Revenge of the Metadata Nerds


A variety of Nick Burns characters have also long lectured on the importance of metadata. Metadata is another area in which we’ve all had unrealistic expectations that users would help us with this key task. I’m John Mancini, and I have neglected my metadata responsibilities.

Metadata Requirements for Permanent Records on Shared Drives

National Archives Records Express

When you use a shared drive to manage and store permanent records, you should consider what documentation, including finding aids or indexes that may be required at the time of transfer. Measures must be put in place to ensure the records have the minimum metadata required in NARA Bulletin 2015-04: Metadata Guidance for the Transfer of Permanent Electronic Records. Metadata for records maintained in a shared drive must be managed and retrievable.

The importance of metadata in enterprise search and aggregation

Information Management Resources

While there are several approaches to metadata strategies, it is the impact on, and value for, searching and aggregating large document sets that is an essential consideration for today’s enterprises. Data types Data visualization Data mining

Off the Record: Combatting Disinformation Through Metadata, 2010-2018 IG Status, Permanent Electronic Records

The Texas Record

“ Reading Metadata to Combat Disinformation and Fake News Campaigns “ — UT iSchool. Metadata traditionally receives a positive connotation in records management as an element that brings authority and authenticity to a piece of information.

FAQ: Is Metadata a Part of an Electronic Record or Not?

The Texas Record

Recently, we have received many questions about metadata. Most of the inquiries about metadata revolve around two questions – What is metadata and why is it important. The purpose of this article is to discuss whether metadata is part of an electronic record and if so why.

Court Rules on Dispute over Native File Format Production and Metadata: eDiscovery Case Law

eDiscovery Daily

Martin granted the motion of the defendants/counter plaintiffs (defendants) to compel the plaintiff/counter-defendant (plaintiff) to produce all responsive documents in the form in which they are maintained in the usual course of business (i.e., In Metlife Inv’rs. USA Ins. Lindsey, No.

Five Benefits of an Automation Framework for Data Governance


In data governance terms, an automation framework refers to a metadata-driven universal code generator that works hand in hand with enterprise data mapping for: Pre-ETL enterprise data mapping. Governing metadata.

Data Mapping Tools: What Are the Key Differentiators


BFSI, PHARMA, INSURANCE AND NON-PROFIT) CASE STUDIES FOR AUTOMATED METADATA-DRIVEN AUTOMATION. As stated above, a data governance platform that draws from a single metadata source is even more advantageous here. Nobody likes manual documentation.

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Data Governance Stock Check: Using Data Governance to Take Stock of Your Data Assets


A number of best practices and technology solutions were used to establish the data required for managing the registration and classification of data feeds: The underlying metadata is harvested followed by an initial quality check. For regulatory compliance (e.g.,

The Form of Production in Ediscovery: Does Native Format Matter?

Hanzo Learning Center

ediscovery document production ESI native format metadata website content web archive WARC native format production Federal Rules of Civil Procedure FRCP

Release 16 EP5 gives Magellan more text mining power and better user experience

OpenText Information Management

In fact, by some estimates nearly 80% of all enterprise information is unstructured data, such as documents, web content, or social media. Analytics are no longer just a matter of “crunching the numbers” in a database or spreadsheet.

Data Preparation and Data Mapping: The Glue Between Data Management and Data Governance to Accelerate Insights and Reduce Risks


Organizations have spent a lot of time and money trying to harmonize data across diverse platforms , including cleansing, uploading metadata, converting code, defining business glossaries, tracking data transformations and so on. A company can’t effectively implement data governance – documenting and applying business rules and processes, analyzing the impact of changes and conducting audits – if it fails at data management.

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AI, IG and what it all means: Our Interview with Reid Smith


The mission of i2k Connect is to revolutionize information discovery using its novel artificial intelligence (AI) technology, informed by industry knowledge, to transform unstructured documents into structured data. information architecture classification machine learning metadataRecently, Gimmal interviewed Reid Smith, co-founder and CEO at i2k Connect.

Seeking Production in Native Format? Case Law Tips From MetLife Investors USA Insurance Co. v. Lindsey

Hanzo Learning Center

Over the last year, requests and productions of native-format documents have featured regularly in ediscovery cases resolved by the courts.

A Strategic Storage Plan Lays the Groundwork for Digital Transformation


Start by reviewing document storage and management practices with the goal of eliminating as much paper as possible. The cost of retrieval plummets, and organizations regain much of the 25% of the average work week that people spend filing, copying, indexing or retrieving documents.

7 Best Practices for Data Destruction


Create a Metadata Standard. A records retention schedule defines the operational and legal requirements for the length of records retention, using metadata to determine when a record may be destroyed. Document and Develop a Destruction Process. Develop a Documented Hold Process.

Reader favorites December 2017: Our most popular RIM resources

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The most popular RIM resources this month cover document imaging, metadata and RIM ROI.

Survey Finds Machine Learning is Taking Information Governance by Storm


In fact, three of the top four uses of the technology respondents favor related to document management. These include text analysis for better content classification and metadata assignment (cited by 35%), automatic understanding of context and automatic identification and indexing of documents. Both are useful in different document-related contexts.

Everteam.iFile | Connect, Extract, Process, Manage and Analyze all your Stored Information


Through managing complex document types and reducing the process of relying only on paper documents and optimizing the visibility to digital information that could be useful in decision making, everteam.iFile enables content services to be delivered quickly with a minimized cost.

How to Dominate the Domains of the NEW CIP - D2: Extracting Intelligence from Information


Taxonomies: If metadata makes up the bricks of findability, taxonomies are the blueprint. Hopefully, you've heard by now that we're updating the Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam.

Integrating Structured and Unstructured Data; Are we there already?


How many companies have separate solutions to manage structured (database, transactional data) and unstructured data (documents, text, videos, images, email, social media, etc.)? This information could be anything – it could be text in a document, a string in a database, or just a tweet.

erwin Automation Framework: Achieving Faster Time-to-Value in Data Preparation, Deployment and Governance


Boosting data governance maturity starts with a central metadata repository (data dictionary) for version-controlling metadata imported from a broad array of file and database types to inform data mappings. Governing metadata.

Plustek to Unveil New GlobalSearch Enabled Capture Integration at Encompass 2018

Document Imaging Report

a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer and professional imaging and security devices, plans to unveil this new document capture integration at Square 9’s Encompass 2018 End User and Reseller Conference, being held October 3-5th, 2018 in Nashville, TN. NEW HAVEN, CONN.,

APT28 and Upcoming Elections: evidence of possible interference

Security Affairs

In mid-March , a suspicious Office document referencing the Ukraine elections appeared in the wild, is it related to APT28 and upcoming elections? In mid-March, a suspicious Office document referencing the Ukraine elections appeared in the wild.

Operation Sharpshooter targets critical infrastructure and global defense

Security Affairs

” Threat actors are carrying out spear phishing attacks with a link poining to weaponized Word documents purporting to be sent by a job recruiter. The macros included in the malicious document uses an embedded shellcode to inject the Sharpshooter downloader into Word’s memory.

How to: Find and Clean out Your Dark Data with


Migrate: helps migrate documents to archives, by reducing the time and cost of migrating your information from one system to another. Governance: track document lifecycle and relevant documents to apply the appropriate retention policies.

Competitive Advantages of Implementing Artificial Intelligence in Banking


On the efficiency front, AI can scan documents to look for missing or mis-categorized information and immediately notify applicants of the need for corrections, reducing delays and rework.

CrowdStrike uncovered a new campaign of GOBLIN PANDA APT aimed at Vietnam

Security Affairs

The group is back and is targeting once again Vietnam running a spear phishing campaign that uses weaponized documents featuring Vietnamese-language lures and themes. Researchers from security firm CrowdStrike have observed a new campaign associated with the GOBLIN PANDA APT group.

7 Questions to Determine if Your Data is an Asset


Knowledge and documentation metadata? In today's world, where the consumer is king, excellent customer experience is imperative for the success of your business. To achieve this, your data cannot be fragmented, redundant, obsolete, or inaccessible.

M-Files 2018 Is Industry’s First Solution to Intelligently Unify and Manage Information Stored in Other Systems without Requiring Migration

Document Imaging Report

M-Files 2018 and the new Intelligent Metadata Layer provide a unified and simple interface that enables users to quickly access documents and other information regardless of the system in which they are stored. Companies are struggling to effectively manage documents and other information stored across these “information silos,” and as a result, employees can’t quickly find the information they need to do their jobs.

A Considerable Insight into your Data | Capture, Organize, Store and Deliver rich media assets with everteam.iNSight


The size of Data might be an issue but the biggest challenge is the multiple data streams coming from online sources and social media, bringing rich media assets such as images, videos, animations, documents, etc.….

Archiving and describing mass tragedy: the Web Archive on the October 1, 2017 Shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada


Reflecting on our mission to document Southern Nevada, we realized that we had a critical responsibility to preserve this history so we could study, remember, and reflect on it later.

A Considerable Insight into your Data | Capture, organize, store and deliver rich media assets with everteam.iNSight


The size of Data might be an issue but the biggest challenge is the multiple data streams coming from online sources and social media, bringing rich media assets such as images, videos, animations, documents, etc.….

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Why Does Production Have to be Such a Big Production?, Part Two

eDiscovery Daily

One of the most common technical mistakes lawyers make involve issues with redactions – there are frequent stories that make the news regarding lawyers publishing documents that were improperly redacted. Failing to redact certain metadata.

Tech Tuesday: Getting Started with Classification


Imagine trying to find a document among thousands of documents spread across multiple file shares, or file-sharing applications. Maybe you know what the document is called, or maybe you only know what its contents hold.

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Court Denies Plaintiff’s Request for Native Re-Production by Defendant: eDiscovery Case Law

eDiscovery Daily

Do not do anything that strips, removes, changes, limits, or otherwise alters the actual electronically stored information and metadata fields of any document that exists in an electronic format. 54 and produced all documents in.pdf format without metadata. In Baker v.

Mapping Data Flows: Help Us Ask the Right Questions

John Battelle's Searchblog

One of the most interesting of the early insights is how vague these documents truly are. It’s all about the metadata. I’ve been quiet here on Searchblog these past few months, not because I’ve nothing to say, but because two major projects have consumed my time.

A new variant of HawkEye stealer emerges in the threat landscape

Security Affairs

” The messages use weaponized Microsoft Excel, RTF and DOC documents to deliver the malware. In some cases, experts observed threat actors using file-sharing platforms like Dropbox for hosting the documents rather than directly attaching them.

KnowledgeLake to Sponsor and Exhibit at Nintex xchange Conference in San Diego

Document Imaging Report

a leading process and document automation company, will exhibit at the Nintex xchange 2018 Conference from February 26-28 in San Diego, CA. LOUIS, Missouri – February 20, 2018 – KnowledgeLake, Inc.,

Alaris Capture Pro Software Earns Spot on KMWorld’s Prestigious Trend-Setting Products List

Document Imaging Report

October 4 – KMWorld , a popular business and technology publication focused on document, content and knowledge management, has recognized Alaris Capture Pro Software as one of its trend-setting products of 2018. ROCHESTER, N.Y.,