#ModernDataMasters: Bob More, SVP Global Field Operations


Being in control of your own destiny was key – certainly there’s a financial element of it – but I thought that it was a great opportunity to learn a lot and move around an organisation. There’s a dichotomy – drive more hours of billable time on low margin commodity work OR fewer hours of higher value advisory, strategy and differentiated services. Kate Tickner, Reltio.

MDM 40

Tuesday’s Relativity Fest 2019 Sessions: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

The EDRM has been a household name in the e-discovery and legal technology industry for 15 years. It has provided a framework for the development of software and services. Join this lively and interactive session for a discussion about evolving standards and workflows in e-discovery and how they might be incorporated into a revised EDRM. e-Discovery Disasters and How to Avoid Them: Don’t Let This Happen to You. Why e-discovery?


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Best Digital Forensics Tools & Software for 2021

eSecurity Planet

Founded in 1991 in Waterloo, Ontario, OpenText offers enterprise content management, networking, automation, discovery, security, and analytics services. For solutions, Exterro offers products across e-discovery, privacy, risk management, and digital forensics.

About Half of Surveyed Companies Haven’t Started Preparing for CCPA: Data Privacy Trends

eDiscovery Daily

Last week at the University of Florida E-Discovery Conference , I talked about the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) as one of the things that organizations need to be prepared to address these days as part of their compliance obligations. technology, manufacturing, financial services, utilities and health care companies finds that 44 percent of companies that will impacted by the CCPA haven’t yet taken steps towards compliance. Does this sound familiar?

Doing Digital Right (A Book Review)

Information is Currency

The challenge isn’t just managing electronic records, but non-records, content and other data as all information needs to be governed because all information provides risk because of many factors such as e-discovery, data breaches and so much more. An example of lowering cost through improving internal products is in financial services where artificial intelligence reduce manual effort in areas such as financial advice and basic legal services.