Phishing Campaigns Spoof Government Agencies: Report

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Proofpoint Research Points to More Sophisticated Techniques A newly discovered hacking group is using an array of sophisticated spoofing and social engineering techniques to imitate government agencies, including the U.S.

What is angler phishing?

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But all that activity has made social media a breeding ground for a new form of cyber attack known as angler phishing. What is angler phishing? Angler phishing is a specific type of phishing attack that exists on social media. Phishing email protection.

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'Silent Librarian' Revamps Phishing Campaign: Proofpoint

Data Breach Today

Iranian-Backed Hacking Group Targeting Research Universities "Silent Librarian," a hacking group with apparent ties to the Iranian government, is continuing to revamp and refine its phishing techniques as it targets research universities in the U.S.

US Agency Hit With N. Korean-Themed Phishing: Report

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Researchers Suspect Konni APT Group Involved A spear-phishing campaign targeted a U.S. government agency for several months last year using emails with content about North Korea geopolitics as a lure, according to an analysis from Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42

Nigerian Man Charged in Phishing Scam Targeting US Agencies

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Enters Not Guilty Plea in Alleged $1 Million Scheme A Nigerian man charged with helping to run a $1 million phishing scheme that targeted the Government Services Administration and other agencies has been extradited to the U.S.,

4 eye-opening facts about phishing

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You probably know what phishing is. But are you aware of how extensive phishing is? The cyber security company Webroot has identified four facts about how phishing works that might make you see the threat in a new light. Phishing sites have a lifecycle of about 15 hours.

5 ways to detect a phishing email – with examples

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Phishing is one of the most longstanding and dangerous methods of cyber crime. Despite what people think they know about phishing, they consistently fall victim. According to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report , 32% of all cyber attacks involved phishing.

Think you’re not susceptible to phishing? Think again

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On average, one in ten emails is a phishing scam. Very few respondents said they were likely to be lured by the most common pitfalls of phishing scams: Urgency: 10.7%. How does phishing work? >> These weren’t the only types of phishing scam that proved successful, though.

Fraudster stole $870,000 from 2 US universities with spear-phishing mails

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A crook involved in a spear phishing scheme and that was in Kenya is facing up to 20 years in the US federal prison for stealing thousands of dollars from US universities. “Amil Hassan Raage pleaded guilty to fraudulently receiving almost $750,000 as part of a spear phishing scheme.

Nation-State Phishing: A Country-Sized Catch


Sophisticated nation-state groups now integrate phishing as a core component of their statecraft. Critical Infrastructure Government Hacks InfoSec Insider Web Security andrea little limbago election interference email scame infosec insider nation state Phishing sophisticated tactics State sponsored

Years-Long Phishing Campaign Targets Saudi Gov Agencies


Government Web Security Absher bad tidings credential financially motivated Phishing phishing campaign saudi arabiaThe campaign, codenamed “Bad Tidings,” has sought out victims’ credentials with clever fake landing pages pretending to be the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Interior’s e-Service portal.

4 reasons why phishing is so successful

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Phishing attacks are on the rise, evolving in variety and sophistication and threatening email security. An IRONSCALES report has revealed that 90–95% of all successful cyber attacks begin with a phishing email. Widespread availability of low-cost phishing and ransomware tools.

Watch out for phishing scams this Christmas

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Some phishing scams contain links to websites that replicate a real site with the intention of nabbing your login details, whereas others contain attachments loaded with malware. See also: Phishing scams for December 2019. Phishing scams for November 2019.

Catches of the month: Phishing scams for September 2019

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We’re back for another round-up of phishing scams that caught our eye over the past month. This series provides real-life examples of phishing emails, helping you understand how they work and what you should do to avoid falling victim. Breaches and Hacks cyber attack phishing

FIFA caught hook, line and sinker in phishing attack

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Football world-governing body FIFA has admitted that its systems suffered a sustained phishing hack earlier this year. It is believed that the breach was caused by an employee falling for a phishing scam.

LUCKY ELEPHANT campaign targets South Asian governments

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The NETSCOUT Threat Intelligence team uncovered a credential harvesting campaign tracked as LUCKY ELEPHANT targeting mostly South Asian governments. Phishing and credential theft are commonly observed with Indian targeting in-region.”

75% of organisations have been hit by spear phishing

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Phishing scams aren’t as compelling as some of the more sophisticated attacks that you read about. After all, every unusual email you receive could be a phishing scam, whether it’s an account reset message from Amazon or a work request from your boss. Sustained threat of spear phishing.

Phishing attacks: 6 reasons why we keep taking the bait

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Phishing attacks are a persistent threat to businesses. A staggering 90% of breaches involve phishing, according to Verizon’s Data Breach Digest. And these attacks are on the rise – Proofpoint’s 2019 State of the Phish Report reveals that 83% of survey respondents experienced phishing attacks in 2018. But what makes phishing attacks so successful? Phishing tools are low-cost and widespread . Protect your organisation against phishing.

PhishX: The Most Powerful Spear Phishing Tool

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The post PhishX: The Most Powerful Spear Phishing Tool appeared first on IG GURU. IG News Information Governance information security Records Management Risk News Security Social Media Hacking phishing PhishX Social Engineering Spear FishingSee how hackers can hack an Instragram in less than 4 minutes. What are you doing to protect yourself?

Pharmaceutical companies exploited by phishing scam targeting job seekers

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Earlier this month, two major pharmaceutical giants issued warnings about phishing emails targeting job hunters. Unfortunately, red flags like that are ignored in all kinds of phishing scams, and this scheme is a perfect example of why that happens. Can you spot a phishing scam?

