White House National Cyber Strategy: An Analysis

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Security Experts Examine Administration's Document and Rhetoric A national cybersecurity strategy document released by the White House last week - along with comments from a top Trump administration official that the U.S.

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Getting Information Done

I attended two recent presentations that offered some practical strategies to help information governance professionals align and present project initiatives in a way that will help get them funded.

The US National Cyber Strategy

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Last month the White House released the " National Cyber Strategy of the United States of America. I generally don't have much to say about these sorts of documents. And the strategy includes no details.

My Latest Article Published at Document Strategy Magazine

Getting Information Done

Creating a Culture of Information Management Excellence Last year, I wrote an article titled, “ What Does Culture Have to Do with Information Management? ” which made the case for addressing culture as a part of any successful information management implementation project. Today, I wanted to offer some practical advice on how to create or install a culture of information management excellence. So, how do we actually create this type of culture? Borrowing from John C.

Mandatory documentation for ISO 22301

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ISO 22301 certification requires organisations to prove their compliance with the standard with appropriate documentation. List of documents required for ISO 22301:2012 business continuity management system (BCMS). You must document: Context of the organisation (4.1).

Good productivity doesn't come from bad document management, study confirms

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Improper document management is inhibiting employee productivity, according to new research by information management platform provider M-Files Corp. Data management Data discovery Data strategy

Web archiving climate change: A call for community documentation strategy


To rise to the scope and importance of this mission, a few Archive-It partners and peers have begun to discuss potential strategies and roles, and you can join us. The following is a guest post by Laura Alagna, Digital Preservation Librarian at Northwestern University.

5 Ways PDF Solutions Transform Digital Strategy


What if every file—from documents to multimedia—was digital and used the same file format: “File.everything”— wouldn’t that be nice? But we need capable tools– here are 5 ways PDF solutions transform digital strategy with powerful benefits: Rapid Document Conversion.

5 Tips for Choosing a Document Scanning Vendor

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After all, document scanning is an intensive task, so finding the right partner is essential. When dealing with sensitive documents containing PII, it is essential that you (and your clients, employees, and vendors) are protected.

Cybersecurity guidance targets medical records strategies

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Cyber security Documents and records retention Data governance Mobile technology AHIMAFocusing on technology ignores the potential of people, processes and policies, says Kathy Downing.

Boosting Your Data Protection Strategy in 2019

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In this blog, we offer our tips for boosting your data protection strategy in 2019. Data protection involves assessing the complete range of risks to your information, including negligent document storage and disposal practices. Your records are managed by background-screened records management professionals, and access to your documents is restricted to authorised individuals in your organisation. 2018 was a banner year for data breaches in the UK.

5 Major Reasons Document Storage Still Matters

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In an age where digital information rules, it’s easy to dismiss hard copy documents, even though they play a critical role in your business. Key documents help your organisation document compliance, ensure due diligence, and support ongoing business operations. In this blog, we review four major reasons to have a document storage strategy. For a low monthly fee, your documents and files are secure, organised and accessible. .

Records Storage Requirements for Utility Companies

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There are numerous other requirements pertaining to the handling and maintenance of utility industry documents. Use Layered Defense Strategies. Utilities still generate paper documents. We offer document storage, scanning, scan-on-demand, shredding, and consulting services.

5 Document Management Mistakes to Avoid

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Failing to manage your documents efficiently and securely can cost your organisation time, money, and legal problems. Is your document management plan up to par? Here are five common document management mistakes to avoid. This may sound like a no-brainer, but many organisations don’t know what documents to keep, how long to store them, and when they should be destroyed. A file shredding service helps you destroy old documents quickly and securely.

What’s in your data and analytics strategy?

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We have written a number of research pieces on strategy; and we have analyzed many client produced documents. From them, here are thoughts on things organizations should be doing. Data management Analytics Predictive analytics

Records Storage: A Cost Effective Strategy for Managing What You Shred

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Document management can be a hairy task. After planning, implementing, and trying to maintain all of your organizational strategies, you can be blinded to certain efficient strategies.

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White House and Pentagon Announce New Cyber Strategies

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The Trump Administration continued to put its stamp on federal cybersecurity policy last week, as the White House issued its National Cyber Strategy while the Pentagon announced the Department of Defense Cyber Strategy. White House National Cyber Strategy. These pillars would not seem out of place in either an Obama or Bush Administration document, and, indeed the Strategy is more about continuity of approach than dramatic change. Summary of DoD Cyber Strategy.

Strategies to Protect your Records from Ransomware

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Although there are many types of ransomware, the strategies you use to protect yourself are essentially the same. Here are some key strategies that you can employ in your office: 1.

The Scottish Cyber Resilience Strategy for health boards

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The Cyber Resilience Strategy for the Scottish public sector was launched in November 2017 and aims to promote cyber resilience. All Scottish public sector bodies are required to comply with the Cyber Resilience Strategy; this includes health boards and the NHS.

DSF ’19 Magical Conference Program Now Live – Check it Out!

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IG News Information Governance 2019 Conference Document Strategy Forum DSF

Your Records Strategy Should Evolve with Your Business


You were probably handling a lot of paper, trying to empty your email inbox, and storing important files in a document management system. If you’re like most people, you may be working with network file shares, one or more document management systems, an ERP system, an HR system, a CRM system, email, and more! Think back ten or fifteen years. How many different collaboration systems was your organization using?

