Meet the World’s Biggest ‘Bulletproof’ Hoster

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Those include a large number of cybercrime forums and stolen credit card shops, ransomware download sites, Magecart-related infrastructure , and a metric boatload of phishing Web sites mimicking dozens of retailers, banks and various government Web site portals.

MY TAKE: Identity ‘access’ and ‘governance’ tech converge to meet data protection challenges

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based supplier of identity access management (IAM) systems, which recently announced a partnership with Omada, a Copenhagen-based provider of identity governance administration (IGA) solutions. Meeting compliance. These vendors drilled down on “governance and attestation,” coming up with advanced ways to enable companies to monitor and report cyber risk profiles to government and industry auditors. Governance and attestation quickly became a very big deal.

Leveraging Blockchain Integration to Meet Information Governance Challenges


It is vital that information governance professionals get involved in these projects to ensure their organization’s information assets are protected and maintained properly.

Data Governance Is Dead — Meetings And Spreadsheets Killed It

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Stan Christiaens Mar 26, 2018, 08:00am CommunityVoice Forbes Technology Council We all know that data governance has perception issues (to put it mildly). True data governance is the control and enablement of any and all data management activities.

Credit card gambling ban: government to meet banks and bookies

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Ahead of the Commission’s call for evidence on the issue next month, the culture secretary, Jeremy Wright, has called on banks and bookmakers to meet to discuss the issue.

Archives Records 2019 RMS Annual Meeting

The Schedule

Nearly 100 people came together last Saturday in Austin, Texas, for the annual meeting of the Records Management Section. The Society of American Archivists and the Council of State Archivists shook up the schedule this year, so Saturday was a day full of section meetings.

Privacy and Innovation Combined in Information Governance


Now, both privacy and innovation will benefit from Europe and North America “meeting in the middle”. The post Privacy and Innovation Combined in Information Governance appeared first on EVERTEAM.

Information Capture Needs to Evolve to Meet New Information Challenges


In addition, a tactical, process-specific approach to capture means that when organizations deal with processes that are organization-wide and that cut across departments and other processes (compliance, eDiscovery, and governance are good examples), they struggle.

Archives Records 2018 RMS Annual Meeting

The Schedule

Nearly 200 peers came together last Friday in Washington, DC, for the joint meeting of the Acquisitions & Appraisal and Records Management Sections.

Open Government Today: “The Harder I Work, The Behinder I Get”

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This 3-Minute Drill troubleshoots a typical municipality’s information challenges as it strives to meet its Open Government commitment. The post Open Government Today: “The Harder I Work, The Behinder I Get” appeared first on Holly Group. governance information governance Open Government

Use the GDPR to jump-start data governance initiatives

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In preparing for the new EU mandate, organizations can simultaneously meet the growing security issues brought about by the proliferation of data and new technology. Data governance Data security Data privacy GDPR

Educating today’s information professionals to meet tomorrow’s challenges

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The post Educating today’s information professionals to meet tomorrow’s challenges appeared first on IG GURU. Master of Archives and Records Administration (MARA) Celebrates its 10th Anniversary By Dr. Patricia C.

The Chief Data Officer: A Key Advocate for Information Governance


The role of Chief Data Officer (CDO) is becoming more prevalent in many organizations as their strategic goals evolve to meet the challenges of the fast-growing, data-centered economy. This is where the information governance professionals can assist.

Regulatory Update: NAIC Spring 2019 National Meeting

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The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) held its Spring 2019 National Meeting (Spring Meeting) in Orlando, Florida, from April 6 to 9, 2019. This post summarizes the highlights from this meeting. jurisdictions that meet the requirements for accreditation under the NAIC financial standards and accreditation program, which means that a qualifying U.S.

Successful Information Governance when the Bosses Just Don't Care


We regularly discuss the value and importance of information governance - at our conference, in our training courses, in our virtual events. How can you move your organization's information governance program forward in the absence of management support or interest? What we'd suggest here is to get very specific about the value of effective information governance from a couple of different perspectives. FREE How-To Guide from AIIM: Information Governance 101].

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Christine Livingston

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I help many clients develop artificial intelligence roadmaps, including the human elements of the strategy, such as governance and human capital requirements. I even flew my oldest, who was just one-year-old at the time, to Australia, just the two of us, to meet my husband!

Japan’s government hacks citizens’ IoT devices

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Earlier this year, the Japanese government launched a campaign in which it hacked into citizens’ IoT (Internet of Things) devices to see how secure the technology is. There are several things to be concerned about with the Japanese government’s plan.

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More than a Nicety: Information Governance is a Growing Necessity


This is why organizations need to focus on information governance and how it can affect their organization’s wellbeing. Information governance is more than simply managing information, and it’s a strategy for how that asset is protected, leveraged, and maintained.

French Government App Shows Difficulties with Secure Communications

Adam Levin

A messaging app released by the French government to secure internal communications has gotten off to a troubled start. Tchap was released in beta earlier this month as a secure messaging app exclusively for government officials. WhatsApp Meet “What Were You Thinking?”.

13 questions you need to ask to close the information governance gap

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Organizations need to create a culture of information governance, in which all information stakeholders work cross-functionally to design, implement, monitor and mature an IG program that meets the needs of everyone. Data governance Data management Data strategy

#5Thoughts – Cloud Information Governance


Whether we like it or not, we’re storing more and more content in the cloud, and that content needs to be governed. To be effective, managing and governing content in the cloud needs a modern, simplified approach. Remember, some governance is better than no governance.

