Should library services be cutting their most dynamic spaces?


Should library services be cutting their most dynamic spaces? Photo credit: Should library services be cutting their most dynamic spaces? A recent report, Libraries on the Move , by Dr Alyson Tyler, studied the impact of mobile libraries in Scotland. Libraries don?t

Librarian Sues Equifax Over 2017 Data Breach, Wins $600

Krebs on Security

” West said she’s surprised more people aren’t following her example. It’s not clear if the Web site tool is still functioning, but West said it was media coverage of this very same lawsuit bot that prompted her to file.

A useful guide to copyright tools and resources


A useful guide to copyright tools and resources. In the years following numerous tools and resources have emerged to help people stay copyright compliant. One tool to help with this is the Public Domain calculator. the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance ?

ESI, ROT, and LBJ – Thoughts on Data Management While Visiting the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Library: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

For example, if a terminated employee (who feels that he or she was wrongly terminated) says something like “I’m going to sue you, you’ll be hearing from my lawyer”, your duty to preserve responsive ESI related to their employment and termination may begin then, not when the case is actually filed. Here’s a famous example of a case where a company failed to meet its duty to preserve.

ROT 32

Understanding web archive access and use with Google Analytics: Lessons and questions from the Federal Depository Library Program


Stump and Bower introduce how Archive-It partners at the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) Web Archive have implemented and use Google Analytics to understand the use of their existing collections and plan for the future.

?Could do better? ? School Librarians deliver their report card to Education Minister Nick Gibb


School Librarians in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have called on Education Minister, Nick Gibb, to address the findings of new research into School Library provision, which highlights inequality of access to school libraries and insecure employment for school librarians.

Nodersok malware delivery campaign relies on advanced techniques

Security Affairs

Nodersok abuse of legitimate tools also called living-off-the-land binaries ( LOLBins ). Researchers observed threat actors dropping two legitimate tools onto the infected machines, namely Node.exe, the Windows implementation of the popular Node.

Retail 108

A few binary plating 0-days for Windows

Security Affairs

Anyway, sometime later I continued the research and start developing a tool in order to help detect similar vulnerabilities and exploit them. This library tries to load the missing DLL “diagtrack_wininternal.dll” several times per day.

Feedify cloud service architecture compromised by MageCart crime gang

Security Affairs

Cloud service firm Feedify has over 4,000 customers, it is a cloud platform to engage customers’ clients with powerful tools that target them based on their behavior. The script loads various resources from Feedify’s infrastructure, including a library named “feedbackembad -min-1.0.js

Cloud 111

A straightforward and pragmatic guide to leadership, management and teamwork


Contemporary managers and leaders in library and information services are working in a challenging context; dealing with multiple demands on their time, expertise and resources. This book provides a practical guide to leadership, management and teamwork in library and information services.

Reflections on international collaboration: enthusiasm, commitment, resilience. It is all about dive


Moving from Higher Education to the NHS in 1992, she created , with her new team, an innovative network of Health Libraries working collaboratively between the NHS and the Higher Education sector in London. Budget cuts are very real especially in public libraries ?

Advocating for our profession


As the Chartered body for library, information and knowledge workers, CILIP has an important responsibility to advocate for the value and impact of our profession locally, nationally across all four nations of the UK and internationally. invest in libraries? library? TITLE.

Get time on your side


RE always talking about what the library of the future might look like, but could a library be a place that contains the future? Consultant Matt Finch explains how the fourth dimension can make libraries even more attractive to their communities and funders.

Opportunity in times of crisis ? LibrariesDeliver campaign


Working with US library advocacy group the EveryLibrary Institute , CILIP has launched LIbrariesDeliver ? a project that brings together campaigners, library staff and the general public in a connected, data-enabled campaign. The database is a tool, not the campaign.

Q&A: The drivers behind the stark rise — and security implications — of ‘memory attacks’

The Last Watchdog

Garden-variety threat actors are now leveraging memory hacking tools and techniques to gain footholds, move laterally and achieve persistence deep inside well-defended networks. They’re going directly for the application itself, using trusted tools that are left open to them. Leichter: A lot of very advanced hacking tools came out of research labs at the NSA, and other places, and they are now in the hands of nation states, and even independent criminal hackers.

