Group-IB uncovers PerSwaysion – sophisticated phishing campaign targeting executives worldwide

Security Affairs

ybercriminals behind the PerSwaysion campaign gained access to many confidential corporate MS Office365 emails of mainly financial service companies, law firms, and real estate groups. PerSwaysion campaign is a series of Malware-as-a-Service-based operations.

NEW TECH: Votiro takes ‘white-listing’ approach to defusing weaponized documents

The Last Watchdog

Unfortunately, despite steady advances in malware detection and intrusion prevention systems, and much effort put into training employees to be wary of suspicious email, weaponized email and document-based malware remain as virulent as pervasive as it was two decades ago. A lot of business today rely on using these basic tools on a daily basis, for HR to review resumes, to process insurance claims, to open up financial tables, all those kinds of things,” Grafi noted.