Encouraging students to improve their IL skills


has been a challenge that has exercised the minds of academics ranging from skilled lexicographers to scholars in information science. When we talk, for example, of a ?model? pupil, we are likely to be referring to a learner who serves as a fine example to others. exercise?

Tackling mutant daisies and fake Melanias


He went on to demonstrate real life examples of fake news such as the Pope endorsing Donald Trump?s it is down to educators. with healthcare, education etc.), Peter and Robin devised exercises for students to write their own checklists on how to spot fake news.

How to prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act

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For example, data collected by an entity may not be associated with an individual but could identify a household. Also, entities under the CCPA must post a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link on their websites allowing consumers to easily exercise their right of opting-out. (4)

The Copyright Card Game


Copyright the Card Game is an open educational game resource designed to train educators and information / e-learning professionals in HE and other educational institutions in UK copyright law. Practice using the exceptions and licences in specific HE examples. exercise.

Watch out for scams as Brexit confusion intensifies

IT Governance

Brexit is clearly a pressing issue for many organisations, but we urge you to exercise caution whenever you receive communications out of the blue relating to the UK’s departure from the EU. See also: Government surveys further education providers before Brexit. The course content is updated quarterly to provide the latest real-world examples of phishing emails.

The Customer Journey Digital Transformation Workbook

Bill Schmarzo - Dell EMC

To support this training, we created a methodology that guided the students through a digital transformation exercise. For example, digital renders distribution intermediaries obsolete (with limitless choice and price transparency). For example, Customer Journey Mapping provides a step-by-step guide to putting the customer you serve at the center of your design process, and to come up with new answers to difficult customer problems and challenges [1].

Does your use of CCTV comply with the GDPR?

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You must tell people when you’re collecting their personal information to give them the opportunity to exercise their data subject rights. There are six bases in total and, with the exception of consent , each one might be suitable in different circumstances: A contract with the individual : for example, to supply goods or services, which may include a provision that those services are monitored. For example, it might say, “CCTV is in operation for the purpose of public safety”.


MY TAKE: Michigan’s Cyber Range hubs provide career paths to high-schoolers, underutilized adults

The Last Watchdog

State-of-the-art telepresence gear, supplied by Merit Network , funnels everything from capture-the-flag exercises to full course work and certification testing to earn 42 different professional designations. Take, for example, 17-year-old Pinckney senior Aidan Ozias. They’d come into our hub to get educated and attain excellent cybersecurity skills, including leadership development programs.

Retired Malware Samples: Everything Old is New Again

Lenny Zeltser

When training professionals how to reverse-engineer malware , I’ve gone through lots of malicious programs for the purpose of educational examples. For example, I recently came across a DarkComet RAT builder that was surreptitiously bundled with a DarkComet backdoor of its own.

When Accounts are "Hacked" Due to Poor Passwords, Victims Must Share the Blame

Troy Hunt

Yesterday was a perfect example of that with 2 separate noteworthy stories adorning my early morning Twitter feed. Incidentally, one of the reasons they're weak is that many come from successful hash cracking exercises against data breaches such as Linked in which stored them as SHA-1.

What Should Be The Core Competencies For Cybersecurity For C-Suite

Cyber Info Veritas

This example, therefore, serves to show you the importance of taking cybersecurity seriously since a cyber attack can terribly damage an organization’s reputation and even lower the quality of the service or product it offers.

The Number of Pages (Documents) in Each Gigabyte Can Vary Widely: eDiscovery Throwback Thursdays

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Regardless, the exercise below illustrates just how widely the number of pages (or documents) can vary within a single GB. Still, the example hopefully illustrates that a “page”, even with the same exact content, will be different sizes in different applications.

Quality Control, Making Sure the Numbers Add Up: eDiscovery Throwback Thursdays

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Our seven-custodian example might be a bit light for the amount of email we get today, but it’s still a relevant exercise. Example of File Count Tracking. The percentages I used for estimating the counts at each stage are just examples, so don’t get too hung up on them.

