On Chinese "Spy Trains"

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Congress is considering legislation that would prevent the world's largest train maker, the Chinese-owned CRRC Corporation, from competing on new contracts in the United States. The trade war with China has reached a new industry: subway cars.

Training Snapshot: Filtering Your Document Collection from CloudNine

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The post Training Snapshot: Filtering Your Document Collection from CloudNine appeared first on CloudNine. Analysis Electronic Discovery Identification Training


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Data on Detection of Malicious Documents in Gmail are impressive

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Google announced that the new scanning capabilities implemented in Gmail have increased the detection rate of malicious documents. According to Google, since the end of 2019, the use of the new scanners allowed to increase the daily detection of weaponized Office documents by 10%.

Document Automation: Having Your Cake…


Let’s take document capture. Document capture software is designed to automate document-oriented tasks such as sorting or extracting key data. Depending upon the complexity of a document, such efforts can easily exceed several hundred hours for one type of document.

E-learning: the effective way to train your team

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Despite the operational challenge of staff turnover, there is still a need to ensure that teams are trained to perform not only their core duties but also to do so safely. Trained staff might not remain loyal to your business, so it can seem unpalatable to invest heavily in training.

3 Reasons You Need Incident Reporting Training


3 Reasons for Incident Response Training. Given the human connection, a security awareness training component promoting the importance of reporting potential cybersecurity or data privacy incidents is crucial.

How to document PCI DSS-compliant policies and procedures – with template example

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Formal security awareness : This identifies the organisation’s responsibilities when implementing a PCI security awareness training programme intended for anyone who has access to the CDE. Fast-track your documentation process. PCI DSS PCI DSS Documentation

How to create documentation to comply with the DSP Toolkit

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A quick overview of DSP Toolkit documentation. Data Security Standard 3: Training. Top tips for producing DSP Toolkit documentation. It should be in line with the DSP Toolkit requirements – have a copy of this beside you as you build your documentation. Process documents.

Challenges faced while training an AI to combat abuse


This post looks at the four main challenges that arise when training a classifier to combat fraud and abuse. At a high level, training a classifier to detect fraud and abuse unique is that it deals with adversarial data. problem, and 2) it is hard to collect accurate training data.

6 Ways Document Management Software Can Make Your Next Audit a Breeze


Many of your company’s processes and documents must be analyzed to make sure you are compliant and up to standard. If you currently use filing cabinets, inboxes, and hard drives to store your documents, then an audit is likely your worst nightmare. document management audit

MY TAKE: As phishers take aim at elections, why not train employees to serve as phishing police?

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Instead, the hack happened because someone sent a document that prompted them to give permissions to their email. Today, the most common way to utilize attachments is via regular encrypted and encoded scripting in Office documents. For Cofense, the solution goes beyond security training but to fruitful immersion. If there is a data breach or some other cybersecurity incident, a phishing attack was probably involved. Over 90 percent of incidents begin with a phishing email.

The Benefits and Process of Scanning Large Documents

Archive Document Data Storage

Storing and managing standard-size documents is hard enough. In this blog, we discuss the benefits and process of scanning large documents. The biggest challenge of large documents is deciding where and how to store them. Background-screened professionals use large format scanners to convert your oversize documents into images and upload them to your server, hard drive, or enterprise content management system (ECM).

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IU School of Medicine grad class is first to use new EHR training platform

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System leverages patient data to enable students to navigate records, document encounters and place orders. EHR training EHR documentation EHR analysis HIT Clinical data repositories


Interested in Conducting Document Review In-House? Start Here.


Modern, cloud-based ediscovery software enables corporate legal departments to bring routine document review in-house, requiring minimal training and staff resources while offering huge cost savings and security benefits. The post Interested in Conducting Document Review In-House?

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5 Tips for Choosing a Document Scanning Vendor

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After all, document scanning is an intensive task, so finding the right partner is essential. When dealing with sensitive documents containing PII, it is essential that you (and your clients, employees, and vendors) are protected.

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The Risks of Storing Documents in Self Storage

Archive Document Data Storage

That’s why so many organisations use them for document storage. But self-storage facilities come with big risks for document storage. Records centre access is limited to background-screened, rigorously-trained record management professionals. So if you want to give your documents the highest level of privacy protection, you’re better off choosing a file storage service. Renting a self-storage unit only gives you space to store your documents.


