Reltio Cloud – A Data Platform Perfect For Google Anthos


The last Google Cloud Next’19 conference had a focus on better enabling enterprises to adopt a multi-cloud architecture with announcements of tools that address concerns around security, “vendor lock-in”, code migration between clouds, and support of open source.

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Agile BI & Analytics is the Need of the Hour – Drive insights during Pandemic Uncertainty

Perficient Data & Analytics

For a Retail business – Blend Public and Enterprise Data to. Secure Framework for PII or Highly confidential data.

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#ModernDataMasters: Sarit Bose, Cognizant


If you are going to create a single version of the truth it needs to be a single version of SECURED truth. Kate Tickner, Reltio. Sarit Bose is the Head of Business Analytics and Insights at Cognizant UK&I.

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Adidas data breach

IT Governance

Adidas is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, and this data security incident demonstrates yet again that organisations of all types are at threat of attack. It is essential that organisations know how to respond appropriately to a cyber security incident.

#ModernDataMasters: Lewis Ownes, CEO Agile Solutions


But it did give me the advantage of seeing how the data was being fed into the machines for personalisation and the use of algorithms for security even back then. “At Kate Tickner, Reltio.

#ModernDataMasters: Steve Whiting, Chief Operations Officer


Ethical data management means you need data governance and data security by design – these initiatives are hard to retrofit. Kate Tickner, Reltio.

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NEW TECH: Cequence Security deploys defense against botnets’ assault on business logic

The Last Watchdog

Pick any company in any vertical – financial services, government, defense, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, retailing, travel and hospitality – and you’ll find employees, partners, third-party suppliers and customers all demanding remote access to an expanding menu of apps — using their smartphones and laptops. It becomes difficult to build security into the application when you are doing that frequent of a change and you end up more exposed to risk.

Common Ingestion Framework

Perficient Data & Analytics

May it be healthcare, retail, finance or manufacturing, everyone is at different stages in their journey to create their industry-grade, enterprise-ready Data Lake repository. Big Data is the way to move forward for all enterprises today.

The Cost of Dealing With a Cybersecurity Attack in These 4 Industries

Security Affairs

In addition to the monetary costs associated with things like lost productivity and improving network security to reduce the likelihood of future incidents, affected companies have to deal with the costs tied to reduced customer trust and damaged reputations. Retail. Manufacturing.

New financially motivated attacks in Western Europe traced to Russian-speaking threat actors

Security Affairs

At least two companies operating in pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors have been affected. According to industry researchers, TA505 is known to have carried out attacks on banks, medical institutions retailers and other businesses in the past.

California IT service provider Synoptek pays ransom after Sodinokibi attack

Security Affairs

Synoptek has more than 1,100 customers across multiple industries, including local governments, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, media, retail and software. .

Addition to Washington Breach Law Imposes Retailer Liability in Payment Card Breaches

Hunton Privacy

Under a Washington law effective July 1, 2010, certain entities involved in payment card transactions may be liable to financial institutions for costs associated with reissuing payment cards after security breaches. Designed to encourage the reissuance of payment cards as a means of mitigating harm caused by security breaches, Washington H.B. Financial Privacy Security Breach Data Processor Payment Card PCI DSS Safe Harbor Washington

Ransomware at IT Services Provider Synoptek

Krebs on Security

based Synoptek is a managed service provider that maintains a variety of cloud-based services for more than 1,100 customers across a broad spectrum of industries , including state and local governments, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, media, retail and software.

440M records found online in unprotected database belonging to Estée Lauder

Security Affairs

A security expert discovered that the Cosmetic firm Estée L auder exposed 440 million records online in a database that was left unsecured. The security expert Jeremiah Fowler discovered an unsecured database belonging to the Cosmetic firm Estée L auder that contained 440,336,852 records.

Priming the payments ecosystem for explosive growth

Thales eSecurity

This week marks the return of Amazon Prime Day – Amazon’s seasonal retail event which has fast become a masterclass in driving demand and growth through great customer experience. Yet, businesses must keep up with these demands without losing sight of security and stability.

