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Halloween: The curse of data

Thales eSecurity

We’ve all watched a horror film and said “why are you doing that?!” as the main characters walk aimlessly down to a basement filled with chain saws or shouted, “are you stupid?!!” as they decide that it’s a good idea to hitchhike alone in the dark.

IT Preps for Post Quantum Crypto (Whatever That Means)

The Security Ledger

Practical quantum computing isn’t here yet. But a new survey by Digicert suggests that isn't stopping IT pros from prepping for a post-quantum reality.even if they aren’t exactly sure what that means.

Is Your AI Strategy Haunted?

Perficient Data & Analytics

Many enterprises set out with good intentions to transform their organizations with AI, but fail to deliver without a strong AI Strategy in place.

Data Governance Makes Data Security Less Scary


Happy Halloween! Do you know where your data is? What data you have? Who has had access to it? These can be frightening questions for an organization to answer.

Top 10 industries for monetizing data: Is yours one of them?

Find out which industries, use cases, and business applications are the best opportunities for data monetization. Understand what data is being monetized, who wants it, and why. Use data you already own to create new revenue sources. Download the eBook today!

The Rise of Bulletproof Proxies

Data Breach Today

Ameya Talwalkar of Cequence on Stopping Large-Scale Attacks Bulletproof proxies have taken the concepts of anonymity and availability and embedded them in automated bot attacks. How can organizations identify and stop these attacks? Ameya Talwalkar of Cequence Security shares insights

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SHARED INTEL: APIs hook up new web and mobile apps — and break attack vectors wide open

The Last Watchdog

If your daily screen time is split between a laptop browser and a smartphone, you may have noticed that a few browser web pages are beginning to match the slickness of their mobile apps. Related: The case for a microservices firewall Netflix and Airbnb are prime examples of companies moving to single-page applications, or SPAs , in order to make their browser webpages as responsive as their mobile apps.

How Does Day-Forward Scanning Work?

Record Nations

For many businesses, getting caught up with the latest and greatest file management technology is a daunting task. There could be thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of records that would need to scanned or digitized.


Autonomous Response: A Game Changer?

Data Breach Today

Takeaways from the $566M BriansClub Breach

Krebs on Security

Reporting on the exposure of some 26 million stolen credit cards leaked from a top underground cybercrime store highlighted some persistent and hard truths.

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Privacy without borders: Reality or Fantasy?

Imagine a world in which every country shared a vision and a common set of principles to protect and regulate the use of personal data. It would make international business far simpler, provide citizens in every country with the same privacy rights.

Friday Squid Blogging: Triassic Kraken

Schneier on Security

Research paper: " Triassic Kraken: The Berlin Ichthyosaur Death Assemblage Interpreted as a Giant Cephalopod Midden ": Abstract : The Luning Formation at Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park, Nevada, hosts a puzzling assemblage of at least 9 huge (?14 14 m) juxtaposed ichthyosaurs ( Shonisaurus popularis ).

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Gimmal at ARMA International InfoCon 2019


Once a year, members in the records management community come together for ARMA’s annual conference to discuss the latest advancements and best practices for modern information managers.

Call for Action: Election Security a 'National Emergency'

Data Breach Today

Legislators, Others Demand Action on Five Bills Calling election security a "national emergency," nearly 100 past and current Democratic and Republican lawmakers and other government officials have sent a letter to the Senate calling for passage of stalled legislation

CVE-2019-13720 flaw in Chrome exploited in Operation WizardOpium attacks

Security Affairs

One of the two flaws in Chrome addressed by Google, CVE-2019-13720, was exploited in a campaign that experts attribute to Korea-linked threat actors.

The Key to Strategic HR: Process Automation

Do you want to automate your HR processes, but don’t know where to start? In this eBook, PeopleDoc explores which processes benefit the most from automation, and how an HR Service Delivery platform can help get things off the ground.

Spotlight Podcast: RSA President Rohit Ghai warns Digital Transformation is magnifying Enterprise Risk

The Security Ledger

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Mike Porter

Perficient Data & Analytics

Thrilling our clients with innovation and impact – it’s not just rhetoric. This belief is instrumental for our clients’ success. In 2018, we introduced our Chief Strategists , who provide vision and leadership to help our clients remain competitive.

OnDemand Webinar | Evaluating the Security of Software

Data Breach Today

How to do 3rd party application assessments for modern development. How to do 3rd party application assessments for modern development

5 Lessons Learned from ARMA InfoCon 2019


5 Lessons Learned from ARMA InfoCon 2019.

Embedded BI and Analytics: Best Practices to Monetize Your Data

Speaker: Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst

By creating innovative analytics products and expanding into new markets, more and more companies are discovering new potential revenue streams. Join Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst, as he walks you through how data that you're likely already collecting can be transformed into revenue!

sPower it the first renewable energy provider hit by a cyber attack that caused communications outages

Security Affairs

sPower , a US-based renewable energy provider, was the victim of a cyber attack that disconnected the US power grid operator from its power generation station. sPower , a Utah-based renewable energy provider was hit by a cyber attack, the incident took place in March.

Machine Instruction 3.0: Express Your Desire

Perficient Data & Analytics

The evolution of expressing our machine instruction. Let’s get there together. Machine Instruction 1.0. In the past, we taught our computers what to do by expressing our desires with exact instruction. Classic computer programming that listed step by step instructions.

Govt. Officials in 20 Nations Targeted Via Whatsapp: Report

Data Breach Today

News Comes After Facebook Sues NSO Group, Alleging Spying Senior government officials in at least 20 countries, including the U.S.

Hacker education site – iR0nin – makes it easy for those interested in cyber security to get started

IG Guru

Check out if you are interested to learn more about and keep up with cyber security. The about page says the following: “Let us be clear right at the beginning.

Resources for Measuring Cybersecurity

Schneier on Security

Kathryn Waldron at R Street has collected all of the different resources and methodologies for measuring cybersecurity. cybersecurity riskassessment

Kaspersky researchers found a Chrome 0-day exploited in attacks in the wild

Security Affairs

Google released security updates to address two high severity flaws in Chrome, one of which is actively exploited in attacks in the wild to hijack computers.

Ransomware: Average Ransom Payout Increases to $41,000

Data Breach Today

Sodinokibi and Globelmposter Gangs Target Larger Victims, Coveware Warns Ransomware continues to be a highly profitable cybercrime.

CHINA: important new developments in PRC data privacy regulations

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

Securing the modern enterprise means doing more with less

OpenText Information Management

Over the last few years, the enterprise security landscape has drastically changed. According to Accenture, there are over 130 large-scale, targeted breaches in the U.S. per year, and that number is growing by 27 percent every year.

Facebook agrees to pay a fine of $643,000 in Cambridge Analytica scandal

Security Affairs

Facebook has agreed to pay a fine of $643,000 (500,000 pounds) in the privacy case stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In July 2018, Facebook has been fined £500,000 ($664,000) in the U.K. for its conduct in the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal.