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Breaking the Ice on DICE: scaling secure Internet of Things Identities

The Security Ledger

In this Spotlight Podcast, sponsored by Trusted Computing Group*, Dennis Mattoon of Microsoft Research gives us the low-down on DICE: the Device Identifier Composition Engine Architectures, which provides a means of solving a range of security and identity problems on low cost, low power IoT endpoints. Secure identities are the foundation of secure ecosystems. At the risk of oversimplifying: without a foundation of strong identity, there can be no real security.

IoT 40
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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in April 2021 – 1 billion records breached

IT Governance

It was another busy month in the cyber security sector, as we discovered 143 incidents that resulted in 1,098,897,134 breached records. discloses security incident (unknown) St.


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List of Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in September 2022 – 35.6 Million Records Breached

IT Governance

Compared to August, it was a comparatively quiet month, as we identified 88 publicly disclosed security incidents and 35,566,046 compromised records. If you’re facing a cyber security disaster, IT Governance is here to help.

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Why You Need A VPN

Cyber Info Veritas

A virtual private network, VPN for short, is an internet security system that allows you, the user, to send data over the internet in a safe, secure, and in the case of some VPN platforms, secretly over a private network. For instance, although users in other countries pay the same Netflix fee paid by users in the United States, Netflix users in the United States have a larger library of shows.

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The Hacker Mind Podcast: Going Passwordless


Is there something more secure? You might not think of it as a major aspect of security and yet, stolen credentials are really the key to data breaches today. And this security stuff is like it's got to go somewhere. It's like all the security guys.