ZLoader Malware Hidden in Encrypted Excel File

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Researchers Describe Sophisticated Phishing Campaign A new phishing campaign distributes ZLoader malware using advanced delivery techniques that demonstrate sophisticated understanding of Microsoft Office document formats and techniques, the security firm Forcepoint X-Labs reports

Ransomware Now Leaking Stolen Documents

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Malware would encrypt the data on your computer, and demand a ransom for the encryption key. Now ransomware is increasingly involving both encryption and exfiltration. blackmail dataloss doxing encryption ransomwareOriginally, ransomware didn't involve any data theft.


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Updating your data protection documentation following Brexit

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The UK version was born out of the EU GDPR, so you might think that there are only cosmetic differences and that minor actions are required to adjust your documentation and compliance practices. GDPR documentation made simple.


Court documents show FBI could use a tool to access private Signal messages on iPhones

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Court documents obtained by Forbes revealed that the FBI may have a tool that allows accessing private Signal messages on iPhones. The documents revealed that encrypted messages can be intercepted from iPhone devices when they are in “partial AFU (after first unlock)” mode.

G7 Comes Out in Favor of Encryption Backdoors

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Some G7 countries highlight the importance of not prohibiting, limiting, or weakening encryption; There is a weird belief amongst policy makers that hacking an encryption system's key management system is fundamentally different than hacking the system's encryption algorithm. Both are ways of weakening encryption. backdoors encryption g7 hacking keyescrow keys lawenforcement terrorism

Streamlining Document Approvals for Better Project Management


Project managers are the unsung superheroes of the professional world, but document approvals are their kryptonite. So, how do you get a document approved on time without harassing your client? Create a secure, standardized system for document approvals.

Cloud vs. On-Premises Document Solutions: What Does Your Company Need?


In today's digital era of information technology, a company needs to consider several factors to decide how to manage their data and documents online. A cloud server makes use of virtual technology for hosting a company's documents, applications, and data. Cloud Document Management

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The Advantage of Professional Document Scanning

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For some companies, one of these strategies is utilizing document scanning services , and it brings them many benefits. Instead, digitally storing documents allows companies to increase security through the use of encryption and passwords. Quick Access to Documents. By using document scanning to its full extent, companies are able to instantly digitize documents including documents received through fax as well as physical mail.

File Encryption Makes Mobile Business Apps a Safe Bet


What is file encryption? Encrypting business files is a critical practice that protects sensitive company data from unauthorized users. Encrypted files are extremely difficult for unauthorized users to decipher so your business is less likely to experience a data breach.

BEST PRACTICES: Resurgence of encrypted thumb drives shows value of offline backups — in the field

The Last Watchdog

Encrypted flash drives, essentially secure storage on a stick, are a proven technology that has been readily available for at least 15 years. And yet today there is a resurgence in demand for encrypted flash drives. Highly secure portable drives make perfect sense in numerous work scenarios; encrypted flash drives, specifically, are part of a global hardware encryption market on track to climb to $296.4 As soon as it hits that drive to letter, it’s encrypted.

4 Ways an Encrypted File Sharing Service Can Help Your Business Share Documents with Confidence


Work-related documents are incredibly sensitive and often confidential. Using document sharing software that takes security as seriously as you do is the first step. The second is to make sure they use encryption, preferably bank-level. Here’s what every business needs to know about using an encrypted file sharing service and how to safely share documents. What Is Bank-Level Encryption? . 4 Ways an Encrypted File Sharing Service Protects Your Business.

Sodinokibi ransomware uses MS API to encrypt open and locked files

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Researchers warn of a new feature implemented in the Sodinokibi ransomware, the threat can now encrypt open and locked files. Opened and locked files could no by encrypted by ransomware without first killing the process that locked the file.

Encryption & Privacy Policy and Technology

Adam Shostack

UK, and Australia: Weak Encryption Puts Billions of Internet Users at Risk. The Identity Project has extensive documentation , and I generally concur with their recommendations. The Open Technology Institute has an Open Letter to Law Enforcement in the U.S., press release , letter.) I am pleased to be one of the signers. In closely related news, nominations for the 2020 Caspar Bowden Award for Outstanding Research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies are open.

STOP ransomware encrypts files and steals victim’s data

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Experts observed the ransomware also installing the dreaded Azorult password-stealing Trojan on victim’s machine to steal account credentials, cryptocurrency wallets, documents and more. ” One of the variants analyzed by BleepingComputer encrypts data and appends the.promorad extension to encrypted files, then it creates ransom notes named _readme.txt as shown below.

