MY TAKE: Poorly protected local government networks cast shadow on midterm elections

The Last Watchdog

In March 2018, the city of Atlanta fell victim to a ransomware attack that shut down its computer network. As Ananth explained, the city did two things right: they had cyber insurance and they didn’t pay the ransom. This makes government networks even more vulnerable and hackers see them as a gold mine. City agencies were unable to collect payment. Police departments had to handwrite reports. Years of data disappeared. Related: Political propaganda escalates in U.S.

Too Much Holiday Cheer? Here’s Something to Fear: Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020

Adam Levin

Ransomware will continue to thrive. As long as humans are well……human, phishing attacks will lead to ransomware infecting more and more networks, and businesses, municipalities and other organizations will continue to pay whatever they must in order to regain control of their data and systems. Related to the botnet craze, we will see an increase in computing power theft used to mine cryptocurrency. You’re going to have personal cyber insurance.