“Edited by Laura Thornburgh,” Pioneer of Motion Picture Education

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Today, we take for granted that moving images are used to educate. It might be surprising to learn that there was a time when the case had to be made for the value of motion pictures in education. She had access to education and travel, and wrote for a local newspaper. .

Chinese Cycldek APT targets Vietnamese Military and Government in sophisticated attacks

Security Affairs

China-linked APT group Cycldek is behind an advanced cyberespionage campaign targeting entities in the government and military sector in Vietnam. The post Chinese Cycldek APT targets Vietnamese Military and Government in sophisticated attacks appeared first on Security Affairs.


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How the U.S. Army Served its Movie-Mad GIs during World War II

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Army Signal Corps as part of its “Film Bulletin” series , showcases the military’s efforts to produce and bring films to soldiers overseas during the Second World War. The military went to tremendous lengths to supply a steady diet of fiction and nonfiction film to its troops with great speed.

WinRAR CVE-2018-20250 flaw exploited in multiple campaigns

Security Affairs

The flaw is an “Absolute Path Traversal” issue in the library that could be exploited to execute arbitrary code by using a specially-crafted file archive. The issue affects a third-party library, called UNACEV2.DLL that is used by WINRAR, it resides in the way an old third-party library, called UNACEV2.DLL, handles the extraction of files compressed in ACE data format.

Meet Ike

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An opportunity to get to know this man can be found at the newly unveiled Eisenhower Memorial in Washington, DC , and the all-new exhibits in the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum in Abilene, Kansas. The library building houses the documents of his administration.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in April 2021 – 1 billion records breached

IT Governance

It was another busy month in the cyber security sector, as we discovered 143 incidents that resulted in 1,098,897,134 breached records. Ransomware was again one of the biggest contributors to that total, accounting for almost one in three data breaches.

First Cyber Defence & Information Assurance courses to receive CILIP accreditation


CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals is the leading professional body for information specialists, librarians and knowledge managers in the United Kingdom with roots going back to 1877. Its strategic partnership with the Ministry of Defence dates back to 1984 when Cranfield was awarded a contract to provide education for the Royal Military College of Science.

Introducing Films of State, a Conference on Government Films

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In addition to the academic sessions, we’ll have an evening screening with films and clips related to the presentations and a panel on the practical uses of government film, from its role as historical evidence to reuse by educators and television documentaries. Moving Images and the Military.

Cartographic Records Relating to African American History

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It was intended to provide a temporary home for freedpersons while they obtained the basic education and vocational skills necessary to obtain work and become self -sufficient. Military. Boston Public Library. Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public Library. February is African American History Month. All of our Special Media branches hold a variety of records relating to African American history.

Remembering Vietnam

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This groundbreaking exhibit uses original National Archives documents, artifacts, and film footage to explore the policies and decisions that initiated and then escalated American economic and military aid to South Vietnam. experience in the Vietnam conflict, including photographs, textual and electronic records, audiovisual recordings, exhibits, educational resources, articles, blog posts, lectures, and events.

“WNYC Mobilizes For Harlem Emergency”

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Mayor La Guardia with educator Dr. Max Yergan and union leader Ferdinand Smith near the scene of disorder, August 2, 1943.

House Passes Two Cybersecurity Bills

Hunton Privacy

Another amendment provides that the federal government may not use shared “information that identifies a person” contained in (1) library circulation records, (2) library patron lists, (3) book sales records, (4) book customer lists, (5) firearms sales records, (6) tax return records, (7) educational records, or (8) medical records. On April 26, 2012, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (“CISPA” or H.R.