How to Preserve Your Old Documents While Growing Digitally


Taking care of your old documents is a complicated process. On the other, however, when you do need the documents, you need to be able to locate them quickly and not waste hours trying to figure out where they might have ended up. Even if you have a storage facility for keeping all of your documents, at least part of them will get misplaced or lost sooner or later, which can have negative consequences on your business. First Off, Handle the Documents with Care.

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5 Document Scanning Myths, Debunked

Archive Document Data Storage

Here are several common myths about document scanning to watch out for: Myth 1: Document Scanning is Easy. Scanning a few documents with a desktop scanner is straightforward and easy, but converting several boxes of records with a desktop scanner may take several days or even weeks. The entire imaging and conversion process is handled for you, including: document preparation. As a result, you can continue to focus on your business while your documents are scanned.

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The Dirty Little Secrets of Engineering Document Management

Synergis Software

For managing engineering information, three types of programs are competing for market share: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Data Management (PDM), and Engineering Document Management (EDM). EDM companies talk about streamlining enterprise business processes and making all engineering documentation secure, shared, and accessible. Many companies start by looking at PLM and PDM, but then realize what they are really looking for is engineering document management.

Intel investigates security breach after the leak of 20GB of internal documents

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The stolen data includes source code and developer documents and tools, some documents are labeled as “confidential” or “restricted secret.” ” The hackers shared the documents on the file-sharing site MEGA.

The Top Reasons to Scan Your Documents

Archive Document Data Storage

Does it take too much time to find the documents you need? Here are the top ten reasons to scan your documents: 1. Document scanning ensures your customers get the information they need fast. Searching through filing cabinets to find documents wastes time and money. Document scanning converts your paper records to easy-to-find digital files so you stay productive and profitable. . Archival Document Preservation.

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You Know It’s Time to Digitise Your Documents When…

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Here are several signs it may be time to digitise your documents: You Can’t Afford a Privacy Breach. With a professional document scanning solution, your documents are converted to digital files and hosted in a document management repository that offers advanced encryption tools. Fortunately, by digitising your documents you can gain space without breaking the bank. Filing, copying, printing and sharing paper documents is slow and laborious.

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How to Send Documents Securely Over the Internet | Onehub


There are plenty of ways to send documents over the internet. Email passwords and document privacy settings aren’t always enough. If you handle sensitive data, be it your own or that of your clients or business partners, here’s how to send documents securely over the internet.

The Top 5 Reasons for Not Scanning Documents

Archive Document Data Storage

In this blog, we’ll share the top five things people assume about document scanning, and explain why those assumptions are incorrect. Without a doubt, do-it-yourself document scanning is laborious and time consuming, but the opposite is true when you use a qualified scanning partner to do the work for you. High-speed scanners are used to scan your documents. Both standard-size and large format documents are converted to digital images in a matter of minutes.

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The Benefits of Combining Secure Offsite Storage with Professional Document Scanning

Archive Document Data Storage

Do you dread searching through disorganised file rooms to find a hard copy document? Are you fed up of wasting time removing staples from documents and then wrestling with the office scanner to make a digital copy? This blog lists the benefits of converting your paper documents to digital images and storing your hard copy documents offsite in a secure record centre. Quality control is the glue that holds the document scanning process together.

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Zoom's Commitment to User Security Depends on Whether you Pay It or Not

Schneier on Security

And now we have this : Corporate clients will get access to Zoom's end-to-end encryption service now being developed, but Yuan said free users won't enjoy that level of privacy, which makes it impossible for third parties to decipher communications. Zoom was doing so well.

New Report on Police Decryption Capabilities

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This report documents the widespread adoption of MDFTs by law enforcement in the United States. Uncategorized cell phones encryption law enforcement police smartphonesThere is a new report on police decryption capabilities: specifically, mobile device forensic tools (MDFTs).

HIPAA Compliant Records Storage and Destruction

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Encryption of ePHI. Secure Disposal of HIPPA Documents. Common methods of HIPAA compliant document destruction include: Destruction through burning, shredding, or any other method that renders data irrecoverable; Clearing, overwriting, or purging electronic media; and.

Offsite File Storage for Financial Institutions

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Banks and credit unions have various challenges when it comes to document management. Document Security. Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions handle many documents each day, many of which deal with sensitive financial information.

