IBM releases open-source toolkits implementing FHE to process data while encrypted

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IBM has released open-source toolkits implementing fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) that allow researchers to process data while it’s still encrypted. “Your model would benefit from this superset of encrypted data without individual parties making their data public.”

Ransomware Trains Its Sights on Cloud Providers

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Ransomware writers are now targeting cloud service providers with network file encryption attacks as a way to hold hostage the maximum number of customers that they can, notes Chris Morales, head of security analytics for Vectra. He also discusses Vectra's new ransomware report, which offers tips for protecting against virtual hostage taking

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SHARED INTEL: What can be done — today — to keep quantum computing from killing encryption

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Their trepidation is focused on the potential undermining of a core security component of classical computing systems: encryption. In a nutshell, when quantum processing power becomes widely available – whether that be three years or 10 years from now — threat actors will gain the ability to decrypt everything companies have been protecting with classical encryption. There’s little doubt that the shift to quantum computing will open new horizons of digital commerce.

MY TAKE: As phishers take aim at elections, why not train employees to serve as phishing police?

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Today, the most common way to utilize attachments is via regular encrypted and encoded scripting in Office documents. For Cofense, the solution goes beyond security training but to fruitful immersion. If there is a data breach or some other cybersecurity incident, a phishing attack was probably involved. Over 90 percent of incidents begin with a phishing email. One of the more infamous hacks in recent years, the DNC data breach , was the result of a phishing attack.

Facebook Will Shift to Emphasize Encrypted Ephemeral Messages, Zuckerberg Says: eDiscovery Trends

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In a post to Facebook last week, founder Mark Zuckerberg outlined a vision of the future that includes end-to-end encryption and an ephemeral lifespan for private messages and photos.

GDPR Compliance — The Fines Have Begun!


Maintain a fully documented training program to prove everyone that handles client data has been fully trained on how to comply with the regulatory requirements. This means complete data access logs, end-to-end encryption, and documented expungement procedures and logs.

Transferring personal data under the GDPR

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Pseudonymisation and encryption. The GDPR advises organisations to pseudonymise and/or encrypt all personal data. According to Gemalto’s Breach Level Index , only 4% of data breaches since 2013 have involved encrypted data. Implementing encryption.

Irish DPA Issues Guidance to Secure Cloud-Based Environments

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Organizations should determine and implement a documented policy and apply appropriate technical security and organizational measures to secure their cloud-based environments, such as access controls, firewalls, antivirus, staff training and policy development.

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Safely adopting technology in the hospitality industry

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They also offer other compelling benefits, such as unlimited data storage, encryption, technical support and reduced demand for internal hardware. . Cyber Resilience Cyber Security Data Protection PCI DSS Retail Staff Awareness Training hospitality hotels

The GDPR: Do you know the difference between personal data and sensitive data?

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As with personal data generally, it should only be kept on laptops or portable devices if the file has been encrypted and/or pseudonymised. GDPR training. You can avoid these kinds of mistakes by enrolling on one of our GDPR training courses.

Be Aware of Non-Obvious Healthcare Cybersecurity Threats


I cannot imagine any organization having a health IT system that does not have appropriate encryption. If you do not make sure the people in your organization are well trained, then all the technology in the world will not help you against things like phishing attacks. Plus, many organizations are doing their own internal phishing efforts as a way to train their employees on phishing breaches.

Emergency Power Outage? Don’t Forget Old-School Redundancy


Hint: Such runbooks should include pesky details like login passwords, software license keys , encryption keys, network topology diagrams, recovery steps, etc.). Storage & Destruction Training & Awareness "blackout" "business power outage checklist" "business power outage" "disaster recovery plan" "emergency communications" "power outage After a sudden power outage, you tend to have questions and want fast answers.

