Tue.Dec 04, 2018

A Breach, or Just a Forced Password Reset?

Krebs on Security

Software giant Citrix Systems recently forced a password reset for many users of its Sharefile content collaboration service, warning it would be doing this on a regular basis in response to password-guessing attacks that target people who re-use passwords across multiple Web sites.

12 States File Data Breach Lawsuit Against EHR Vendor

Data Breach Today

In Wake of Massive Data Breach, Attorneys General Allege Violations of HIPAA, State Laws In a groundbreaking effort, the attorneys general of a dozen states have jointly filed a federal lawsuit against a cloud-based electronic health records vendor that reported a 2015 data breach affecting 3.9

Bad Consumer Security Advice

Schneier on Security

There are lots of articles about there telling people how to better secure their computers and online accounts. While I agree with some of it, this article contains some particularly bad advice: 1. Never, ever, ever use public (unsecured) Wi-Fi such as the Wi-Fi in a café, hotel or airport.

Kubernetes Alert: Security Flaw Could Enable Remote Hacking

Data Breach Today

Patch Container-Orchestration System Now or Risk Serious Consequences A severe vulnerability in Kubernetes, the popular, open-source software for managing Linux applications deployed within containers, could allow an attacker to remotely steal data or crash production applications. Microsoft and Red Hat have issued guidance and patches, and recommend immediate updating

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Embedded BI and Analytics: Best Practices to Monetize Your Data

Speaker: Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst

By creating innovative analytics products and expanding into new markets, more and more companies are discovering new potential revenue streams. Join Azmat Tanauli, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Birst, as he walks you through how data that you're likely already collecting can be transformed into revenue!

New strain of Ransomware infected over 100,000 PCs in China

Security Affairs

Security experts reported a new strain of malware spreading in China, the malicious code rapidly infected over 100,000 PCs in just four days. Unfortunately, the number of infections is rapidly increasing because hackers compromised a supply chain.

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4 Industries That Have to Fight the Hardest Against Cyberattacks

Security Affairs

Society’s dependence on internet-based technologies means security professionals must defend against cyberattacks as well as more traditional threats, such as robbers or disgruntled employees. However, cybercriminals target some industries at disproportionally high rates.

GDPR Compliance: The Role of Vendor Risk Management

Data Breach Today

Attorney Steven Teppler on Holding Vendors Accountable Why is ramping up vendor risk management such a critical component of compliance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation? Attorney Steven Teppler provides insights

Quora data breach: hackers obtained information on roughly 100 million users

Security Affairs

Another day another illustrious victim of the data breach, the popular question-and-answer website Quora suffered a major data breach that exposed 100 million users.

Fighting Against Phishing

Data Breach Today

Richard Conti of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on Risk Mitigation Steps Because phishing attacks are so pervasive, aggressive staff educational efforts are essential, says Richard Conti of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, who also discusses other risk mitigation steps

Top 10 industries for monetizing data: Is yours one of them?

Find out which industries, use cases, and business applications are the best opportunities for data monetization. Understand what data is being monetized, who wants it, and why. Use data you already own to create new revenue sources. Download the eBook today!

M2M protocols can be abused to attack IoT and IIoT systems

Security Affairs

Security experts from Trend Micro discovered that some machine-to-machine (M2M) protocols can be abused to attack IoT and industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems. According to a study conducted by experts from Trend Micro and the Polytechnic University of Milan.

IoT 100

A CISO's Insights on Breach Prevention

Data Breach Today

Anahi Santiago of Christiana Care on Patching, Mitigating Insider Threats A failure to patch systems and slipups that lead to insider threats are two major causes of breaches in the healthcare sector that need to be urgently addressed, says Anahi Santiago of Christiana Care Health System


Foreign Trolls Are Targeting Veterans on Facebook

WIRED Threat Level

Opinion: The VA needs to take preventative measures to protect vets—and more broadly, our democracy—from digital manipulation and fraud. Security Opinion

Enhancing Security Governance

Data Breach Today

Longtime CISO Vito Sardanopoli on Building an Effective Security Program A formal security program that spells out precise governance components is critical to protecting sensitive data, says Vito Sardanopoli, who served on the U.S.

The Key to Strategic HR: Process Automation

Do you want to automate your HR processes, but don’t know where to start? In this eBook, PeopleDoc explores which processes benefit the most from automation, and how an HR Service Delivery platform can help get things off the ground.