BEST PRACTICES: Mock phishing attacks prep employees to avoid being socially engineered

The Last Watchdog

Social engineering, especially phishing, continues to trigger the vast majority of breach attempts. Lucy’s’s software allows companies to easily set-up customizable mock attacks to test employees’ readiness to avoid phishing, ransomware and other attacks with a social engineering component.

5 Signs You Just Got a Phishing Email


That was one of the more memorable phishing email subject lines my colleagues recently spotted in their work inbox. the variety of phishing email attempts has blossomed. Phishing Defined. With 32% of confirmed breaches starting with phishing. How to Spot a Phishing Email.

Catches of the month: Phishing scams for January 2020

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Want to stay up to date with the latest phishing scams ? In our first review of 2020, we look at a new twist on a PayPal scam, and discuss data breaches at an IVF treatment facility and in the Singapore government. Latest PayPal phishing scam goes for more than just your login details.

Catches of the month: Phishing scams for December 2019

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Want to stay up to date on phishing scams ? These attacks begin with a spear phishing attack sent to someone in the organisation who handles payments. See also: Phishing scams for November 2019. Phishing scams for October 2019. Phishing scams for September 2019.

Catches of the month: Phishing scams for October 2019

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Security experts often warn us about the threat of phishing, but how are we supposed to know what a scam looks like in practice? The phishing email I received is worrying as it looks authentic and many would have fallen for it.

Anatomy of a spear phishing attack – with example scam

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But those measures aren’t much help when criminals use phishing scams to bypass organisations’ defences and hit them where they’re most vulnerable: their employees. What is spear phishing? See also: What is angler phishing? An example of a spear phishing email.

FBI Warns of Spike in W-2 Phishing Campaigns


Government Privacy Web Security compromised emails FBI phishing campaign Spoofed emails W-2 FormsA recent FBI public service advisory warned of an increase in reports of compromised or spoofed emails involving W-2 forms.

Catches of the month: Phishing scams for August 2019

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phishing emails every week. There’s plenty of advice on how to spot phishing scams , but without any real-world examples that explain how they work, it can be easy to see the threat as purely theoretical. That’s why we’ve decided to review phishing attacks in practice.

Black Hat Video Exclusive: Mobile APTs Redefining Phishing Attacks


Mike Murray, vice president of security intelligence at Lookout, discusses how mobile is redefining phishing, taking it out of the traditional inbox and into SMS and Facebook messages. Black Hat Government Malware Mobile Security apt Dark Caracal Lookout mike murray mobile apt mobile malware Phishing Stealth Mango video interview

Government Shutdown Leaves Americans More Vulnerable to Identity Theft, Scams

Adam Levin

citizens are more vulnerable to the effects of identity theft and scams as a result of the ongoing government shutdown. Government websites will also become a more attractive avenue for scams and phishing.

Catches of the month: Phishing scams for November 2019

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It’s easy to find advice online about how to spot phishing scams , but do you know how they work in the real world? As with all phishing scams, these messages are designed to make you panic.

DNC: Highly Publicized ‘Phishing Attempt’ Was Only a Security Test


Government Hacks Web Security democratic party DNC hack phishing attempt security test votebuilder voter databaseDNC officials and Lookout believed a spoofed site was built to harvest authentication details for the Democratic voter database.

Attackers Are Landing Email Inboxes Without the Need to Phish

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Well now, threat actors don’t even have to exert the effort to phish to land business email accounts. The post Attackers Are Landing Email Inboxes Without the Need to Phish appeared first on IG GURU. IG News Information Governance information privacy information security Security keylogging phishing Social Engineering spoofingBy Alastair Paterson on November 23, 2018 We’ve all heard the proverb: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.

Catches of the month: Phishing scams for February 2020

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We’re back for our second ‘catches of the month’ feature of the new decade, where we review recent phishing attacks and help you understand the threat of cyber crime. This month, we look at a school district that was scammed out of millions of dollars thanks to a phony invoice, an attack allegedly tied to the 2020 US presidential election, and a report that found that the number of phishing attacks being disclosed in the UK is on the rise. million in phishing scam.

Amazon’s data breach email looks like a phishing scam

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To many, the email looks to be a phishing scam of some sort. The post Amazon’s data breach email looks like a phishing scam appeared first on IT Governance Blog. It appears that Amazon had a bit of a problem – and it very nearly went unnoticed.

Russia Linked Group Resurfaces With Large-Scale Phishing Campaign

Dark Reading

APT29/Cozy Bear is targeting individuals in military, government, and other sectors via email purporting to be from US State Department

OilRig Sends an OopsIE to Mideast Government Targets


The Iran-linked group is using a variant of the data-exfiltration OopsIE trojan to attack a Mideast government entity. Malware Web Security government Irán Middle East mideast OilRig oopsie trojan spear phishing campaign

ObliqueRAT, a new malware employed in attacks on government targets in Southeast Asia

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Experts from Cisco Talos discovered a new malware, tracked as ObliqueRAT, that appears a custom malware developed by a threat actor focused on government and diplomatic targets. . “CrimsonRAT has been known to target diplomatic and government organizations in Southeast Asia.”

Croatia government agencies targeted with news SilentTrinity malware

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Croatia government agencies have been targeted by unknown hackers with a new piece of malware tracked as SilentTrinity. Between February and April, allegedly state-sponsored hackers have launched a spear-phishing campaign against government agencies.

FBI: $3.5B Lost in 2019 to Known Cyberscams, Ransomware


Cybercriminals double down on successful internet scams, with a focus on phishing, BEC and other defrauding schemes that have proven to work. Cloud Security Government Hacks Web Security $3.5