Sat.Aug 06, 2022

Twitter Confirms Zero-Day Bug That Exposed 5.4M Accounts

Data Breach Today

Vulnerability Allowed Threat Actors to Gain Access to Personal Information Twitter confirms that a zero-day vulnerability allowed threat actors to gain access to the personal information of 5.4 million user account profiles.

Greek intelligence service used surveillance malware to spy on a journalist, Reuters reports

Security Affairs

Greek intelligence admitted it had spied on a journalist, while citizens ask the government to reveal the use of surveillance malware.


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The US Emergency Alert System Has Dangerous Flaws

WIRED Threat Level

Plus: A crypto-heist extravaganza, a peek at an NSO spyware dashboard, and more. Security Security / Cyberattacks and Hacks Security / Privacy Security / Security News

Slack resets passwords for about 0.5% of its users due to the exposure of salted password hashes

Security Affairs

Slack is resetting passwords for approximately 0.5% of its users after a bug exposed salted password hashes when users created or revoked a shared invitation link for their workspace. Slack announced that it is resetting passwords for about 0.5%

Modernizing Workloads with the Cloud: How to Improve Performance & Reduce Costs

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to migrate workloads to Azure and optimize performance for your serverless and containerized applications in Azure.

An ISP Settled Piracy Lawsuits. Could Users Take the Hit?

WIRED Threat Level

Now that Charter has reached settlements with major record labels, it’s unclear whether the cable provider will pull the plug on users who pirate music. Security Security / Security News

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