Nuance Document Imaging Solutions Now Available Through Staples Managed Print Services, Opening New Growth Channel

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September 11, 2018 – Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced it is offering Document Imaging solutions to customers of Staples Technology Solutions, a division of Staples, Inc., BURLINGTON, Mass.,

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DocuWare: Rapid Expansion of Cloud Solutions for Document Management

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With Microsoft Azure as its cloud infrastructure, DocuWare empowers its customers with document management and workflow automation services built for future-readiness.

DocuWare’s “Cloud-First” Strategy Results in Record Growth


At DocuWare we’re dedicated to providing document management and workflow automation solutions that are affordable, flexible, easy to use and quick to implement – and so a cloud-first approach is the strategy we are focusing on. Cloud Enterprise Content Management Customer Experience

PCI DSS policies address the weakest link – people

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Drafting detailed data protection policies and documentation is vital for improving security for your customers, stakeholders and brand because it shows your understanding and commitment to the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Scan and Shred: A Critical Combination

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To keep records management organized and secure, the best strategy is often a joint approach covering both scanning new records along with shredding the unnecessary hard-copies once you’re done. Document Scanning

Document Management Grants are Now Available

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One of the biggest challenges for Non-Profits, Social Services organizations, and Government Agencies looking for Document Management Solutions is the challenge of obtaining funding. Document Management Grants are now available, and our team can help you find the money you need to make your project a success. Document Management Records Management Business Strategy

Hard Drive Health: Top 10 Maintenance Tips

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In this video learn more about the value and top 10 tips for regular drive maintenance, the average hard drive lifespan, and strategies for what to do with failing or overheated drives. […]. Electronic Document Management

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Getting Started With Data Governance

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Data governance doesn’t start in a vacuum; it requires plenty of advance thinking, preparation, and strategy. As such, successful data governance must begin with a foundation built on data principles and a well-thought-out data strategy.

5 Main Risks Businesses Face in the Digital Age

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Use this list of five common risks businesses often face today to start planning your prevention strategy. Ineffectual Business Strategies. While any business strategy is better than none, the most effective strategies stay flexible, scalable, and adaptable to change over time.

Vera to Power Canon Solutions America’s New Security Solutions and Services Strategy

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Through our new relationship with Vera, we can help our customers with protecting their information throughout their organization, including documents scanned on Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFPs, and help secure workflows across a complex organization.” Based on the sensitivity of a document, where it’s been stored, and who has access, Vera has the capability to require additional authentication factors to confirm they are the right party to access sensitive data.

European Commission Issues New Cloud Computing Strategy

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On September 27, 2012, the European Commission presented its new strategy on cloud computing, entitled “ Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe.” The Commission’s strategy is outlined on a new webpage that includes a communication document and a more detailed staff working paper. The newly-released strategy follows the Commission’s consultation on cloud computing and the Article 29 Working Party’s Opinion on cloud computing.

What is direct connection outsourcing and what can it offer you?

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Direct connection sounds like a great way of exchanging EDI documents with your trading partners. Business Network EDI Release 16 Supply Chain B2B Best Practices & Strategy outsourcing security services

Content Services EP3 updates

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OpenText Content Services EP3 continues to build on our product strategy to extend content into the lead applications where content is created and managed, while continuing to provide a digital backbone to meet regulatory and legal … The post Content Services EP3 updates appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Release 16 EP3 is the third Release 16 enhancement pack and will become generally available on October 31, 2017.

New Ebook Explains Why the Cloud Should Be Part of Your Digital Strategy


Are you debating whether to move your documents and digital workflow to the cloud, but not sure where to get practical input? Download the ebook Plan Your Move to Cloud Office Automation and get a step-by-step guide to separating fact from hype. The experiences your employees and customers have had with Apple or Amazon have reshaped their expectations of workplace technology. Cloud Team Productivity

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Policies and procedures you need for PCI DSS compliance

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Policies might address: Information security : This details the organisation’s security strategy in relation to the storage, processing and transmission of credit card data. Maintain documentation. Technology can only do so much to protect an organisation from data breaches.

Empowering intelligent and connected business processes

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It includes emails, videos, documents, pictures, presentations, social media, and much more. Unstructured content is everywhere in an organization. It’s floating, filed, hidden, hoarded, siloed and stored in innumerable repositories across the enterprise.

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What is the 3-2-1 Rule for Data Backups?

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We are leaders in secure digital records management and document storage. We are well versed in the 3-2-1 rule and many other proven security strategies. Document Consulting Records Storage Records Storage Dallas

Show SAP Content Some Love This Valentine's Day


This Valentine's Day, take some time to remember one of the most neglected types of content: documents that support ERP transactions. There are a couple avenues companies can pursue when considering an enterprise content management (ECM) strategy for content tied to SAP processes

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SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization Support

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Analysis: Identification of critical data gaps, implementation or reinforcement of data governance processes, and documentation of requirements. The first thing any investment company must do in response to the new SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization is evaluate its current state of readiness. Chances are you have started a compliance program.