December, 2021

New Log4j Attack Vector Discovered

Dark Reading

Meanwhile, Apache Foundation releases third update to logging tool in 10 days to address yet another flaw


Microsoft Patch Tuesday, December 2021 Edition

Krebs on Security

Microsoft , Adobe , and Google all issued security updates to their products today. The Microsoft patches include six previously disclosed security flaws, and one that is already being actively exploited.


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GUEST ESSAY: How the FIDO Alliance helps drive the move to passwordless authentication

The Last Watchdog

For IT leaders, passwords no longer cut it. They’re expensive, difficult for employees to keep track of, and easy for hackers to utilize in cyberattacks. So why are they still around? Related: IT pros support passwordless access. This traditional authentication method is challenging to get rid of, mostly because it’s so common. Every new account you sign up for, application you download, or device you purchase requires a password.

New iLOBleed Rootkit, the first time ever that malware targets iLO firmware

Security Affairs

A previously unknown rootkit, dubbed iLOBleed, was used in attacks aimed at HP Enterprise servers that wiped data off the infected systems.

100 Pipeline Plays: The Modern Sales Playbook

For the first time, we’re sharing the winning plays that took us from scrappy startup to a publicly traded company. Use our proven data-driven plays to grow your pipeline and crush your revenue targets.

Open Source Pwned Passwords with FBI Feed and 225M New NCA Passwords is Now Live!

Troy Hunt

In the last month, there were 1,260,000,000 occasions where a service somewhere checked a password against Have I Been Pwned's (HIBP's) Pwned Password API. 99.7%

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Getting Started With Threat-Informed Security Programs

Dark Reading

Security leaders need to examine their business model, document risks, and develop a strategic plan to address those risks

NY Man Pleads Guilty in $20 Million SIM Swap Theft

Krebs on Security

A 24-year-old New York man who bragged about helping to steal more than $20 million worth of cryptocurrency from a technology executive has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

GUEST ESSAY: Why the arrests of cyber criminals in 2021 will incentize attackers in 2022

The Last Watchdog

In 2021, law enforcement continued making a tremendous effort to track down, capture and arrest ransomware operators, to take down ransomware infrastructure, and to claw back ransomware payments. Related: The targeting of supply chains. While some of these efforts have been successful, and may prevent more damage from being done, it is important to realize that headline news is a lightning rod for more attacks. Successful attacks breed copycats, and their arrests make room for replacements.

How to implant a malware in hidden area of SSDs with Flex Capacity feature

Security Affairs

Researchers devised a series of attacks against SSDs that could allow to implant malware in a location that is not monitored by security solutions.

Paper 112

Optimize the Performance of Your Serverless Functions

Run mission-critical applications on serverless without sacrificing visibility.

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in November 2021 – 223.6 million records breached

IT Governance

In November, we discovered 81 publicly disclosed cyber security incidents, accounting for 223,615,390 breached records. With one month left in 2021, the annual total running total of compromised records is to just shy of 5 billion.

The Log4J Vulnerability Will Haunt the Internet for Years

WIRED Threat Level

Hundreds of millions of devices are likely affected. Security Security / Cyberattacks and Hacks

Zero Trust and Access: Protecting the Keys to the Kingdom

Dark Reading

Zero trust moves the control pane closer to the defended asset and attempts to tightly direct access and privileges

Access 114

Ubiquiti Developer Charged With Extortion, Causing 2020 “Breach”

Krebs on Security

In January 2021, technology vendor Ubiquiti Inc. NYSE:UI] disclosed that a breach at a third party cloud provider had exposed customer account credentials.

Cloud 208

The Importance of PCI Compliance and Data Ownership When Issuing Payment Cards

This eBook provides a practical explanation of the different PCI compliance approaches that payment card issuers can adopt, as well as the importance of both protecting user PII and gaining ownership and portability of their sensitive data.

ROUNDTABLE: What happened in privacy and cybersecurity in 2021 — and what’s coming in 2022

The Last Watchdog

In 2021, we endured the fallout of a seemingly endless parade of privacy controversies and milestone cyber attacks. Related: The dire need to security-proof APIs. The Solar Winds hack demonstrated supply chain exposures; the attempted poisoning of a Tampa suburb’s water supply highlighted public utilities at risk; and the Colonial Winds ransomware attack signaled cyber extortionist rings continuing to run rampant.

Patch these 2 Active Directory flaws to prevent the takeover of Windows domains

Security Affairs

Microsoft warns of a couple of Active Directory flaws fixed with the November 2021 Patch Tuesday updates that could allow takeover of Windows domains.

A Password Manager Isn't Just for Christmas, It's for Life (So Here's 50% Off!)

Troy Hunt

I was having a coffee with a good mate the other day. He's not a techie (he runs a pizza restaurant), but somehow, we ended up talking about passwords.

How to Opt Out of Verizon’s Custom Experience Tracking

WIRED Threat Level

Unless you manually opt out of the program, Verizon will store personal information and create user interest profiles. Security Security / Privacy

Your Guide to Using Conversational Marketing to Drive Demand Generation

What is conversational marketing really about? This guide will examine the market forces at play, shifting buyer trends, how to leverage conversation marketing, and the tactics involved in adopting it for a B2B demand generation strategy.

7 Steps for Navigating a Zero-Trust Journey

Dark Reading

Don't think of zero trust as a product. Think of it as "how you actually practice security

Who Is the Network Access Broker ‘Babam’?

Krebs on Security

Rarely do cybercriminal gangs that deploy ransomware gain the initial access to the target themselves.

Access 204

GUEST ESSAY: Ransomware pivot 2021: attackers now grab, threaten to leak sensitive data

The Last Watchdog

Ransomware attacks have reached a record high this year, with nearly 250 attacks recorded to date and months to go. As we’ve seen with major attacks like Kaseya and Colonial Pipeline, cybercriminals have continued to innovate, developing new tools and tactics to encrypt and exfiltrate data. Related: Kaseya breach worsens supply chain worries.

Apache Log4j 2.17.1 fixes new remote code execution flaw (CVE-2021-44832)

Security Affairs

The Apache Software Foundation released Log4j 2.17.1 version to address recently discovered arbitrary code execution flaw tracked as CVE-2021-44832. The Apache Software Foundation released Log4j 2.17.1

Monitoring AWS Container Environments at Scale

In this eBook, learn how to monitor AWS container environments at scale with Datadog and which key metrics to monitor when leveraging two container orchestration systems (ECS and EKS).

Cybersecurity ‘Vaccines’ Emerge as Ransomware, Vulnerability Defense

eSecurity Planet

Cybersecurity vaccines are emerging as a new tool to defend against threats like ransomware and zero-day vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity firms have released “vaccines” in recent days to protect against the widely used STOP ransomware strain and the new Apache Log4Shell vulnerability.

How to Guard Against Smishing Attacks on Your Phone

WIRED Threat Level

“Smishing" is an attempt to collect logins or other sensitive information with a malicious text message—and it's on the rise. Security Security / Security Advice

IT 105

In the Fight Against Cybercrime, Takedowns Are Only Temporary

Dark Reading

Disrupting access to servers and infrastructure continues to interfere with cybercrime activity, but it's far from a perfect strategy

Access 113

Canada Charges Its “Most Prolific Cybercriminal”

Krebs on Security

A 31-year-old Canadian man has been arrested and charged with fraud in connection with numerous ransomware attacks against businesses, government agencies and private citizens throughout Canada and the United States.

IT 193

Make Payment Optimization a Part of Your Core Payment Strategy

Everything you need to know about payment optimization – an easy-to-integrate, PCI-compliant solution that enables companies to take control of their PSPs, minimize processing costs, maximize approval rates, and keep control over their payments data.

GUEST ESSAY: Introducing ‘killware’ — malware designed to contaminate, disrupt critical services

The Last Watchdog

Within the past year, we have seen a glut of ransomware attacks that made global news as they stymied the operations of many. In May, the infamous Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack disrupted nationwide fuel supply to most of the U.S. East Coast for six days. Related: Using mobile apps to radicalize youth. But the danger has moved up a notch with a new, grave threat: killware.

The Have I Been Pwned service now includes 441K accounts stolen by RedLine malware

Security Affairs

The Have I Been Pwned data breach notification service now includes credentials for 441K accounts that were stolen by RedLine malware. The Have I Been Pwned data breach notification service now allows victims of the RedLine malware to check if their credentials have been stolen.

New German Government is Pro-Encryption and Anti-Backdoors

Schneier on Security