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The GDPR: Get a crucial cyber security qualification in one day

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Our ISO27001 Certified ISMS Foundation Training Course will help you on your way. Save 15% when you book this course alongside our ISO27001 Lead Implementer course >> EU GDPR ISO 27001 Cyber Security GDPR Training


MY TAKE: Deploying ‘machine learning’ at router level helps companies prepare for rise of 5G

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ML focuses on training machines to learn from data without being programmed explicitly. Machine learning on the other hand, is an opportunity for us to train systems to be able to manipulate and leverage data in a learned way so that they can accurately and repeatedly do tasks that either we don’t have the time to do or we can’t do fast enough.” Analyzing encrypted traffic One area where Juniper is differentiating itself is in the area of encrypted traffic analysis.

GDPR Data Security Checklist in the Age of COVID-19 and the Remote Workforce

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To maximize your network security, always protect your router with a unique password and use an encrypted network. Training of Employees. Companies and organizations should also arrange training sessions for their employees. Encrypted Tools.

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Business Continuity Plans Must Evolve for the Post-COVID World


Many employees have been forced to connect to business networks from computers that lack company-sanctioned software, up-to-date malware protection, encryption controls and secure email clients. Have a crash course security training program in place.

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GUEST ESSAY: 3 key ingredients to stress-free compliance with data handling regulations

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Encryption provides an extra layer of security and control over your data, as well as the systems holding and transmitting your data. Data encryption also allows your employees to continue sharing files through familiar systems like email. For complete control of your encrypted data, you must have sole access to your encryption keys. Train employees.

BEST PRACTICES: Mock attacks help local agencies, schools prepare for targeted cyber scams

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Lucy Security, a security training company based in Zug, Switzerland that works with many smaller public entities, has been in the thick of this onslaught. The company’s software is used to run public servants and corporate employees through mock cyberattack training sessions.

How to Keep Your WFH Employees Safe From new Cybersecurity Attacks


” Double Down on User Training. Schedule half hour video training sessions or record an instructional video that covers best practices to keep them safe from malicious messages.

OMB Publishes Memorandum on Responding to Data Breaches

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The Breach Memorandum next notes the importance of breach response and awareness training, and emphasizes key provisions to include in agency contracts that obligate contractors to (1) encrypt PII in accordance with OMB and agency-specific guidelines, (2) report breaches to the relevant agency as soon as possible and (3) cooperate with any forensic investigation and analysis. Federal Law Compliance Encryption Obama Administration Personally Identifiable Information

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Imposes First Ever Data Security Fine

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Specifically, the CFPB found that Dwolla failed to: adopt and implement data security policies and procedures reasonable and appropriate for the organization; use appropriate measures to identify reasonably foreseeable security risks; ensure that employees who have access to or handle consumer information received adequate training and guidance about security risks; use encryption technologies to properly safeguard sensitive consumer information; and.

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China Releases National Standard on Personal Information Security

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Encryption measures must be adopted whenever sensitive personal information is retained. Enterprises must also implement staff training and audit the security measures which they have adopted to protect personal information. Cybersecurity Information Security Online Privacy Security Breach Anonymization China Consent Data Processor Encryption Information Sharing Personal Data Personal Information Privacy Privacy Policy

Payroll Provider Gives Extortionists a Payday

Krebs on Security

19, Apex was alerted that its systems had been infected with a destructive strain of ransomware that encrypts computer files and demands payment for a digital key needed to unscramble the data. “When they encrypt the data, that happens really fast,” he said.

Protect IT—A Combination of Security Culture and Cyber Hygiene Good Practices

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That being said, executives can’t lay the groundwork for a security culture simply by approving the formation of a training program. They need to be vocal proponents of it, and they should participate in the training activities side-by-side with their employees.

70% of Organizations Experienced Internal Data Breaches in the Last Five Years

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Among the other findings in the report, fewer than than 40% (39.6%) of organizations train best cybersecurity practices and data hygiene to employees, and 26% of respondents did not use encryption when transmitting data externally. .

Using Foundational Controls to “Secure IT”

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Organizations cannot secure their information technology (IT) simply by training everyone in the organization to identify and avoid falling victim to a phishing attack. Phishing attacks, account takeover (ATO) fraud and data breaches can be mitigated by multi-factor authentication, strong access controls for regular as well as privileged users, and by encrypting all sensitive data for instance. Data Encryption. Data encryption and key management go hand-in-hand.

