Digital Transformation Examples: Three Industries Dominating Digital Transformation


Digital transformation examples can be found almost anywhere, in almost any industry. Amazon began as a disruptor to brick-and-mortar bookstores, eventually becoming one of the most obvious digital transformation examples as it went on to revolutionize online shopping.

5 ways to detect a phishing email – with examples

IT Governance

In this blog, we use real-life examples to demonstrate five clues to help you spot phishing scams. For example, emails from Google will read ‘’. Your inbox displays a name, like ‘IT Governance’, and the subject line.

Anatomy of a spear phishing attack – with example scam

IT Governance

Let’s take a look at how it works, along with an example to help you spot the clues of an attack. An example of a spear phishing email. Here’s an example of a real spear phishing email. All the above are typical examples of emotional manipulation.

Digital Transformation Examples: How Data Is Transforming the Hospitality Industry


The rate at which organizations have adopted data-driven strategies means there are a wealth of digital transformation examples for organizations to draw from. Digital Transformation Examples: Hospitality – Data, Data Everywhere. This is where data governance comes into play.

Examples of data processing activities that require a DPIA

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The Regulation doesn’t define what ‘high risk’ is, so this blog provides examples of processing activities that require a DPIA. Before we crack on with our examples, we should explain how you can identify high-risk data processing activities.

GDPR: lawful bases for processing, with examples

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For example, when you process staff data for payroll purposes, contractual obligations will apply, as staff will have signed a contract of employment. What is a lawful basis for processing under the GDPR? Do you always need individuals’ consent to process their data?


MicroStrategy World: AI Best Practices and Real-World Examples

Perficient Data & Analytics

Christine Livingston, Chief Strategy for AI at Perficient spoke on AI best practices and gave some real world examples on how it would work. establish governance. This is both model governance and people governance. Best practice: Governance and strategy.

How to document PCI DSS-compliant policies and procedures – with template example

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Misconfigured databases, email attachments sent to the wrong person and records that are improperly disposed are common examples the ways staff compromise information. Technology can only do so much to protect an organisation from data breaches.

Metadata Management, Data Governance and Automation


erwin released its State of Data Governance Report in February 2018, just a few months before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect. Download Free GDPR Guide | Step By Step Guide to Data Governance for GDPR?. Can the 80/20 Rule Be Reversed?

How to write a GDPR privacy notice – with documentation template example

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Below is an example of a customisable privacy notice template available from IT Governance. Example of IT Governance’s GDPR privacy notice template. Updated 8 November 2018. This blog was originally published before the GDPR took effect in May 2018.


Data Governance Tools: What Are They? Are They Optional?


Data governance tools used to occupy a niche in an organization’s tech stack, but those days are gone. The rise of data-driven business and the complexities that come with it ushered in a soft mandate for data governance and data governance tools. Data Governance 1.0

Documentation Theory for Information Governance

ARMA International

iv] Further, “the practices of government [and other public and private institutions] become formal or official to the extent that they are documented.” [v] This article aims to consider what a documentary focus can offer to the practices and understandings of information governance.

Data Governance Tools: What Are They? Are They Optional?


Data governance tools used to occupy a niche in an organization’s tech stack, but those days are gone. The rise of data-driven business and the complexities that come with it ushered in a soft mandate for data governance and data governance tools. Data Governance 1.0

Data Governance Framework: Three Steps to Successful & Sustainable Implementation


A strong data governance framework is central to the success of any data-driven organization because it ensures this valuable asset is properly maintained, protected and maximized. When implementing or maturing a data governance framework, an accurate assessment of the ‘here and now’ is key.

Digital Transformation in Municipal Government: The Hidden Force Powering Smart Cities


When you think of real-time, data-driven experiences and modern applications to accomplish tasks faster and easier, your local town or city government probably doesn’t come to mind. But municipal government is starting to embrace digital transformation and therefore data governance.

Top 10 Data Governance Predictions for 2019


This past year witnessed a data governance awakening – or as the Wall Street Journal called it, a “global data governance reckoning.” So what’s on the horizon for data governance in the year ahead? The data needs to be continuously governed for assurance purposes.

Governance in Healthcare: Seen as a Business Capability

Perficient Data & Analytics

Related to the trend of recognizing the difference between information and data, content, and knowledge is that governance of information requires it be viewed as a business capability. However, governance and tight collaboration between IT and the business continues to be critical.

Governance, Technology, and Capitalism.

John Battelle's Searchblog

Our lives are now driven in large part by data, code, and processing, and by the governance of algorithms. Synonymous with progress, asking not for permission, fearless of breaking things – in particular stupid, worthy-of-being-broken things like government, sclerotic corporations, and fetid social norms – the technology industry reveled for decades as a kind of benighted warrior for societal good. Do they think that means there’s no governance ?

#ModernDataMasters: Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach


Nicola Askham is the leading data governance training provider in the UK with over 16 years of experience and research in the field. She delivers training and consulting to major organisations to help them implement full data governance frameworks. Kate Tickner, Reltio.

Getting Started With Data Governance

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Data governance doesn’t start in a vacuum; it requires plenty of advance thinking, preparation, and strategy. As such, successful data governance must begin with a foundation built on data principles and a well-thought-out data strategy.

Governance in Healthcare: Ownership and Consistency

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The rise of big data, self-service, and more powerful and flexible end-user information visualization and preparation tools, consumer/ member/patient experience is impacting governance in a significant manner with regard to structure, decision rights, and accountabilities.