Documentation Theory for Information Governance

ARMA International

Lund, for example, question whether Facebook is a digital document. and at the same time it is something completely new challenging hitherto used analytical conceptual tools.” [xix]. Library Trends 52, no.3, (2004b): 387-407. Libraries and the Academy 13, no.

UK National Cyber Security Centre urge to drop Python 2

Security Affairs

“If you maintain a library that other developers depend on, you may be preventing them from updating to 3. ” The NCSC provided a list of the latest features implemented with Python 3, also suggested some tools that could be used by developers to migrate their code.

SAA Session Overviews- Post #1! Session 702 (“Documenting Current Events and Controversial Topics”)

The Schedule

Jennifer Weintraub began the session by introducing the panelists and highlighting some of its major themes and points: “Controversial material” : Weintraub defined “controversial material” broadly–”it depends”– and noted that the Schlesinger Library, along with many other institutions, already collect this kind of content. At the Schlesinger Library, an ethics statement guides archivists’ endeavors as they collect content related to the #metoo movement. .

Analyzing the APT34’s Jason project

Security Affairs

Security expert Marco Ramilli has analyzed the recently leaked APT34 hacking tool tracked as Jason – Exchange Mail BF. Today I want to share a quick analysis on a new leaked APT34 Tool in order to track similarities between APT34 public available toolsets.

Archive-It Partner News, April 2019


Archivists and researchers met for a “datathon” at George Washington University, to open web archive collections with new discovery and visualization tools. The Challenge of Preserving the Historical Record of #MeToo : The New Yorker reports on the Schlesinger Library’s growing web archive.

Common Questions about NARA’s Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI)

National Archives Records Express

In the spring of 2019, records management contractors under Schedule 36 will be added to the GSA’s Discovery market research tool. Once ERM contractors have been added to this tool, agencies will be able to review the ERM capabilities of contractors awarded under SIN 51 600. These demos will be linked in the Discovery tool. Do you have examples of Requests for Information (RFI) or Requests for Quotation (RFQ) from agencies?

ATMitch: New Evidence Spotted In The Wild

Security Affairs

Its initial triage suggests it may be part of an advanced attacker arsenal targeting the Banking sector, possibly related to the same APT group Kaspersky Lab tracked two years ago after the compromise of a Russian bank, where a particular malware tool dubbed ATMi tch has been unveiled.

How to improve your risk assessment process

IT Governance

For example: They are prone to user error; They are hard to maintain; It’s difficult to find relevant data in multiple tabs; and. Its asset library assigns organisational roles to each asset group, applying relevant potential threats and risks by default.

Risk 75

Writing Your First Bootloader for Better Analyses

Security Affairs

Used tools. The first tool we are going to use is as, the GNU compiler, which takes as input an assembly file and it returns its binary representation. David Jurgens: Help PC Reference Library AshakiranBhatter : Writing BootLoader.

The analysis of the code reuse revealed many links between North Korea malware

Security Affairs

Each node represents a malware family or a hacking tool (“ Brambul ,” “ Fallchill ,” etc.) In defining similarities, we take into account only unique code connections, and disregard common code or libraries. Further shared code across these families is an AES library from CodeProject.

Commodity Malware Reborn: The AgentTesla “Total Oil” themed Campaign

Security Affairs

Agent Tesla is a fully customizable password info-stealer offered as malware-as-a-service , many cyber criminals are choosing it as their preferred recognition tool. . Figure 6: Example of the enumeration of the Hypervisors.

SAA/NAGARA/COSA 2018 Recap: Session 201

The Schedule

The report includes topics such as why email matters, technical definitions, lifecycle models, tool workflows, as well as an agenda for email archiving moving forward. Katherine O’Neil from the Manuscript Division of Library of Congress described the process of identifying email within their collections. They use bagger tools and analyze the email using FTK to identify personal identifiable information. The goal is make EPadd a more reliable tool and increase functionality.

