Energy industry 2021 predictions

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2020 sent shock waves across oil and gas, utilities and mining organizations, creating dramatic shifts in supply and demand, revenue streams and productivity. Mining companies, meanwhile, are … The post Energy industry 2021 predictions appeared first on OpenText Blogs.

Key strategies and technologies to help utilities respond to a “storm” never seen before


Key strategies and technologies to help utilities respond to a “storm” never seen before. For more than three decades, I served at a leading electric utility, responding to numerous storms to keep the lights on for customers and to support critical infrastructure.


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Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 3): Data, the new “digital capital” - Going beyond the hype of advanced analytics and AI


Utilities Digital Journey Insights (Part 3): Data, the new “digital capital” - Going beyond the hype of advanced analytics and AI. This series of blog posts builds on the 2018 CGI Client Global Insights, providing insights into how utilities are making progress toward digital transformation. The findings and perspectives are based on 1,400 in-person interviews with business and IT executives, of which 127 are from the utilities industry. So where do utilities stand?

Norton Crypto, the controversial cryptomining feature of Norton 360

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Many users ignore that Norton 360 comes with a cryptomining feature, dubbed Norton Crypto, that could allow them to earn money mining Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency while the customer’s computer is idle. Norton keeps a 15% of the mined cryptocurrency.

The Scammers’ Playbook: How Cybercriminals Get Ahold of Your Data

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Energy and utility companies have been some of the most high-profile cyber attacks in recent memory, such as the May 2021 Colonial Pipeline attack or the Delta-owned Monroe Energy attack in November 2021. Cybercrime is a growth industry like no other.

State Attackers Moving from Stealing Data to Social Meddling

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The new cyber intelligence report expects the monetary benefits will allure the use of crypto-mining malware and cryptocurrencies by cyber attackers this year. The utilities and energy industries experienced high indicators of attack activity, suggests that attackers have access to critical infrastructure and are waiting to exploit this access. State actors tend to zero in on government agencies or utilities and energy targets.

Do You Have the Right Stuff to Transition to Information Governance?

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all of which require the same disciplines we utilize when managing our records. A client of mine in the construction industry recognized that its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system was in dire need of replacement.

A potential solution for protecting customer privacy when sharing smart meter data


This is because smart meters are widely regarded as a key to reducing both energy consumption and emission levels. Imagine a situation where a third party gets hold of your metering data and, using data mining algorithms, and can detect your presence or absence and other household activities. While the simplest solution to avoid this type of risk lies in not sharing your metering data with anyone, including your utility provider, which is easier said than done.

Digital sobriety


However, it is now common knowledge that their production, especially in Africa, destroys the soil in open-pit mines, where all ecological considerations are absent, and which favors exploitation of local poverty. Analyzing , Information Governance , Records Management. Digital sobriety.

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Reverse Engineering Smart Meters


For example, in 2009, the Obama administration provided financial incentives to utilities in the United States. And again, smart meters were positioned squarely as making the environment more friendly by knowing how and when energy is being used by individual customers.

NYT Report: U.S. Cyber units planted destructive Malware in Russian Power Grid

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” In July 2018, the US Department of Homeland Security declared that Russia’s APT groups have already penetrated America’s critical infrastructure, especially power utilities, and continue to target them. “The question now is whether placing the equivalent of land mines in a foreign power network is the right way to deter Russia. According to The New York Times, the United States planted destructive malware in Russia’s electric power grid.