Governance Automation Will Propel the Big Winners in Digital Transformation


Governance automation can unleash the power of digital transformation, enabling organizations to make data central to all of their decision-making. But that requires overhauling the governance practices that are still woefully immature in many organizations.

Governance in Healthcare: Recognizing a Strategic Imperative

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The subject of governance often comes up whenever leadership is asked about some of the more critical capabilities that an organization must possess. However, this does not mean that the governance program’s work is done and that there is clear sailing ahead.

GDPR and The Data Governance Imperative


GDPR and the Data Governance Imperative. The Information Governance Imperative. So where do you begin your governance journey? A holistic information governance strategy demands cross functional participation from the business leadership.

Innovation Lab: The Role of Blockchain in Information Governance


Everteam is investigating ways in which our solutions can leverage blockchain technology to improve records management, a key element of information governance. They used the example of an automated deletion policy that cleans up unwanted legacy documents.

Governance in Healthcare: Big Data is Table Stakes

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Big data itself does not alter the approach to governance nor its framework. And big data isn’t just about data – it’s also concerned with managing and governing vast amounts of content of varying types such as video, images, voice, etc.

Data Governance Stock Check: Using Data Governance to Take Stock of Your Data Assets


This sort of data governance “stock check” is important but can be arduous without the right approach and technology. That’s where data governance comes in …. Data Governance “Stock Check” Case 1: The Data Broker. Data Governance “Stock Check” Case 2: Tracking Rogue Data.

Envisioning new and hidden realities with data and augmented reality—a digital “twin city” example


Envisioning new and hidden realities with data and augmented reality—a digital “twin city” example. For example, a supermarket that makes home grocery deliveries has empty vehicles returning from those deliveries. They could also capture the household recycling data, add data visualizations, and sell or share that to other companies, local governments or environmental agencies. Take a modern film, for example.

Governance in Healthcare: Beyond Compliance, Risk and Analytics

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Historically, a key driver for the establishment and application of governance has been to address regulatory and compliance concerns. These are no less important today, but clearly demonstrate the “reach” of governance is broadening across a much wider band of the enterprise’s business.

Chinese Government Agents Charged with Hacking, IP Theft

Adam Levin

This action is yet another example of criminal efforts by the (Ministry of State Security) to facilitate the theft of private data for China’s commercial gain,” said U.S. The post Chinese Government Agents Charged with Hacking, IP Theft appeared first on Adam Levin. The U.S.

JD Sillion on Creating Value, Promoting Trust, and Building Loyalty through Information Governance Investments


What steps can leaders take to promote a healthy information governance culture within their organizations? For example, if you’re asking a salesperson to fill out an excessive number of CRM fields, he or she is only going to do that when an opportunity is nearing fruition.

Propaganda and the Weakening of Trust in Government

Schneier on Security

Opponents of the regime might use social media and online communication to coordinate among themselves, and appeal to the broader public, perhaps toppling their governments, as happened in Tunisia during the Arab Spring.

Information Governance – Essential Ingredient for Business Value

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To achieve this level of consistency and efficiency, as well as reliability, requires a robust Information Governance Program responsible for overseeing the environment. As I’ve referenced in previous blog entries, Information Governance can be defined as a strategic practice that defines Rules (inclusive of policies, guidelines, laws, etc.) form of government consisting of three branches – Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

CVE-2019-1132 Windows Zero-Day exploited by Buhtrap Group in government attack

Security Affairs

The CVE-2019-1132 flaw addressed by Microsoft this month was exploited by Buhtrap threat actor to target a government organization in Eastern Europe. “ ESET researchers discovered that the flaw was exploited in an attack aimed at a government institution in Eastern Europe in June.

Autoclerk travel reservations platform data leak also impacts US Government and military

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“The data Our team viewed highly sensitive data exposing the personal details of government and military personnel, and their travel arrangements to locations around the world, both past and future.” “For the US government, alarm bells should be ringing.

Get Governed by Morgan Templar (A Review)

Information is Currency

The book “ Get Governed: Building World Class Data Governance Programs ” by Morgan Templar is an excellent book for any information professional to read. In the world of information governance, data governance is only a small slice of the pie.

From the CTO: From Information Governance to Information Asset Management


The first “InfoGov” wave we are starting to see is a way to show people augmented information about an information or data asset, based on how it is governed in terms of cost, risk, quality, security or value within your company. This is just one example of one criterion among many others.

Swedish Government grants police the use of spyware against violent crime suspects

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The Sweden government is going to authorize the use of spyware on suspects’ devices to spy on their communications and track them. It aims to give the police the opportunity to better execute secret surveillance and for example also access the encrypted communication.”

GUEST ESSAY: ‘Tis the season — to take proactive measures to improve data governance

The Last Watchdog

Practicing good data governance is easier than you think. May these recent disheartening examples in the news spur brands to act today and take action to protect sensitive data and avoid the far-reaching negative impacts of high-profile data breaches. The holiday season is upon us and the bright lights and greenery aren’t the only indicators that we’ve reached December. Sadly, data breaches often occur at this time of year.

FAQ: What is a record regarding government or agency websites?

The Texas Record

By law, any information that an elected official, a government employee, or a state employee handles that correlates with the definitions explained in State Agency Bulletin 4 and in Local Government Bulletin D is a record. 1.Agency or Government Publications.