Here’s the “eDisclosure” Systems Buyers Guide for 2019: eDiscovery Trends

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Andrew says that Chapter 6 (the procurement Chapter) provides the “meat” of the document with example requirements for scanning, coding, data collection and litigation support services. So, for example, CloudNine (shameless plug warning!) Yep, it’s that time of year again.

Pursuing Civic Literacy

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Civics education is an important element of the work we do each day at the National Archives. In our efforts to increase levels of civic literacy, the National Archives continues to expand our education, communications, and public programs. Professional Development for Educators.

Influence Operations Kill Chain

Schneier on Security

Educators need to teach better digital literacy , as Finland is doing. Releasing stolen emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta and the Democratic National Committee, or documents from Emmanuel Macron's campaign in France, were both an example of that kernel of truth.

Resourceful Records Managers!

The Schedule

What is your educational background? Higher education? There’s guaranteed to be at least one example in today’s (fake and real) news. I’m serving as Education Director for the ARMA Boston chapter, planning a Certified Records Manager training event.

The debate on the Data Protection Bill in the House of Lords

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For example, although there are clear benefits to medical research from giving researchers access to anonymised medical data, it remains a matter of concern to the public, the media and the profession itself. Withdrawal from the EU means that we stand to lose the institutional platform from which we have exercised that influence. It would no doubt be totally unfair to suggest any smoke-and-mirrors exercise to confuse the fact of the centrality of EU law now and in the future.

GDPR 120

California Enacts Broad Privacy Laws Modeled on GDPR

Data Matters

education information. For example, if geolocation data shows that a consumer regularly visits a particular place of business, it may be inferred that consumer is a patron of such a business. In addition, the business must ensure that all individuals responsible for handling requests and compliance with AB 375 are educated about relevant aspects of the bill and how to direct consumers to exercise their rights under these sections. On June 28, 2018, California Gov.

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How the IoT will Impact Healthcare

Perficient Data & Analytics

For example , by using an app installed on their smartphone, patients can create their own optimal healing environment through individual control over their room temperature, lighting and window blinds rather than calling on nurses to perform these basic tasks. This increase in awareness stimulates a more educated population that not only empowers the user to monitor their health closer; but also gives first hand data collections to primary physicians when connected properly.

IoT 50

A Fresh Comparison of TAR and Keyword Search: eDiscovery Best Practices

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His latest blog post on the Clustify site talk about an interesting exercise that did exactly that: compared TAR to keyword search in a real classroom scenario. Based on this exercise, TAR achieved better results (higher recall) with half as much document review compared to any of the keyword searches.

#ModernDataMasters: Henrik Liliendahl, Chairman & CTO, Product Data Lake


I was educated in computer engineering but my first job was on the business side. Could you also please share an example of where things have not gone so well and what you learned from the experience? As far as specific examples go, I could share a few stories but it’s probably better if I don’t! I like to walk and bicycle – it is good exercise but you can also think while you do these things. Kate Tickner, Reltio.

MDM 46

The Good, Bad, And The Ugly: Key Takeaways From California’s New Privacy Law

Privacy and Cybersecurity Law

This page will enable consumers to exercise the right to opt-out of the sale of their personal information. Businesses will be prohibited from discriminating against any consumer for exercising their rights under the new law. For example, if your business places 45 cookies for each web experience, you will be required to disclose the categories of personal information collected through those cookies (e.g., Consumer privacy rights in California are well established.

California Enacts Broad Privacy Protections Modeled on GDPR

Data Matters

education information. For example, if geolocation data shows that a consumer regularly visits a particular place of business, it may be inferred that consumer is a patron of such a business. In addition, the business must ensure that all individuals responsible for handling requests and compliance with AB 375 are educated about relevant aspects of the bill and how to direct consumers to exercise their rights under these sections. On June 28, 2018, California Gov.

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Assessing the Impact of the Barbados’ Proposed Data Protection Bill on the Barbadian Private Sector

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For example, Brazil expects data protection legislation to come into effect in 2020, joining the likes of Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Antigua, the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, St. However, small, local hotels and regional airlines operating in Barbados will likely face the burden of developing the infrastructure to not only safeguard personal data, but also to ensure customers can exercise their data subject rights.

