Benefits of Enterprise Modeling and Data Intelligence Solutions


IT Central Station members using erwin solutions are realizing the benefits of enterprise modeling and data intelligence. His team is “doing business process modeling and high-level strategic modeling with its capabilities.”

[Podcast] How to Conduct a Proof of Concept


How are organizations expected to fully assess the precision of one software system/solution and compare it to another? Could it be possible for us to “try on” different software? It is essential to understand whether the tools actually work in your IT environment, within your processes, and with your actual documents. Click here to access our full library of episodes.


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IG: The Whole Is More Than the Sum of Its Parts

Positively RIM

Find it at [link] Written with assistance from Ronke' Ekwensi The whole is more than the sum of its parts: That’s Information Governance. In its most useful form, however, IG is not a thing. It is not a technology, a policy, a process, or a tactic. In its essence, Information Governance is the integrative effectiveness varied stakeholders create when they cooperatively process information and share resources for the good of their organization.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in April 2021 – 1 billion records breached

IT Governance

It was another busy month in the cyber security sector, as we discovered 143 incidents that resulted in 1,098,897,134 breached records. In case you missed it, you may also be interested in our first quarterly review of data breaches and cyber attacks.

Oracle InForm Study Building


Through client projects and having worked at pharma companies in previous roles, they know the many unique challenges and needs of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. If you walk away knowing a little more about us, I’ll consider it a win.

Q&A: The drivers behind the stark rise — and security implications — of ‘memory attacks’

The Last Watchdog

It turns out there are a lot of gaps, a lot of ways to manipulate applications into going off the rails and doing bad things. Leichter: When your application is running it’s live in RAM and it’s a different beast as it’s executing. There are a lot of things surrounding it; you have libraries, function calls and other processes that support the application. Jakab: It’s multifaceted. Election tampering is part of it.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in November 2020 – 586 million records breached

IT Governance

Don’t pay ransom on the promise your data will be deleted, because it won’t be Almost 11 million patients impacted by Blackbaud incident – and still counting Ticketmaster fined £1.25 We recorded 103 cyber security incidents in November, which accounted for 586,771,602 leaked records.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in May 2021 – 116 million records breached

IT Governance

But, of course, the nature of ransomware attacks makes it hard for organisations to determine how many records were affected. If you find yourself facing a cyber security disaster, IT Governance is here to help.

Preservica appoints new Advisory Council to help steer next stage of growth


He has worked closely with companies in both Pharmaceutical and Financial Services industries. He has extensive experience working with Government institutions and companies in regulated industries, including Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Energy.

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Hacking Behavioral Biometrics


Vamosi: How do we know who’s on the other end of a connection, who it is that is logging into a computer or an account online? It’s about challenging our expectations about the people who hack for a living. Think about it. It wouldn't shock me.

How does GDPR impact digital preservation solutions in the Cloud?


Inside and outside of Europe, everyone is talking about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what it means to their organization. Like most conferences we have recently attended, it was high on the agenda at 'ARMA Live!' If approached positively it provides an opportunity for long-term improvements in your records management, digital preservation and operations in the cloud. This question is very important to us, as it is how we offer Preservica Cloud Edition.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in January 2020 – 1.5 billion records breached

IT Governance

It’s not all good news, though. Oregon’s Klamath County Veterans Service Office says it’s been breached (unknown). Bartlett Public Library District, IL, computers disabled by ransomware (unknown). IT provider for Fayette Co.,