5th of March, at the RSA conference, Ghidra has been presented to the public revealing the inner details of the Software Reverse Engineering (SRE) framework that National Security Agency used for more than a decade.

e-Records 2018: Future-proof Approaches for Management and Preservation of Long-Term Email Records

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In my collaborative presentation with Brian Thomas, Electronic Records Specialist, we covered the basics of email management, but with an emphasis on what to do with those email records – such as executive correspondence – that should be kept long-term.

e-Records 2017: “Establishing Information Governance for Local Governments in Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365”

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Presentation materials from the conference are available on the e-Records 2017 website. Alexander Webb and Julia Johnson waiting to present at this years e-Records Conference. Here are a few key points for each principle as they were given in the presentation.

Archive-It Partner News, September 2018


In case you missed it: the half-day program included reports out from partners applying new metadata profiles and workflows, coordinating among inter-agency government record retention programs, and breakout discussions of half-a-dozen technology and planning topics. by the Archive-It team.

SAA 2017 Annual Meeting – Alike/Different

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The presenters were consistent in discussing the need for accurate and appropriate metadata. A valuable takeaway was the concept of establishing a “System of Record” when it is necessary to have multiple metadata systems.

Setting up SAML SSO with Azure AD and Oracle EPBCS/PBCS

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Continue with EPBCS configuration, generate Azure federation metadata and save as xml file, e.g., IdPmetadata.xml. Select ‘Import identity provider metadata’ and browse to upload the IdPmetadata.xml file saved earlier. Enable identity domain (cloud) credentials: EPBCS domain now presents both cloud and Azure sign on options: Additional Oracle Resources.

Zero-knowledge attestation

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However, if we assume that certain classes of sites probably are going to use attestation, then users have a collective interest in those sites enforcing the same, transparent standard, and in them keeping their attestation metadata current. Maybe they would simply trust the browser to send it: the browser could keep a current copy of the attestation metadata and tell the site whether the device is certified or not. U2F/FIDO tokens (a.k.a.

The Functions of #eDiscovery

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Specifications must be agreed upon for how ESI will be delivered and it is typically delivered with accompanying metadata. The last function of eDiscovery is Presentation. Typically in litigation ESI is presented before a disposition, hearing, trial etc. If Information Governance is the process, a defensible presentation is the end product. In today’s information age Information Governance is essential to be prepared for eDiscovery.


Archive-It Partner News, April 2019


Archives Unleashed Datathon participants present their experiments. See their final presentation materials here. The Web Archiving Systems API (WASAPI) introduces sophisticated new tools to access, download, and transfer WARC file data and metadata. by the Archive-It team.

Why Does Production Have to be Such a Big Production?, Part Three

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We also frequently see productions that don’t have the corresponding metadata fields to aid in filtering and searching the production sets, but then counsel becomes frustrated when they can’t accurately search for dates, recipients, file names or other useful metadata fields.

Top 7 Data Governance Blog Posts of 2018


So with the impetus of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the opportunities presented by data-driven transformation, many organizations are re-evaluating their data management and data governance practices. The driving factors behind data governance adoption vary.

More 2010 Olympic Torch Relay Photographs Available

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Reference code (file): AM1550-S08-3-F010-: As with the images in S07, the titles of the images in this series were based on metadata present in the original image files. We have added another 4,830 torch-relay images to the VANOC records already available on our AtoM site.

New choices, new directions: Piloting the 2018 Mexican Government Web Archive


In order to aid this work, Mariana and Natalie put together a written tutorial and provided the metadata fields necessary for creating the seeds, and head of cataloging Guadalupe de Vega and cataloger Carmen Yasmina López took charge of organizing and authoring metadata for the seeds.

Judging Facebook's Privacy Shift

Schneier on Security

If Facebook were doing a convincing job of controlling fake news without end-to-end encryption, then we would expect to hear how it could use patterns in metadata to handle encrypted fake news. Facebook is making a new and stronger commitment to privacy.

Archive-It Partner News, May 2018


If you have ideas for a short presentation, informal discussion group topic, or other agenda ideas, please submit your proposal to us at: aitmeetings [at] archive [dot] org. Developing a Web Archiving Application Metadata Profile at UVA. by the Archive-It team.

Did Amazon Just Jump the Shark on Consumer Privacy?

Adam Levin

The move will further blur the line between the consumer’s physical environment and what has become an ever-present, virtual marketplace where the offerings of Amazon are sewn into the fabric of daily life.

AI, Data Fabric, and the Increasing Role of Data in the Organization


During the event, I had the opportunity to present with Piyush Jain , Director of Data Governance at Progressive Insurance, in a session entitled, “Transforming the Data Culture: Driving Data Value with Collibra at Progressive Insurance.”

Data Governance and Business Transformation


During the seminar, Collibra and Data Citizens presented some findings and current developments regarding digital transformation: Henry Peyret, Principal Analyst for Forrester, proposed an analysis of the role of data governance in the digital transformation of companies.

SAA/CoSA/NAGARA 2018 recap: Session 204

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Beth, Kristen, and Laura presented a program in which they each brought their unique perspective to the management of social media as records within the Federal Government. Scheduling the Ephemeral: Creating and Implementing Records Management Policy for Social Media. Speakers.


Belgian Privacy Commission Issues Guidance on Data Protection Impact Assessments Under the GDPR

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Processing in relation to the registration of visitors for the purposes of a sign-in or check in procedure; although data must be limited to certain information such as the name and professional address of the visitor and their vehicle registration address; Processing by educational institutions for the management of their relationship with their own pupils or students (past, present or potential) in the context of their educational duties; and.


Deep-C Joins the Digital Library

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Most recently, I finished creating the metadata for the Deep-C Consortium papers. However, as I began sorting through the posters, images, and graphs from the study, I found the information presented so interesting.

eDiscovery Expert Brett Burney Reviews CloudNine Platform

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The Discovery Client software uploads your selected data to CloudNine and starts the data processing stage where metadata is extracted, text files are created, hash files are generated, and HTML renders are completed.

[0day] [exploit] Compromising a Linux desktop using. 6502 processor opcodes on the NES?!

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The vulnerability is in libgstnsf.so , an audio decoder present in the gstreamer-0.10 Orange, for metadata, at the start of the ROM image directly after the header. This metadata is loaded at virtual address 0x8000 and is available and used in the 6502 program.

Meet Your 2018-2019 Records Management Section Steering Committee

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He has given numerous presentations on born-digital records, digitization, and research data management for a variety of user groups. In addition, she performs research, and retrieves and attaches metadata to a collection of military, science and defense related records.