Modern DevOps and the IBM i

Rocket Software

Most importantly, they want to allow new engineers to work with a tool with which they are familiar. The tools they want used are typically Jira for issue tracking, Jenkins for continuous integration and builds and Puppet or Chef for configuration management and deployments. The problem is that none of those tools have the IBM i domain knowledge that is built into most existing IBM i change management tools.

History of the State Records Center

The Texas Record

The history of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission began in the 1830s when Texas was still a Republic. In 1909, the Texas Library and Historical Commission was created to direct the State Library, aid and encourage public libraries, and collect materials related to Texas history.

Other 3,700 MikroTik Routers compromised in cryptoJacking campaigns

Security Affairs

Example infected #MikroTik router: [link] CPU usage of client throttled to ~80% The expert found 3,734 devices by querying Shodan for MikroTik routers running the mining tool, and the number is growing.

Key Metrics to Measure Performance of Your Healthcare App

Perficient Data & Analytics

General information apps are also popular with useful information on location directions and parking, find a doctor tools, health library information and many others. These tools can be easy to implement and you can ask targeted questions. App performance metrics, for example: App Crashes – at a minimum this mobile app performance metric should be monitored.

Mysterious DarkUniverse APT remained undetected for 8 years

Security Affairs

In 2017, a hacker group known as the Shadow Brokers stolen malware and hacking tools from the arsenal of the NSA-Linked Equation Group , then it published online the data dump called “ Lost in Translation.”

LooCipher: The New Infernal Ransomware

Security Affairs

Example of ciphered file with empty original file. Example of HTTP request to retrieve the BTC address. Example of Generated BTC Addresses. Example of HTTP request to check if the payment has been executed.

First Cyber Defence & Information Assurance courses to receive CILIP accreditation


As with our information and knowledge Learning Providers, these degrees have been judged against the Professional Knowledge and Skills Base tool (PKSB) and demonstrate the breadth of experience and attributes required for a skilled information professional in the security sector? First Cyber Defence & Information Assurance courses to receive CILIP accreditation.

KnowledgeShare: access to evidence for NHS staff


In 1999 Brighton and Sussex NHS Library?s s KnowledgeShare project set out to support the library team?s Health libraries address this need through the provision of in-depth evidence reports to answer uncertainties. The Five Laws of Library Science.

MicroStrategy World: 2019 a Breakthrough

Perficient Data & Analytics

Publiseh personalized dossiers to the library. Cut the capacity on off hours for example. Find any dossier for example and right-click to get info on the usage of that dossier. Open to lots of other reporting tools and data science tools. Library enhancements. Library application on mobile. MicroStrategy 2019 By The Numbers. 1,690 features. over 1,000,000 hours of development. At the Conference. 60 MicroStrategy expert sessions. 18 workshops.

Technology sets the pace of change in content delivery and management


AI will be a key tool in ensuring that content remains accessible and discoverable ? ConTech MD Clive Snell says that is why library and information mangers should be looking at the possibilities now. Technology sets the pace of change in content delivery and management.

APT34: Glimpse project

Security Affairs

On April 19 2019 researchers at Chronicle, a security company owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, have examined the leaked tools , exfiltrated the past week on a Telegram channel, and confirmed that they are indeed the same ones used by the OilRig attackers. example[.]com.

NARA’s Past, Present, and Future Leadership in SNAC (Social Networks and Archival Context): Always Collaborating, Always Cooperating

Archives Blogs

As we continue outreach in the archives, library and museum community, we are excited by stories from professional researchers who are using SNAC in their day-to-day work. Examples of SNACSchool training materials: As of December 2018, there are 106 graduates of the SNACSchool.

Managing Governance Policies with everteam.policy


Everteam.policy is a tool that allows you to capture, document and maintain retention and governance policies for your entire organization. One example is a policy that states a content asset must be retained for five years, but after two it can be removed from the index. With everteam.policy, you create a library of laws and then apply each law to one or more policies.