Trickbot gang and Lazarus APT, the hidden link behind an epochal phenomena

Security Affairs

Security experts Sentinelone have published a report that for the first time sheds the light on the link between the TrickBot crimeware and the North Korea-linked APT group Lazarus.

More than half of consumers would consider legal action if their data was compromised during a breach

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Those across the manufacturing and utilities industries had the highest preparedness rates at 91%, while retail had the lowest across both countries at 78%. Manufacturing & Utilities. Retail, Catering & Leisure. Data security


Data Science Virtual Expert Panel Presented by AWS

Perficient Data & Analytics

Amazon Personalize can: Keep the data it analyzes private and secure, and only uses it for your customized recommendations. Secure your business data and peace of mind. Join us and our partner Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a virtual Q&A session on Wednesday, April 15.

2018 Predictions – Rise of IoT adoption will increase cybersecurity attacks

Thales eSecurity

safety of employees) and IT security. In 2018, Sol says we are likely to see a greater desire among organizations for more secure micro-services. I’m in agreement with my colleagues when it comes to IoT security. These are very interesting times for data security.

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Why you should be concerned about payment card data breaches

IT Governance

In this blog, we look at the ongoing threat of debit and credit card fraud, explaining why it appeals to cyber criminals, what they do with the stolen information and how implementing the requirements of the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) can thwart crooks’ schemes.

MY TAKE: How digital technology and the rising gig economy are exacerbating third-party risks

The Last Watchdog

In an environment where a heating and ventilation subcontractor can pose an existential risk to a billion dollar retail chain – as infamously happened to Target – just knowing where to start assessing third party risk can be a challenge for any organization, Jordan told me.

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MY TAKE: SMBs can do much more to repel ransomware, dilute disinformation campaigns

The Last Watchdog

Current attack trends add urgency, and catching up on doing basic security best practices isn’t enough. Eventually, governments will address the risk by beefing up security and purchasing cyber insurance, which go hand in glove.

Market volume of illegal online sales of alcohol exceeded 30 million USD in 2018 in Russia

Security Affairs

Security firm Group-IB has estimated that the market volume of illegal online sales of alcohol in Russia exceeded 30 million USD in 2018, i.e. almost 5.8 The post Market volume of illegal online sales of alcohol exceeded 30 million USD in 2018 in Russia appeared first on Security Affairs.

PCI DSS: Lessons to learn from recent payment card breaches

IT Governance

Over the past month or so, we’ve been discussing the threats associated with payment card breaches, and why it’s important to comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Stay secure with the PCI DSS.

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Calculating the Benefits of the Advanced Encryption Standard

Schneier on Security

Still, I like seeing this kind of analysis about security infrastructure. Security is an enabling technology; it doesn't do anything by itself, but instead allows all sorts of things to be done.

Campaign leverages, BlogSpot, and Pastebin to distribute RevengeRAT

Security Affairs

Attackers hit organizations in several industries including Technology, Retail, Manufacturing, State/Local Government, Hospitality, Medical, and other Professional business. APT Breaking News Malware Hacking Pierluigi Paganini RevengeRAT Security Affairs

Customer Experience Trends: How To Stand Out From the Crowd


Every organization — from mom and pop shops to pharmaceutical manufacturers — must adopt tools and techniques for providing the hyper-personalized experiences customers require at every touchpoint in their journey. .

Cognitive Agents to Improve User Experience

Perficient Data & Analytics

This technology can also improve data security, customer and employee experience, and visibility over business processes. Others have also seen benefits by combining cognitive agents with internal processes to do things like speed up on-boarding processes and reduce security concerns and errors. . In a world where over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created each day , having a tool to help deliver information to users efficiently is important.

RFID Market – Global Forecast to 2023

RFID Global Solution, Inc.

The RFID ecosystem comprises chip and inlay providers, tag manufacturers, reader and software providers, and system integrators. Manufacturers of field devices such as sensors, controllers, actuators, relays, and valves. Software designers and manufacturers. Retail.

