IoT Inspector Tool from Princeton

Schneier on Security

Researchers at Princeton University have released IoT Inspector , a tool that analyzes the security and privacy of IoT devices by examining the data they send across the Internet. They've already used the tool to study a bunch of different IoT devices.

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What’s Business Process Modeling Got to Do with It? – Choosing A BPM Tool


With business process modeling (BPM) being a key component of data governance , choosing a BPM tool is part of a dilemma many businesses either have or will soon face. Choosing a BPM Tool: An Overview. Organizations that adopt a BPM tool also enjoy greater process efficiency.

Anonymization & Pseudonymization as Tools for Cross-Border Discovery Compliance

ARMA International

For example, mass pseudonymization or anonymization of records prior to any reviews or cross-border transfers can be a part of the solution. For example, consider the hypothetical case of Class Action Plaintiffs vs. ABC Pharmaceutical Company. Introduction.

MY TAKE: Can Hollywood’s highly effective ‘source-code’ security tools help make IoT safe?

The Last Watchdog

Irdeto’s suite of products helps set-top box manufacturers protect high-value content; its technology also is used by live sports broadcasters to deter hackers from siphoning off pay-for-view sporting events. Another example Hearn cited was a company that deploys a unique version of an expensive industrial control system to several different factories.

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Kali Project Encryption and Isolation Using Vagrant and BitLocker

Perficient Data & Analytics

Imagine that you work on different engagements or projects in which Kali Linux is one of your primary tools. It would be useful to have a tool that can spin up a complete and isolated environment for each project on demand. Running the tool.

Australian manufacturing companies boost productivity and competitive advantage with enterprise social software


While a bit light on details, I'm not going to complain about this positive story in the ITPro section of the Fairfax newspapers about two packaging manufacturing companies using enterprise social software to help their bottom-line. These businesses aren't deploying Chatter and similar tools for fun - this is about finding new ways to improve the bottom line.

#ModernDataMasters: Steve Whiting, Chief Operations Officer


I was trained in Oracle relational databases and GUI tools to deliver group-wide Banking Systems. Our combined experience of working with other large companies and systems integrators included seeing many examples of failed projects that were not delivering value. Kate Tickner, Reltio.

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#ModernDataMasters: Tony Saldanha, President, Transformant


For example, whilst I was the CIO of P&G India in 1995-8, we realised that our third-party distributors all had names for things like customer, order, financial payment which were not exactly the same as what P&G called them. Kate Tickner, Reltio.

#ModernDataMasters: Bob More, SVP Global Field Operations


I’ve seen it most successful when it’s taken in the context of a larger overall initiative, for example a digital transformation or implementation of a new system or process. Kate Tickner, Reltio.

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#ModernDataMasters: Scott Taylor, “The Data Whisperer”


For example you’re not going to get IoT to work across organisations and devices without having a common data structure. People forget than when you build big, ambitious things – ships, buildings or bridges for example – you need the nuts and bolts and you cannot build without them.

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OCR Provides Insight into Enforcement Priorities and Breach Trends

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

Regulators, industry experts, and researchers provided insight into health privacy and security enforcement trends, emerging threats, and new tools at a recent conference focused on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) regulatory framework.

How Microsoft Word “Protected View” Stops Information Leaks

Perficient Data & Analytics

Microsoft Word, as an example, will open untrusted email attachments in a mode called “ Protected View “ In this blog post, I will demonstrate three different attacks that are stopped by Protected View. Attack Example #1. Attack Example #2. Example Attack #3.

Approaching the Reverse Engineering of a RFID/NFC Vending Machine

Security Affairs

Manufacturer block: This is the first data block (block 0) of the first sector (sector 0). It contains the IC manufacturer data. Data blocks: All sectors contain 3 blocks of 16 bytes for storing data (Sector 0 contains only two data blocks and the read-only manufacturer block).

Human-centered design is key to succeeding in Industry 4.0


Manufacturers are in the midst of a revolution?a In this new world, modern manufacturers must learn to be agile: to understand, interpret and respond quickly to ever-increasing customer expectations. So where can manufacturers start? Here’s a real-word example.