Data Security Act Introduced in New York State Assembly

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The Data Security Act obligates entities to develop an information security program that includes: administrative safeguards, such as conducting risk assessments, training employees and selecting service providers capable of maintaining appropriate safeguards; technical safeguards, such as assessing risks in network and software design and regularly testing and monitoring the effectiveness of key controls; and.

New Report on Police Digital Forensics Techniques

Schneier on Security

Survey results indicate that accessing data from service providers -- much of which is not encrypted -- is the biggest problem that law enforcement currently faces in leveraging digital evidence. A plurality of respondents said they only received annual training.

Putting VMware’s Cloud Certification Platform to the Test with Thales’s Vormetric Data Security Manager

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The integration of DSM into VMware provides one-stop enterprise encryption key management for VMware customers. VMware supports end-to-end VM and vSAN encryption solutions. Plus, advanced encryption can also be performed from this single platform.

These hackers have breached FBI-affiliated websites and leaked data online

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The association promotes federal and law enforcement leadership and training located at the FBI training academy in Quantico, VA. TechCrunch spoke to one of the hackers, who didn’t identify his or her name, through an encrypted chat late Friday. “We

Does Your Domain Have a Registry Lock?

Krebs on Security

Shortly after pointing’s DNS settings to a server they controlled, the attackers were able to obtain at least one encryption certificate for the domain, which could have allowed them to intercept and read encrypted Web and email communications tied to

The Secret Sauce for Complying with Privacy Regulations


If data is digital, encrypt it. And don’t forget about administrative controls, like policies and training for your workforce. This means organizations need to get the right people engaged and trained on at least the basics of privacy law and information security.

FTC Enters into Memorandum of Understanding with Dutch Data Protection Authority

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The Memorandum also discusses protective measures for transmitting information related to a request for assistance on a privacy-related matter, such as encryption or maintaining materials in secured, restricted locations. Federal Law Consumer Protection Cross-Border Data Flow Data Protection Authority Edith Ramirez Encryption Federal Trade Commission Information Commissioners Office Ireland Jacob Kohnstamm Netherlands United Kingdom

IoT and Quantum Computing’s Impact on the Federal Government

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I spoke at both an Air Force Information Technology and Cyberpower (AFITC) training event and the 2019 Billington Cybersecurity Summit. I would not recommend entrusting your data in the cloud without maintaining control of the encryption keys that protect that data.

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GUEST ESSAY: The true cost of complacency, when it comes to protecting data, content

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Heathrow Airport was fined £120,000 when it lost a USB stick containing non-encrypted and sensitive data. ” Even with sharper teeth attached to the regulatory fining regime, companies still operate as if non-encrypted data, on a non-password protected USB stick, should be considered acceptable. The ICO found that there was a “catalogue of shortcomings in corporate standards, training and vision.”

Boosting Your Data Protection Strategy in 2019

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Use Encryption Software. You can protect your data from hackers by encrypting your data. Encryption software scrambles your emails and files, so only authorised end users with the encryption key can unlock and read them. Several software providers offer high-security encryption software. Invest in Employee Training. Schedule ongoing training sessions to educate your staff about evolving risks and data breach prevention strategies.

Own Your Cloud Security

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First, every person who has the potential to use the cloud needs to be trained to consider the type of data they are uploading to the cloud and how it is to be protected. It’s hard to believe it’s mid-October. Along with autumn, comes National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM).

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SHARED INTEL: How digital certificates could supply secure identities for enterprise blockchains

The Last Watchdog

Early adopters are trial-running Hyperledger blockchains in trade financing, in education and training programs and in supply chains for certain vertical industries. Blockchain gave rise to Bitcoin.

Nutanix and Thales, Hyerconverged & Hypersecure

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Nutanix certainly knows this and is working hard with Thales eSecurity to protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data through strong encryption of user and application data to a level of FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliance.

Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council still offline after suffering cyber attack

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Ransomware is a specific type of malware that encrypts computer files, essentially locking the owner out of their systems.