The Dirty Little Secrets of Engineering Document Management

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For managing engineering information, three types of programs are competing for market share: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Data Management (PDM), and Engineering Document Management (EDM). EDM companies talk about streamlining enterprise business processes and making all engineering documentation secure, shared, and accessible. Many companies start by looking at PLM and PDM, but then realize what they are really looking for is engineering document management.

NEW TECH: Votiro takes ‘white-listing’ approach to defusing weaponized documents

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Melissa was hidden in a weaponized Word document that arrived as an email attachment. Unfortunately, despite steady advances in malware detection and intrusion prevention systems, and much effort put into training employees to be wary of suspicious email, weaponized email and document-based malware remain as virulent as pervasive as it was two decades ago. Instead of looking for the bad stuff, we generate a safe version of every document,” he explained. “So,

Weekly podcast: myPersonality, train Wi-Fi and Kaspersky Lab

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This week, we discuss the exposure of millions of Facebook users’ data, security failings in train passenger networks and Kaspersky Lab’s relocation to Switzerland. Have you ever used – or perhaps, given its reliability, I should say tried to use – Wi-Fi on a train?

Challenges faced while training an AI to combat abuse


This post looks at the main challenges that arise when training a classifier to combat fraud and abuse. At a high level, what makes training a classifier to detect fraud and abuse unique is that it deals with data generated by an adversary that actively attempts to evade detection.

Capturing Paper Documents - Best Practices and Common Questions


Also known as “capture,” this capability is characterized by the ability to scan paper documents to store and use them in digital form instead of paper. First developed over 30 years ago, capture systems have evolved from simple solutions for basic scanning into sophisticated and expensive systems for enterprise-wide document automation. The type and quality of documents to be captured. printed documents. There are a number of benefits of scanning paper documents.

The Benefits of Combining Secure Offsite Storage with Professional Document Scanning

Archive Document Data Storage

Do you dread searching through disorganised file rooms to find a hard copy document? Are you fed up of wasting time removing staples from documents and then wrestling with the office scanner to make a digital copy? Each image should be reviewed and compared to the original document.

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The Top 11 Mistakes to Avoid During Engineering Document Management Implementations and Upgrades, Part 1

Synergis Software

Rolling out an enterprise-level document management solution across your organization can be a daunting task. To better understand the do’s and don’ts of implementing your engineering document management system, we asked our Applications Consultants to compile a list of the top 11 mistakes they see companies make during Adept implementations—as well as suggestions on how to prevent these errors. Cutting back on implementation onsite training days to “save money”.

Document Centric AI Platform Now Available on Cloud

Document Imaging Report

docBrain is built on a deep learning platform on which we have pretrained on several modules related to document capture,” said Wim De Maertelaere, a longtime capture industry executive and Moonoia’s business development executive. based Document Manager magazine.

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AIIM Webinar: Effectively Capturing Paper and Digital Documents in your Existing Applications


On September 19, 2018, I was the featured speaker for this AIIM Webinar on intelligently capturing documents into existing LOB applications. SlideShare Deck: Effectively Capturing Paper and Digital Documents in your Existing Applications [AIIM Webinar] from Kevin Parker, CIP.

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Plustek Announces new eScan A350 Network Attached Document Scanning Kiosks

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Santa Fe Springs, CA, April 4th, 2019 – Plustek Technology, today announced the availability of two new eScan A350 network attached document scanning kiosks. The eScan Essential A350 features self-guided setup, self-guided workflow and single touch job buttons, no user training is necessary. Load your documents, tap the Scan button and you are guided thru the scanning process. Supports SharePoint document check-in, barcode reading and customizable user prompts and more.

Training is Vital Or: Why Navigating a Cozy Coupe is Not Driver’s Ed.

Ascent Innovations

Training is Vital Or: Why Navigating a Cozy Coupe is Not Driver’s Ed. Despite a very convincing PowerPoint slideshow complete with dazzling WordArt, there was no way I was going to skip the most vital part of driving: training. Training should be a way of bringing all workers together.