3 Steps to Take Care of Before Migrating to a Cloud-Based Document Management System


Knowing that your company documents are easily accessible yet safe from prying eyes is important, so the best way to share documents online is by using document sharing software. Security When it comes to choosing a document sharing service, security should always be one of the first criterion you check. Switching to a cloud-based document management system can eliminate the need for several of your current services.

Ephesoft Leads the Document Capture Industry to the Cloud with the First High- Performance Processing Hybrid Solution

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which uses a specialized type of artificial intelligence called supervised machine learning to optimize operational efficiency in document-intensive processes. After documents are captured in the on-premise system, the processing intensive Optical Character Recognition (OCR) task is directed into the cloud for fast processing, and then directed back into the on-premise system for classification, extraction, validation and export. IRVINE, Calif. – 31, 2019 – Ephesoft, Inc. ,

European Commission has chosen the Signal app to secure its communications

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The popular cross-platform encrypted messaging service Signal has been chosen by the European Commission for its communications. The European Commission has decided to adopt for its staff the popular cross-platform encrypted messaging service Signal for its communications.

New SHA-1 Attack

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Therefore, he can impersonate Alice and sign any document in her name. version branch of GnuPG, the open-source successor to PGP application for encrypting email and files. And many non-Web applications that rely on HTTPS encryption still accept SHA1 certificates.

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Tips for Becoming a Paperless Law Office

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One of the most important issues to consider when digitizing a law firm’s documents is where to store your data. They also often choose to have their data encrypted to prevent data breaches. It is particularly important to determine how handwritten documents should be handled. Many companies discover that paper documents must be scanned and filed in the appropriate place in a law firm’s file management system. Document Scanning Document Storage Records Storage Dallas

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FTC Announces Enforcement for Inadequate Third Party Risk Management Practices Under the GLBA’s Safeguards Rule

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The FTC alleged that Ascension’s vendor, OpticsML, stored documents with information, such as names, Social Security numbers and loan information, pertaining to tens of thousands of mortgage holders on a cloud-based server in plain text without any protections to block unauthorized access.

Everteam Solutions for Enhanced Cyber Security


Below are some common cyber threats: Malware: A malicious software performs activities on the attacked device without the owner’s knowledge, these activities might include stealing, encrypting or deleting sensitive data, Phishing: A cyberattack with devastating results, phishing is a type of social engineering attack used often to steal someone’s data, including login credentials and credit card numbers, which allows the attackers to perform unauthorized purchases, stealing funds and identities.

US Navy Memo Raised Cyberscurity Concerns About DJI Drones

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Once Classified Document Finally Released In 2017, the U.S. Now, a second classified memo used to support that decision has been released, revealing serious concerns about how cyberspies could intercept video and other encrypted data

GDPR Compliance — The Fines Have Begun!


The violation pertained to the festival organizer’s security screening procedures of photocopying hundreds of thousands of festival guests’ identification documents and taking photos at the entry gate. Here are some basic steps to ensure your organization complies with the regulation: Have a fully documented information governance program led by a central figure or group in charge of the program to monitor compliance.


WORM Compliance at Work


With strong encryption — commonly available with WORM-compliant storage — organizations can complete the CIA triad, ensuring data confidentiality. Companies can encrypt data in transit to WORM storage media or at rest on the media to secure data against exposure and theft. Vendors create WORM-compliant storage technologies (Write-Once, Read-Many) so that organizations can write (save) data to the media indefinitely.

Irish DPA Issues Guidance to Secure Cloud-Based Environments

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Organizations should determine and implement a documented policy and apply appropriate technical security and organizational measures to secure their cloud-based environments, such as access controls, firewalls, antivirus, staff training and policy development.

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How to create an ISO 27001-compliant risk treatment plan

IT Governance

An RTP (risk treatment plan) is an essential part of an organisation’s ISO 27001 implementation process, as it documents the way your organisation will respond to identified threats. It’s one of the mandatory documents you must complete as part of your ISO 27001 implementation project , and forms the final stage of the risk assessment process. Cryptography : the encryption and key management of sensitive information.

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Protect Your Sensitive Information with Secure Destruction

Armstrong Archives

It’s not enough to rip up paper documents anymore – now that data has gone digital, it’s necessary to securely destroy sensitive information in cyberspace as well. If you thought you could go without secure document destruction at your office, here are three facts that will change your mind. Of all stolen records since 2013, only 4% were encrypted and rendered useless to hackers. Improper document and data destruction are a common precursor to stolen information.