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Dark Overlord hacking crew publishes first batch of confidential 9/11 files

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The Dark Overlord published the first batch of decryption keys for 650 confidential documents related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Dark Overlord hacking group claims to have stolen a huge trove of documents from the British insurance company Hiscox, Hackers stole “hundreds of thousands of documents,” including tens of thousands files related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

2018 eDiscovery Case Law Year in Review, Part 1

eDiscovery Daily

It’s that time of year again! Time for our annual review of eDiscovery case law! This is our eighth(!) annual review of cases that we covered on the eDiscovery Daily blog over the past year. As always, we had a number of interesting cases related to various eDiscovery topics.

Security Affairs newsletter Round 195 – News of the week

Security Affairs

A new round of the weekly SecurityAffairs newsletter arrived! The best news of the week with Security Affairs. Let me inform you that my new book, “Digging in the Deep Web” is online with a special deal. 20% discount. Kindle Edition. Paper Copy. Once again thank you!

New year, new theme

Adam Shostack

I’ve updated the blog theme. Please let me know if I broke anything. blogging

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Blur data leak potentially exposed data of 2.4 Million users

Security Affairs

A misconfigured AWS S3 bucket is the root cause of a data leak that impacted 2.4 million Blur users, reported the online privacy firm Abine. Blur is a popular password manager developed by the online privacy firm Abine, it also implements private browsing features and masked email. The application was developed to secure the personal information users put online. Last week Abine disclosed a data leak that potentially exposed personal information of Blur users.

Together we can thwart the big-tech data grab. Here’s how | John Harris

The Guardian Data Protection

A decentralised internet sounds offputtingly complicated. But our lives, online and off, now depend upon it Our family got a Google Home Hub for Christmas. As comparative lifestyle Neanderthals, we have so far only used it as a glorified digital picture frame and music player, though this is clearly not what it was built for.

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Galaroza: el aporte de la comunidad a los archivos municipales

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Galaroza, años treinta: Lieva documenta una de las etapas menos conocida de la localidad cachonera [link]. La investigación histórica está viviendo momentos importantes en Galaroza.


Since when is the Board responsible?


“PG&E to Shake Up Board as It Responds to California Wildfire Crisis, The Wall Street Journal , January 5, 2019. Following a 24% drop in market cap following the recent fires in California, the company takes action. See also [link] , Item #13, “PG&E Falsified Gas Safety Records, California Claims,” The Wall Street Journal , December 15, 2018. When, if ever, if the Board held responsible for what happens at the company? As a matter of Governance, don’t they set the culture?

El Expurgo descongestiona los archivos

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Xustiza liberará los archivos de los juzgados de Viveiro y Mondoñedo [link]. Durante la Consellería de Xustiza liberará espacio en los archivos de los juzgados de Viveiro y de Mondoñedo.


Files, la app de Google de gestión de archivos

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Files, la app de Google de gestión de archivos, ya cuenta con soporte para USB OTG [link].


The Capitol Dance Orchestra: Blind Musicians Are WNYC Regulars

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New York City’s Capitol Dance Orchestra was among the most publicized of the Federal Music Project’s units for the blind. Organized in August 1936, it consisted of five musicians (with an additional four slots), and it listed WNYC as its leading performance venue. Clarinet and saxophone player James Sumner told the Daily News at the time, “I made a good living before the Depression, playing at clubs and dances…I guess I can satisfy radio audiences.”[1]. ”[1].

“Los Municipios de México: Hacia la implementación de la Ley General de Archivos”

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Los Archivos Históricos Estatales y Municipales y la nueva Ley General de Archivos [link]. El pasado mes de agosto de 2018 se llevó a cabo la Segunda Reunión de Trabajo de los Archivos de las ciudades capitales de México, titulada: “Los Municipios de México: Hacia la implementación de la Ley General de Archivos”. Crear y operar los Sistemas Estatales de Archivos bajo los lineamientos de la nueva Ley General de Archivos es una tarea laboriosa que actualmente se desarrolla en el país.