Sun.Feb 23, 2020

ISS reveals malware attack impacted parts of the IT environment

Security Affairs

ISS , the multinational Denmark-based facility services company, was hit with a malware that shuts down shared IT services worldwide.

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COBOL Survey Results Webinar Recap | #COBOL60 Blog

Micro Focus

Introduction If you missed last week’s COBOL survey results webinar, can catch up on all the important highlights, key stats and expert commentary by viewing the recording available here. If you were able to attend – THANK YOU for participation and supportive commentary throughout the broadcast.


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ObliqueRAT, a new malware employed in attacks on government targets in Southeast Asia

Security Affairs

Cisco Talos researchers discovered a new malware, tracked as ObliqueRAT, that was employed targeted attacks against organizations in Southeast Asia.

How to Share Your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Spotify Accounts the Safe Way

WIRED Threat Level

Be generous, but also be safe. Security Security / Security Advice

How to Solve 4 Common Challenges of Legacy Information Management

Speaker: Chris McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer, Nuxeo

After 20 years of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), businesses still face many of the same challenges with finding and managing information. Join Chris McLaughlin, CMO and CPO of Nuxeo, as he examines four common business challenges that these legacy ECM systems pose and how they can be addressed with a more modern approach.

Google sued by New Mexico attorney general for collecting student data through its Education Platform

Security Affairs

New Mexico sues Google for allegedly using the Google for Education platform to gather personal and private data from children. Google is facing a new lawsuit for allegedly using the Google for Education platform to gather personal and private data from students with an age of less than 13 years.

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Security Affairs newsletter Round 252

Security Affairs

A new round of the weekly newsletter arrived! The best news of the week with Security Affairs. IOTA cryptocurrency shuts down entire network after a coordinated attack on its Trinity wallet. Organizers of major hacking conferences in Asia put them on hold due to Coronavirus outbreak.

Is Your Ability to Stay Current with eDiscovery in “Jeopardy”? Check Out This Conference: eDiscovery Best Practices

eDiscovery Daily

I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but (believe it or not) we’re now only about 3 1/2 weeks away from the eighth year for the University of Florida E-Discovery Conference. And, as usual, the panel of speakers is an absolute who’s who in eDiscovery.

Top 7 Best Legal Project Management (LPM) Software For Law Firms


Legal Project Management is an established discipline in the legal sector that utilises project management disciplines and adapts these for application to the management of legal matters. Practitioners of legal. Software and Tools


Track Your Legal Expenses With a Legal Case Management Software


It is quite for a law firm to track their legal expenses with Legal Case Management Software. Legal Case Management Software has a variety of long term benefits when used.

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Top 10 industries for monetizing data: Is yours one of them?

Find out which industries, use cases, and business applications are the best opportunities for data monetization. Understand what data is being monetized, who wants it, and why. Use data you already own to create new revenue sources. Download the eBook today!

Talk to Your Clients Through a Legal Case Management Software


Communication with clients, or with staff, the legal world has client communication portals. Much like the podcasting studio located at the School of Law at the University of Georgia, law professionals and.

Invoice More Efficiently With a Legal Case Management Software


The proper legal case management software for your practice of form will change lives, time will be saved, billing initiated and completed within seconds. To invoice or bill as efficiently as possible, Blog


How a Legal Case Management Software Can Help Manage Your Practice


You will find that you need help from a legal services corporation to manage your practice, and you may employ a legal case management software program that will be helpful to the paralegal.


4 Tips on Using Social Media for a Firm


Today, the market is becoming social and growing more knowledgeable. By this, I mean clients are now sharing information online with a lightning speed. They join these sites to stay.

Privacy without borders: Reality or Fantasy?

Imagine a world in which every country shared a vision and a common set of principles to protect and regulate the use of personal data. It would make international business far simpler, provide citizens in every country with the same privacy rights.

Using a Legal Case Management Software for Health Law


Law firm case management software is quite important because you must ensure that you have spent time with legal case management software to organize everything you do. There are many people.


5 Tips When Preparing to Meet a Legal Client


Meeting with legal clients is an important part of the work of every attorney. These meeting could decide whether or not the attorney is hired to represent the client.


Using a Legal Case Management Software for Civil Litigation


Law firm case management software will ensure that you have managed your civil cases, and you will find that there are many ways to set up the legal case management.