ELO Digital Office USA Expands into Canada with flexxus Business Solutions

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flexxus helps businesses enhance their ERP and CRM systems with an integrated suite of cloud-based solutions that feature dashboards, reporting tools, centralized security, and powerful customization tools.

62% of organisations unaware of the GDPR

IT Governance

Among those that have started to prepare: 36% of businesses and charities have changed their cyber security practices; 21% of businesses and 10% of charities have invested in additional staff training; and.


FTC, privacy, and vendor due diligence—and opt-in consent

Data Protection Report

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released for public comment an administrative complaint and proposed consent agreement with mobile phone manufacturer BLU Products Inc. According to the FTC’s complaint, BLU Products, which has sold millions of mobile devices worldwide through online as well as brick-and-mortar retailers, outsourced the actual manufacture of the devices to third parties. Regulatory response consent consumer protection data security FTC order

German DPAs Adopt Resolutions Regarding “Connected Cars” and Cooperation with Competition Authorities

Hunton Privacy

According to the DPAs, automobile manufacturers, distributors, retailers, repair shops and providers of communications and telemedia services must ensure the informational self-determination of drivers. Ensure that data subjects ( e.g. , drivers and owners) are able to recognize, control and stop data transfers to service providers, such as the vehicle manufacturer, if the transfer is based on contract or consent.

CCPA: “Attorney General Amendment” Likely Dead

Data Protection Report

The bill would have made three significant changes to the CCPA: It would have expanded the consumer’s private right of action from only certain security breaches to any violation of the CCPA. Clarifies non-discrimination provision to allow retail loyalty programs. Exempts sharing between motor vehicle dealers & manufacturers. On May 16, 2019, the California Senate Appropriations Committee held a hearing that included S.B.

Kofax advances enterprise-wide deployment of next-generation robotic process automation to rapidly and exponentially scale the digital workforce

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Kofax’s Intelligent Automation capabilities are leveraged across a wide range of use cases in banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, logistics, government and other vertical markets.

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The blockchain bowling alley: How distributed ledger technology goes mainstream


In fact, NASDAQ developed an exchange for private securities called Linq in 2015. Sectors that rely on the authenticity of components—such as retail, consumer packaged goods, and manufacturing—can now track components throughout the supply chain.

States Attempt to Address Privacy Risks Associated with Digital Copiers and Electronic Waste

Hunton Privacy

As reported in BNA’s Privacy Law Watch , on April 1, 2011, a New York law went in effect requiring manufacturers of certain electronic equipment, including devices that have hard drives capable of storing personal information or other confidential data, to register with the Department of Environmental Conservation and maintain an electronic waste acceptance program. Information Security U.S.

The Business of Data Newsletter – Issue 7 (7 December 2018)

Information Matters

Retailers are most at risk globally, with 62% of respondents willing to walk away after a data breach, followed by banks (59%) and social media sites (58%), according to a survey of 10,500 consumers by digital security firm Gemalto.” This is the sort of data which might be used for driverless cars, delivery drones, security functions and other tech wonders. UK consumers threaten data breach backlash – Computer Weekly, 5 December 2018.

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FTC Investigating Privacy Risks to Data Stored on Digital Copiers

Hunton Privacy

In the letter to Congressman Markey, Mr. Leibowitz promised the FTC would collaborate with “copier manufacturers, resellers, and retail copy and office supply stores to ensure that they are aware of the privacy risk associated with digital copiers and to determine whether they are warning their customers about these risks, whether they are providing education and guidance on this subject, and whether manufacturers and resellers are providing options for secure copying.”

The blockchain bowling alley: How distributed ledger technology goes mainstream


In fact, NASDAQ developed an exchange for private securities called Linq in 2015. Sectors that rely on the authenticity of components—such as retail, consumer packaged goods, and manufacturing—can now track components throughout the supply chain. Obligations coded and organized via smart contracts are easy to replicate and offer the benefits of security, verifiability, transparency and immutability of the blockchain.