Tue.Sep 27, 2022

Assessing Growing Cyberthreats to Africa's Financial Sector

Data Breach Today

Rob Dartnall of Security Alliance Shares Insights on Current and Emerging Trends Financial services firms in Africa are becoming bigger cyber targets as they expand into new mobile payment and financial inclusion products.

FIRESIDE CHAT: Why ‘digital resiliency’ has arisen as the Holy Grail of IT infrastructure

The Last Watchdog

Digital resiliency has arisen as something of a Holy Grail in the current environment. Related: The big lesson of Log4j. Enterprises are racing to push their digital services out to the far edge of a highly interconnected, cloud-centric operating environment. This has triggered a seismic transition of company networks, one that has put IT teams and security teams under enormous pressure.

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Code42's Joe Payne on Why Source Code Theft Is So Prevalent

Data Breach Today

CEO Shares Strategies to Overcome Technical, Cultural Challenges of This Top Threat Too often when software developers change jobs, they take source code they've written with them, feeling the code belongs to them even if it belongs to an employer.

Russia Planning Cyberattacks on Ukraine's Energy Grid

Dark Reading

Ukraine military intelligence says Russia is planning cyberattacks on the country's energy sector, as well as against allies including Poland and the Baltic states

6 Steps to More Streamlined Data Modeling

Are you a developer, database architect, or database administrator that's new to Cassandra, but been tasked with developing a plan for implementing the technology anyway? Worry no more. Discover a streamlined methodical approach to Apache Cassandra® data modeling.

Feds: Chinese Hacking Group Undeterred by Indictment

Data Breach Today

Indictment 'Did Not Hinder APT41’s Operations,' says HHS HC3 Two federal indictments against APT41, a Chinese state-sponsored hacking group, haven't slowed down its operations, the U.S. government acknowledges in a warning telling the healthcare sector to be vigilant about the threat actor.

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OT Security Shorted by Nuclear Weapon Oversight Agency

Data Breach Today

National Nuclear Security Administration Made 'Limited Progress,' Says GAO The U.S. federal agency responsible for the ongoing functionality of the nuclear weapons stockpile hasn't gotten its arms around how to secure operational technology, says the Government Accountability Office.

Despite Recession Jitters, M&A Dominates a Robust Cybersecurity Market

Dark Reading

Funding has been somewhat lower than last year, but investment remains healthy, analysts say, amid thirst for cloud security in particular

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Optus Attacker Halts AU$1.5 Million Extortion Attempt

Data Breach Today

Exclusive: Optus Says It Has Not Paid a Ransom The person who stole nearly 10 million customer records from Australian telco Optus withdrew their AU$1.5 million extortion attempt after suddenly after releasing 10,000 customer records.

SINGAPORE: Right of private action under the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 – scope explained

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

Introduction. The Singapore Court of Appeal has recently clarified that ‘emotional distress’ is an actionable loss and damage under the existing right of private action of Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“ PDPA “). Decision.

Intent Signal Data 101

Intent signal data helps B2B marketers engage with buyers sooner in the sales cycle. But there are many confusing terms used to describe intent data. Read this infographic to better understand three common areas of confusion.

LockBit Publishes Stolen Data as Hospital Rejects Extortion

Data Breach Today

French Government Vows Resistance, Stepped-Up Cybersecurity Funding Ransomware hackers made good on a threat to publish patient and staff data stolen from a French hospital after administrators said they refused on principal to pay out.

How to Protect Your Organisation from a Cyber Attack

IT Governance

In some circles, cyber security is synonymous with threat protection. After all, an organisation’s main objective is to prevent unauthorised actors from accessing sensitive information, and that means implementing protective measures.

Mandiant identifies 3 hacktivist groups working in support of Russia

Security Affairs

Researchers are tracking multiple self-proclaimed hacktivist groups working in support of Russia, and identified 3 groups linked to the GRU.

Mobile device examination with EnCase

OpenText Information Management

Anyone engaged in DFIR (Digital Forensics & Incident Response) will recognize and understand the field moves and evolves at a rapid rate. There is always something new to learn and understand, with an increasing number of artifacts to parse and examine during a forensic investigation.

10 Rules to More Streamlined Data Modeling

Apache Kafka is a powerful piece of software that can solve a lot of problems. Like most libraries and frameworks, you get out of it what you put into it. Learn 10 rules that will help you perfect your Kafka system to get ahead.

Erbium info-stealing malware, a new option in the threat landscape

Security Affairs

The recently discovered Erbium information-stealer is being distributed as fake cracks and cheats for popular video games.

From principles to actions: building a holistic approach to AI governance

IBM Big Data Hub

Today AI permeates every aspect of business function. Whether it be financial services, employee hiring, customer service management or healthcare administration, AI is increasingly powering critical workflows across all industries. But with greater AI adoption comes greater challenges.

Ask A Stupid Question Day: The Cybersecurity Edition

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

Ask A Stupid Question Day: The Cybersecurity Edition. divya. Tue, 09/27/2022 - 05:25. Ask a Stupid Question Day is celebrated on September 28, dating back to the 1980s (Oh, now it makes sense - lol). On this day, celebrate and be encouraged not to hold back and to ask more questions.

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Attorney general says FBI is working on Optus data breach – video

The Guardian Data Protection

Attorney general Mark Dreyfus says the FBI is working with local authorities to investigate the Optus data breach. The government, as well as the Australian federal police and other government agencies, are working closely together on the Optus data breach,' he said.

Powering Personalization Through Customer Data

Finding the right CDP can help unlock the value of your customer data. This eBook offers guidance on choosing, deploying, and utilizing a CDP, along with a case study on how one bank put data into action to forge stronger connections with customers.

AOMEI: Best Disk Management on Windows 10


Usually, after using the computer for a period of time, the computer will have some problems, including insufficient disk space, computer freezes, etc. We’ll first turn to Windows built-in tools. The post AOMEI: Best Disk Management on Windows 10 first appeared on Cllax - Top of IT. Reviews

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