Document Capture Automation Tools to Improve the Way You Work With Data


Your business deals with documents on a constant basis. With document capture software, each of the platforms and file types can be organized and saved to a central location. But this can be avoided by implementing document capture automation into your daily business processes. Let’s take a look at the top document capture tools that will improve the way your organization works with data. Tools to Look for in Your Document Capture Automation Software.

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3 Steps to Take Care of Before Migrating to a Cloud-Based Document Management System


Knowing that your company documents are easily accessible yet safe from prying eyes is important, so the best way to share documents online is by using document sharing software. Categorize Employees spend about two hours a week finding, sharing, and storing documents.

HIPAA Compliant Records Storage and Destruction

Armstrong Archives

Employee training. Secure Disposal of HIPPA Documents. Common methods of HIPAA compliant document destruction include: Destruction through burning, shredding, or any other method that renders data irrecoverable; Clearing, overwriting, or purging electronic media; and. Armstrong Archives LLC guarantees HIPAA compliant records storage and secure document destruction. Document Scanning Document Shredding Document Shredding Dallas Records Storage Records Storage Dallas

Deciding Which Paper Files to Keep, Which to Scan, Which to Shred

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Archival and records data are subject to rules that govern how you access and store this data, but these rules aren’t always clear to those who are not trained archivists. Each type of document is subject to different retention timeframes. Keep These Documents Indefinitely.

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The Top 11 Mistakes to Avoid During Engineering Document Management Implementations and Upgrades, Part 2

Synergis Software

Engineering document management (EDM) systems are a big investment. Without documentation on each solution, it can lead to some confusion on which software does what across vendors. In order to avoid confusion, we recommend that you carefully catalog and document Adept’s functionality as you plan the implementation process with an Adept expert—especially if you have are trying to accomplish very specific tasks for vaulting, workflows, creating libraries and more.

Creating a Records Management System

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Is your office loaded with file cabinets and documents? Do you find yourself searching for hours before you find the document you’re looking for? Many organizations struggle with file and document management. If you have sensitive documents, they will need to be shredded.

Cloud document control software and volunteers help nonprofit positively impact society

Document Imaging Report

Digital document control speeds up retrieval times, increases staff productivity, and reduces errors. SunCoast decided to look for a cloud document management solution because of their small IT staff and budget. Volunteer Coordinator, Joan Leonard, is a strong supporter of DocuWare because she knew the solution was so easy to use that she could train volunteers and allow them to manage the scanning program. Once a volunteer has been trained, they are able to train others.

eRecords 2019: Strategic Allies: Archiving at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

The Texas Record

One difficulty was trying to locate documents in divisions within the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Another was relying on institutional knowledge to determine what documents need to be kept and what needs to go through disposition.

Nuance Power PDF 3 Enhances Worker Productivity Through a Superior User Experience and Unparalleled Document Conversion and Editing Accuracy

Document Imaging Report

NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced Power PDF 3, the newest version of the company’s award winning Power PDF software allowing businesses to create, edit, sign and share PDF documents. Power PDF 3 builds on the rich features of previous iterations, delivering benefits in several areas including user experience, conversion accuracy, document compatibility, eSignature support with workflow integration, collaboration and text editing. BURLINGTON, Mass.

Court: Production of Hard Copy Versions of Documents Also Kept As ESI Does Not “Run Afoul” of Rule 34

eDiscovery Law

& Training Corp., In this case, Plaintiff sought to compel native/electronic production of documents previously produced in hard copy. Defendant claimed that the documents in question were “ordinarily kept by Defendant both electronically and in hard copy” and produced only the hard copy format. Rule 34 does not require the producing party to produce documents in multiple formats. Ortega v. Mgmt. & 16-cv-0665 MV/SMV, 2017 WL 3588818 (D.N.M. 1, 2017).

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AI Is Becoming a Trusted Sidekick for Legal and HR Departments


One thing that legal, contract management and human resources departments have in common is the need to deal with a lot of documents. They can even be trained to sniff out traits that are common to fraudulent warranty claims to reduce the risk that such claims will be processed in the future.

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Revisit an Employee Personal Data Protection Policy After CCPA


Here, too, an entity might seek expert assistance for help in customizing its document retention rules.

Ethical Use of Data for Training Machine Learning Technology - Part 1


This is the first part of a 3-part series on the Ethical Use of Data for Training Machine Learning Technology by guest authors Andrew Pery and Michael Simon.