Broadcast or communicate? | ZDNet

Collaboration 2.0

A fascinating example for me is that while most of the world was busy building out telephone communications infrastructure, the Soviets chose to focus on installing loudspeakers everywhere. Take a manufacturing firm operating on a just in time philosophy.

Using the Human Factor in Cyber Attacks

Security Affairs

When we speak of a corporate environment there are a number of tools that we can find, such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS), Antispam, Antivirus, Firewall, Web Filter / Application Control, DLP (Data Loss Prevent) Switches, Routers and etc. Outdated tools.

Flaws in Qualcomm chips allows stealing private from devices

Security Affairs

Examples of privileged OS components are DRM service, media service, and keystore. ” The experts reversed the Qualcomm’s Secure World operating system used a custom-made fuzzing tool to find the vulnerabilities.

Supply Chain Security 101: An Expert’s View

Krebs on Security

BK: Right, the Trusted Foundry program I guess is a good example. BK: Can you give some examples? Are there other examples of how the cloud providers can make it harder for attackers who might seek to subvert their services through supply chain shenanigans? BK: For example….?

MY TAKE: How state-backed cyber ops have placed the world in a constant-state ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’

The Last Watchdog

China has been taking methodical steps to transform itself from the source of low-end manufactured goods to the premier supplier of high-end products and services. Individual responsibility Iran is another example of a nation-state playing the long game. Most recently, state-backed Vietnamese hackers were discovered by security vendor FireEye targeting automotive companies , in the hunt for intellectual property to buttress Vietnam’s fledgling vehicle manufacturing industry.

Hackers Breached Virginia Bank Twice in Eight Months, Stole $2.4M

Krebs on Security

The company determined the hacking tools and activity appeared to come from Russian-based Internet addresses. “Take the example of a car crash victim whose master cylinder in the vehicle ran out of fluid and as a result the driver ran a red light and hit another car.

European Commission Provides Important Guidance on Qualification and Classification of Software Under New Medical Devices Regulations

Data Matters

The Guidance seeks to provide clarification to medical software manufacturers with respect to (i) when software is considered a device (qualification) and (ii) what risk category the device falls into (classification). The Guidance includes many specific illustrative examples on software managing images, for example, software altering the representation of data or changing an image display so that it serves as decision support.

NEW TECH: Cequence Security deploys defense against botnets’ assault on business logic

The Last Watchdog

Pick any company in any vertical – financial services, government, defense, manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, retailing, travel and hospitality – and you’ll find employees, partners, third-party suppliers and customers all demanding remote access to an expanding menu of apps — using their smartphones and laptops. Take the airline industry as an example. That isn’t so simple, as organizations don’t want security tools to modify or change the apps in any way.

Exclusive: MalwareMustDie analyzes a new IoT malware dubbed Linux/ AirDropBot

Security Affairs

One of them, for example , is the C2 server. After 2 years of waiting, MalwareMustDie returns with an excellent page of malware analysis of a new IoT malware: Linux/AirDropBot.

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Gartner IT Expo: Real Time Data Drives Fanatics Growth

Perficient Data & Analytics

In house and on demand manufactureing. It’s data like this that can drive real time decisions in manufacturing. Example: Tom Brady’s 500th touchdown. Example all time pass leader with New Orleans. Example: Hayes as Australian rookie. Tools Security.

Human-centered design is key to succeeding in Industry 4.0


Manufacturers are in the midst of a revolution?a In this new world, modern manufacturers must learn to be agile: to understand, interpret and respond quickly to ever-increasing customer expectations. Moreover, modern manufacturers must contend with new competitive forces from large digital organizations and innovative start-ups?both transformations with new technologies, products, services and business models is disruptive for manufacturers. Here’s a real-word example.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations begin One Version era

Ascent Innovations

Another reason is due to improved upgrade and migration tools and the approaching end of life of various versions of AX. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations begin One Version era.

Russian Sednit APT used the first UEFI rootkit of ever in attacks in the wild

Security Affairs

This solution comes pre-installed in the firmware of a large number of laptops manufactured by various OEMs, waiting to be activated by their owners.” Also, in cases of LoJax compromise, traces of other Sednit tools were never far away.”

