Sat.Jan 21, 2023

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Chinese Group Targeting Vulnerable Cloud Providers, Applications

Data Breach Today

Crypto Mining Campaign Targets Public Cloud Environments, Increases Security Risks Cybersecurity researchers say a Chinese for-profit threat group tracked as 8220 Gang is targeting cloud providers and poorly secured applications with a custom-built crypto miner and IRC bot. The malware can slow system performance, drive up costs and expose systems to security risks.

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Cybercrime The World’s Third Largest Economy After the U.S. and China


Cybersecurity Ventures released a new report that showed cybercrime is going to cost the world $8 trillion USD in 2023.


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Around 19,500 end-of-life Cisco routers are exposed to hack

Security Affairs

Researchers warn of about 19,500 end-of-life Cisco VPN routers on the Internet that are exposed to the recently disclosed RCE exploit chain. Cisco recently warned of a critical vulnerability , tracked as CVE-2023-20025 (CVSS score of 9.0), that impacts small business RV016, RV042, RV042G, and RV082 routers. The IT giant announced that these devices will receive no security updates to address the bug because they have reached end of life (EoL).

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Publisher’s Weekly Review of A Hacker’s Mind

Schneier on Security

Publisher’s Weekly reviewed A Hacker’s Mind —and it’s a starred review! “Hacking is something that the rich and powerful do, something that reinforces existing power structures,” contends security technologist Schneier ( Click Here to Kill Everybody ) in this excellent survey of exploitation. Taking a broad understanding of hacking as an “activity allowed by the system that subverts the… system,” Schneier draws on his background analyzing wea

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Customer Experience Management: Optimizing Your Strategy for Financial Success

Speaker: Diane Magers, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Experience Catalysts

In the world of business, connecting the dots from experience to financial impact is an essential skill. Transforming customer engagement, Voice of Customer (VoC) insights, and Journey Maps into tangible financial outcomes poses a significant challenge for most organizations. To gain buy-in from the C-Suite and key stakeholders, it’s crucial to illustrate how Experience Management translates into clear, measurable business results.

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The Irish DPC fined WhatsApp €5.5M for violating GDPR

Security Affairs

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) fined Meta’s WhatsApp €5.5 million for violating data protection laws. The popular messaging app WhatsApp has been fined €5.5m by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The DPC has given six months to the Meta-owned company to bring its data processing operations in compliance with the privacy regulation. “The Data Protection Commission (“DPC”) has today announced the conclusio