Dissecting the latest Ursnif DHL-Themed Campaign

Security Affairs

Security experts at Yoroi – Cybaze Z-Lab discovered a new variant of the infamous Ursnif malware targeted Italian users through a malspam campaign. Introduction. In the last weeks, a new variant of the infamous Ursnif malware was discovered hitting Italian users through a malspam campaign.

14 Hot Sessions at Black Hat Europe 2018

Data Breach Today

Top-Flight Information Security Conference Returns to London The Black Hat Europe information security conference returns to London, featuring 40 research-rich sessions covering diverse topics, including politically motivated cyberattacks, recovering passwords from keyboards thanks to thermal emanations, hacking Microsoft Edge and detecting "deep fakes

IT Security Lessons from the Marriott Data Breach

eSecurity Planet

500 million people are at risk because of a data breach at Marriott's Starwood hotel chain. What steps can your organization take to limit the risk of suffering the same fate

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Question: Did Quora Hack Expose 100 Million Users?

Data Breach Today

Answer: Yes, Q&A Site Believes Hackers Stole Private Content, Hashed Passwords Next to corporate communications that claim that "your security is important to us," any website post titled "security update" portends bad news. So too for question-and-answer site Quora, which says a hack exposed 100 million users' personal details, including hashed passwords and private content

A look back on 2018: What was hype and what was, perhaps, underrated

Thales eSecurity

As we close in on the final few days of the year and look ahead to the clean slate that 2019 represents, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on 2018 – specifically, what tech innovations and predictions held true, which fell a bit flat and which were entirely unexpected.

IoT 77

10 top analytics and business intelligence trends for 2019

Information Management Resources

New data quality management practices, data discovery techniques and predictive and prescriptive analytics tools will be among the top trends impacting analytics and business intelligence. Analytics Business intelligence Predictive analytics Chief Analytics Officer Machine learning

Three ways to simplify your digital content supply chain

OpenText Information Management

Sharing and collaborating on large media files, especially with partners and clients outside your organization, can be a challenge for anyone involved in the provisioning of digital content.

Blog 67

Nonprofits on Facebook Get Hacked—Then They Really Need Help

WIRED Threat Level

Facebook is an enormous platform for charitable giving, but some nonprofit leaders say there aren’t enough resources when something goes wrong. Security

Governance in Healthcare: Big Data is Table Stakes

Perficient Data & Analytics

Big data itself does not alter the approach to governance nor its framework. And big data isn’t just about data – it’s also concerned with managing and governing vast amounts of content of varying types such as video, images, voice, etc.

Blog Recap: The Web Data Extraction Articles You Liked Most in 2018


As 2018 is coming to a close, we at Connotate are looking back at the blog posts we published this year to see which ones you responded to the most. In case you missed some of the posts and only have time to read the most popular ones — here are the top five most […].

[Podcast] Up Against 70,000 Boxes of Paper - One Law Firm’s Paper-Free Journey


No, you read that title right – seventy THOUSAND boxes of paper in the highly restrictive environment of legal services. That’s what Susan Gleason , Manager of Records and Information Governance at Shipman & Goodwin and her team were up against.

Paper 63

3 key elements to make data monetization possible

Information Management Resources

Businesses that are not realizing the full potential value of data are leaving untapped opportunities on the table and are at real risk of being disrupted by companies that are driving forward with an analytics agenda. Data strategy Data management Data and information management

The next step in simplifying contract management with OpenText Contract Center

OpenText Information Management

Since we first released OpenText™ Contract Center to support centralized contract management, we’ve been gathering feedback from customers about how to make it even better.

Blog 59

AI investments can boost the human side of HR

Information Management Resources

There is no piece of software or feature set that can possibly demonstrate the value that AI brings to HR. It’s about a holistic experience; everything that HR professionals do should be supported by AI. Artificial intelligence HCM software HR Technology HR analytics

IT 81

Backdoors Up 44%, Ransomware Up 43% from 2017

Dark Reading

Nearly one in three computers was hit with a malware attack this year, and ransomware and backdoors continue to pose a risk

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1-800-Flowers Becomes Latest Payment Breach Victim


Details are so far scant in this latest in a string of data breaches. Breach Web Security 1-800-flowers Canada data breach four years payment cards

Majority of SMBs feel ill prepared to defend against cyber attacks

Information Management Resources

Small and mid-sized businesses increasingly face the same cyber security risks as larger companies, but only 28 percent rate their ability to mitigate threats, vulnerabilities and attacks as 'highly effective,' says a new study. Data security Cyber security Cyber attacks

Study 76

DHS, FBI Issue SamSam Advisory

Dark Reading

Following last week's indictment, federal government issues pointers for how security pros can combat SamSam ransomware