Conversation with TSLAC Archivist About Meeting Minutes

The Texas Record

Minutes are produced by every local government and state agency in Texas. They are afforded the most enduring retention period of PERMANENT for both Local Governments and State Agencies. With The Open Meetings Act (Texas Government Code – GOV’T § 551.021.)

Regulatory Update: NAIC Fall 2018 National Meeting

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The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) held its Fall 2018 National Meeting (Fall Meeting) in San Francisco, California, from November 15 to 18, 2018. This post summarizes the highlights from this meeting. In light of this, the (A) Committee granted an extension of the model law development request to the Spring 2019 National Meeting. The post Regulatory Update: NAIC Fall 2018 National Meeting appeared first on Data Matters Privacy Blog.

The IT Governance Cyber Resilience Framework: how it works

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The IT Governance Cyber Resilience Framework describes four levels of cyber resilience maturity: Core : for organisations getting started with cyber security. Baseline : covering the majority of controls that are necessary to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

Five Benefits of an Automation Framework for Data Governance


Organizations are responsible for governing more data than ever before, making a strong automation framework a necessity. They need their data mappings to fall under governance and audit controls, with instant access to dynamic impact analysis and lineage. Governing metadata.

Organisations struggling to meet GDPR requirements, with poor planning and lack of awareness to blame

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Last month marked the first anniversary of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) taking effect, but many organisations are still struggling to meet their compliance requirements, according to a Thomson Reuters report.

The Procurement Process: Key to an Information Governance Strategy


” Without exception, my response is to always include the information governance department in the procurement process. But what about those smaller projects within individual departments that are required to meet some immediate business need?

Governance in Healthcare: Information Assists Consumer Experience

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Healthcare organizations are beginning to recognize that information, content, and knowledge are different from data when it comes to implementing governance.

ECM 2.0: The Role of Federated Information Governance in the ECM / DM Evolution


The ECM / DM model has traditionally based its governance approach on funneling all content – physical documents, microfilm facsimiles, digital files and their rendition – through a centralized hub called a Content Management System (CMS).

ECM 52

Regulatory Update: NAIC Summer 2018 National Meeting

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The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) held its Summer 2018 National Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, from August 4 to 7, 2018. This post summarizes the highlights from this meeting. At the Summer Meeting, the Working Group agreed to expose the Trades Letter for a 45-day comment period. The Working Group hopes to consider the adoption of the guidance document at the NAIC’s Fall 2018 National Meeting.

Checklist to ensure data security steps meets compliance requirements

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To protect the information an organization holds, it is critical to follow a data governance model. There are four pillars to this: define, implement, enforce and revisit. Data security Cyber security GDPR Compliance Cyber attacks

Google’s Record GDPR Fine: Avoiding This Fate with Data Governance


Cisco’s 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study reveals that only 59 percent of organizations are meeting “all or most” of GDPR’s requirements. And even organizations that are currently compliant can’t afford to let their data governance standards slip. Data Governance for GDPR.


SAS 2019: Meet ‘TajMahal,’ A New and Highly Advanced APT Framework


Government Hacks Malware Security Analyst Summit #theSAS2019 advanced persistent threat apt Backdoors C2 communicators cryptography key stealers cyberespionage Kaspersky Kaspersky Lab Security Analyst Summit loaders orchestrators TajMahalA highly sophisticated APT framework has been found targeting a single Central Asian diplomatic entity for years.

Cyber resilience in the Scottish public sector: meeting the Cyber Essentials certification deadline

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The Scottish government therefore launched Safe, secure and prosperous: a cyber resilience strategy for Scotland in 2015 to help develop a culture of cyber resilience across the country. As part of this initiative, the government launched the Public Sector Action Plan in November 2017.

Taps ‘n’ Apps: Craft Beer Meets the Cloud


There is a market there, but information management / governance is not the springboard (something I’ve said for some time now, frankly). Cloud Collaboration Information Governance Information Management beer brewery brewing craft beer

Information Governance World Magazine Now Available!

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Information Governance World magazine is now available -in print and digital editions! Information Governance World magazine covers major facets of IG, uniting them under the umbrella of a common vision. The post Information Governance World Magazine Now Available!

UK government cracks down on cyber security

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To improve cyber risk governance among public-sector departments and their suppliers, the UK government has issued a series of minimum cyber security standards that will be incorporated into the Government Functional Standard for Security.

Information Governance World magazine invites you to our Launch Fiesta!

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Information Governance World magazine invites you to our Launch Fiesta! Attendees at the reception hosted by the debuting Information Governance World Magazine can meet the […]. The post Information Governance World magazine invites you to our Launch Fiesta!

Essential guidance to implementing an effective IT Governance system

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Faced with these increasing information security threats, organisations have an urgent need to adopt IT governance best practice strategies. What is IT governance? Drivers for adopting IT governance strategies. Guidance on implementing an effective governance system.

From source to analytics: A farm-to-table approach to data governance

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Farm-to-table is one way IT experts can frame how they’re governing data and evaluating the tools and technologies necessary for meeting compliance requirements. Data governance Analytics Data quality Machine learning