Great Data Scientists Don’t Just Think Outside the Box, They Redefine the Box

Bill Schmarzo - Dell EMC

For example, you want to use Deep Learning to estimate how much solar energy we could generate with solar panels on the Golden Gate Bridge (that probably wouldn’t be a very popular decision in San Francisco). For example:”. Let me give you one example of how data scientists from one of our Services teams at Dell EMC are thinking outside the box, to uncover new ways to help our customers avoid issues in their IT environment and create a more effortless support experience.

How Cyber Essentials can help secure your devices and software

IT Governance

Although not adequate in the – relatively uncommon – case of a cyber criminal targeting your organisation using bespoke tools, Cyber Essentials’ controls can prevent. Manufacturers often set the default configurations of new software and devices to be as open and multi-functional as possible.

PCI DSS: Lessons to learn from recent payment card breaches

IT Governance

In this week’s blog, we examine some recent examples of payment card breaches to help you understand common problems that organisations run into and how you can avoid them.

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Is Blockchain Technology In Your Company’s Future?

Synergis Software

It is a quintessential foundational technology, and it will have a big impact on engineering, manufacturing, and construction processes. The World Wide Web, TCP/IP, and the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), are foundational tools that companies like Google, Amazon, and eBay exploited for bilateral messaging. Adept is the recordkeeper for engineering, and other departments in your company have (we hope) similar tools to automate their processes and track their records.

The DHS Cybersecurity Strategy: Five Pillars of Cybersecurity Goals

Thales eSecurity

Innovation is crucial, and it is critical that organizations use tools that not only monitor and discover threats, but also protect cyber infrastructure. We need to encourage manufacturers and suppliers to create “trusted” products that are secure and come from secure supply chains.

Spotlight Podcast: Fixing Supply Chain Hacks with Strong Device Identities

The Security Ledger

In just the latest example, it was reported earlier this month by Motherboard and Kaspersky Lab that hackers compromised a server of computer manufacturer ASUS’s live software update tool and used it to install a malicious backdoor on thousands of computers. Other examples include the outbreak of the NotPetya wiper malware in 2017 , which initially spread as a signed update from the Ukrainian finance software ME Docs.

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How To Solve The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Cyber Info Veritas

Sharing My Experience For example, the Pharmaceutical manufacturing company I use to work for had alliances with several community colleges to provide these hands-on experience to these students. Just give them the tools to do his or her job and let them do the rest.

Zero-knowledge attestation

Imperial Violet

As an example of such a statement, we might consider “I know a valid signature of message x from one of the public keys in this set”. I obviously didn't pick that example at random. In the tool that I wrote for generating these circuits, this is represented as a series of equations where the only operations are multiplication, addition, and subtraction. With support for only a single level of signatures, manufacturers would have to publish their intermediates too.

EU: Competition policy in the digital era (Part 1)

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

The benefits are enormous, as digital communication facilitates exchanges and searches, and enhances consumer choices not only in purchasing consumer goods, but also in finance, healthcare, and producing industries from manufacture to agriculture.

IoT - It’s about sharing


For an example we can all relate to, look at car servicing. The manufacturer holds the telemetry data, even though you own the car. You have a portal to the elevator manufacturer which tells you useful information but you have to logon. IoT - It’s about sharing. Anonymous.

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10 Personal Finance Lessons for Technology Professionals

Troy Hunt

In fact, those guys are all pretty good examples of the ability to build amazing things from the ground up and I'm sure that many of you reading this have sat down and started building something with the same enthusiasm as, say, Zuckerberg did with Facebook in 2004. Patience. Frugality.

Kofax advances enterprise-wide deployment of next-generation robotic process automation to rapidly and exponentially scale the digital workforce

Document Imaging Report

Since implementation, we’ve combined Lean process optimisation with RPA to cut processing times (for example by 85%, or from over 40 minutes to just 6).

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AUSTRALIA: Assistance and Access Act, December 2018 – Holy grail of uncertainty created by new rushed-in data encryption laws

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

Of particular public concern is the issue raised that law enforcement agencies will be allowed to directly intercept messages sent through end-to-end encryption under technical assistance and capability notices, affecting tools used by companies such as Google, WhatsApp, Apple iMessage, and Telegram (who have all publicly denounced the Act).