A Flurry of Recent Cybersecurity Activity from the Trump Administration

Data Matters

For example, in 2013, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) partnered with Microsoft to disrupt more than 1,400 Citadel botnets. Awareness and education are needed ,” as users, developers, manufacturers, and infrastructure operators all can lack the knowledge and capabilities to protect the Internet. Increase awareness and education across the ecosystem.”.

Observations about Legaltech 2019 from Attendees, Part Two: eDiscovery Trends

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These also extended well beyond happy hours and lunches to bespoke programming like session tracks, hands-on exercises, and amazing guest speakers.”. As someone else noted, ‘It would be nice to see smaller admission packages with educational tracks still attached.’

The Trouble with Politicians Sharing Passwords

Troy Hunt

I read this while wandering around in LA on my way home from sitting in front of US Congress and explaining security principles to a government so it felt like a timely opportunity to share my own view on the matter: This illustrates a fundamental lack of privacy and security education. How this is done depends on the technology of choice, for example in the Microsoft world there are a couple of ways to grant other people access.

Here’s the Latest Buyers Guide for Everything “eDisclosure”: eDiscovery Trends

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The Guide is based on Andrew Haslam’s general experience in the marketplace, also drawing from a number of vendor procurement exercises. So, for example, CloudNine (shameless plug warning!) eDiscovery Daily is made available by CloudNine solely for educational purposes to provide general information about general eDiscovery principles and not to provide specific legal advice applicable to any particular circumstance.

Fixing Data Breaches Part 2: Data Ownership & Minimisation

Troy Hunt

Yesterday, I wrote the first part of this 5-part series on fixing data breaches and I focused on education. Experian knows damn well that nobody is going to do that and it's merely a legal arse-covering exercise: "But Joe, you agreed to us selling your data before you did the search, why are you so upset that other companies now have your personal info?" Let's take the recent South Africa situation as an example where the entire country had their data leaked!

Sigmund Spaeth, “The Tune Detective”

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As an example of an ordinary job in music, he mentions selling sheet music over the counter. Their misguided emphasis on scales and exercises “turns music into a drudgery!” He was a relentless educator and advocate for all sorts of music, writing serious histories of what were then largely dismissed as “popular” songs, while also attempting to remove the forbidding sheen of scholarship that made the classical repertoire such an off-putting proposition.

Future Cities – Is it time to dream big?


If we look at the main themes within a city that need to be addressed, they are all interlinked: Mobility, Economic Growth, Education, Energy Consumption and Health and therefore if we want to address those issues, we cannot do so in isolation. For example, investing in cycle ways by the transport department may provide benefits to air pollution and congestion, but the biggest benefits may be found in the health service through reductions in respiratory and obesity related illnesses.

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Malaysian Data Protection Law Takes Effect

Hunton Privacy

Accordingly, until a whitelist is published, cross-border transfers may proceed via one of a few alternative means, such as (1) with the consent of the data subject, or (2) if the data user has taken all reasonable precautions and exercises due diligence to ensure that the personal data will not be processed in a manner that would contravene the Act.

Information Architecture for Audio: Doing It Right - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design


Figure 1: Part of the “Web Trend Map by Information Architects, Japan For example, Figure 1 shows part of the famous Web Trend Map by Information Architects Japan. It’s an excellent example of how information can be displayed in a two-dimensional space.

Vladeck Previews Long-Awaited FTC Report

Hunton Privacy

Vladeck provided several examples of ways to reduce this burden: Privacy by Design, which entails building privacy protections into products and services at the outset and practicing good data hygiene from the start. Once consumers exercise choice, it must be respected. Consumer and business education is a critical issue.

Your New Excuse to Get an Xbox


For example if, on a banking site, a customer wants to be alerted to all transactions over $100, enable them to red flag these line items in online statements. Yahoo, for example, enables visitors to create avatars that represent them as they move around the site.