What exactly is the link between IIM and Digital Transformation?


Every organization is on – or should be on – a Digital Transformation journey. At the heart of this Transformation journey is the drive toward 1) understanding, anticipating, and redefining internal and external customer experiences.

Digital transformation escalates compliance challenges

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Digital transformation is changing the face of the modern data-driven enterprise. The 2019 Thales Data Threat Report-Global Edition found that 97% of organizations surveyed are implementing digital transformation with 37% reporting aggressive transformation.

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Think differently about data privacy to deliver digital transformation


75% of organizations consider the safeguarding of customers’ data privacy to be a competitive differentiator, according to a survey by Forrester. This is the road to digital transformation. Digital transformation requires trust. data privacy Digital transformation

5 Digital Transformation Interests for IT Service Providers

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So being a strategist working in the digital transformation and services industry for a while, I was thinking, “What’s in it for me?” Personalization and Digital Transformation.

Six Steps to Digital Transformation


At the heart of any digital transformation journey is information. What can you do to find a meaningful path to digital transformation? It explores ways to build a modern records management program that will enable your organization for improvement and transformation and outlines some key steps to modernize your records management program to keep pace. Digitize core business processes.

Digital transformation in Financial Services requires a rethink of identity management

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The recent Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda Survey found that digital transformation is more important for banking than any other industry sector. Digital Transformation financial services identity management

Machine Learning is Carving the Path toward Digital Transformation


Organizations that embrace machine learning’s potentials to unlock previously inaccessible data will be the winners in the age of digital transformation. Organizations that can do that will lead the transformation of their industries.

European businesses signal ‘growing security gap’ amid mass digital transformation

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As false predictions of digital transformation fade into the past, we are hurtling into a new era of business. How does digital transformation impact data security?

RSA warns Digital Transformation is supercharging Digital Risk

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Digital transformation” is the buzz word du jour in industry. But executives at RSA Security warn that it is also magnifying digital risk in ways that are easy to miss. Related Stories Third Party Cyber Risk is growing. Most Companies aren’t prepared.

5 Ways to Identify User Trends with Surveys

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One extremely useful tactic and a best practice we recommend (and use ourselves) is the regular use of user surveys. Implementing Survey Feedback. Receiving and implementing the learnings and suggestions from surveys is not an overnight process. Survey Tip #4: Use a Survey App.

Q&A: How AI, digital transformation are shaking up revenue management in high tech, life sciences

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based life sciences and high-tech manufacturing companies sheds light on how digital transformation – and the rising role of third-party partners – have combined to create unprecedented operational challenges in the brave new world of digital commerce. Model N’s 2019 State of Revenue Report surveyed CEOs, CMOs and senior sales executives from leading pharmaceutical, medical devices, high-tech manufacturing and semiconductor companies.

Spotlight Podcast: Managing the Digital Risk in your Digital Transformation

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Companies are pursuing digital transformation at all costs. But do they really understand the risks lurking in their digital transformation strategies? Companies are pursuing digital transformation at all costs.

Governance Automation Will Propel the Big Winners in Digital Transformation


Governance automation can unleash the power of digital transformation, enabling organizations to make data central to all of their decision-making. The organizations that put them to work quickly will be the ones that reap the bounty of digital transformation’s riches.

MY TAKE: How the lack of API security translates into ‘digital transformation’ security holes

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APIs have been a cornerstone of our digital economy from the start. And today APIs are empowering companies to speed up complex software development projects – as part of digital transformation. What’s more, APIs are driving digital transformation; companies have come to depend on APIs to reorganize how they do business. It takes innumerable client-to-server interactions, firing off in real time, in order for digital commerce to operate that way it now does.

2018 Thales Data Threat Report, Global Edition: Digital Transformation & Data Security

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It’s abundantly clear that medium to larger enterprises (the focus of the report and underlying survey) are finding it harder than ever to protect their sensitive data. The answer is probably twofold: The rate at which digital transformation is driving change.

9 Ways Uncontrolled Information Stands in the Way of Your Digital Transformation Plans


Most organizations are on some sort of Digital Transformation journey. How can you navigate the changes Digital Transformation brings while staying focused on business growth? How do you avoid disenfranchising employees and losing customers to more digitally savvy competitors? There are TONS of Digital Transformation conferences for C-Suiters. If you were to ask 20 executives, “What is digital?”

Digital Transformation Threatened by a Rising Tide of Information Chaos


Digital Transformation effectiveness is imperiled by a rising tide of information chaos and confusion. Addressing “Big Content” and the rising tides of information chaos is a prerequisite to solving the Digital Transformation puzzle. Data in the new AIIM survey reinforces the conclusion that information chaos is rising. They need to take as much of the human element as possible out of governance by first converting everything to digital form (i.e.,

4 Problems That Slow Business Agility and Digital Transformation


The most recent AIIM industry survey – just released – paints a thought-provoking picture of the current state of digital transformation. Enterprise Content Management Team Productivity

4 Ways to Get a Successful Start in Artificial Intelligence

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Only four percent of CIOs have recently invested in or deployed artificial intelligence according to a 2018 Gartner survey. Want More Digital Transformation Advice? My insights for this blog post draw from Perficient’s e-book, “ How to Make Digital Transformation Gains in 2019.” In it, my fellow Perficient Chief Strategists and I share real-world examples from conversations with today’s leading brands at various stages of digital transformation.

Digital transformation seen as critical for growth at many firms

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New research from Gartner reveals that 61 percent of surveyed CEOs intend to increase IT spending this year, says Mark Raskino. Data discovery Data transparency Data visualization

Legacy systems, limited budgets top barriers to digital transformation

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Having legacy systems was the top response in a new survey, at 41 percent. Lack of change management capabilities and relevant skills are also seen as key hurdles in 2019. Data strategy Data management Data Migration

Firms see cloud-based investments as critical to digital transformation

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Nearly half of firms surveyed use Amazon Web Services, while 20 percent use Microsoft Azure and another 13 percent use the Google Cloud Platform. Cloud computing Cloud hosting Hardware and software

We Surveyed 100 Information Capture Users - Here's What We Learned


Earlier this year AIIM conducted a survey, in partnership with Parascript , called “The Leaders in Capture.” Indeed, 100% of the survey participants are actively involved with managing the planning, selection, configuration, or operation of a document capture. Survey Findings.

Customer enablement and mobility: How consumers are driving digital transformation within the utilities industry


Customer enablement and mobility: How consumers are driving digital transformation within the utilities industry. The digital transformation of personal entertainment and communications has made consumers increasingly comfortable with digital tools and platforms.

What kinds of critical business problems are users trying to solve with Content Services?


Part 1 -- What exactly is the link between IIM and Digital Transformation? The past few years have created many new challenges for the Information Professionals who are entrusted with managing an organization’s digital assets.

The mistake made by nearly 1 in 3 millennial managers

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A survey commissioned by freelance website Upwork of more than 1,000 U.S. Career Digital Transformation Leadership and Success Workplace enterprise talent freelance Gen Z gig economy millennials remote workers reskilling skills shortageYounger enterprise managers are far more likely than their older counterparts to understand the need for workplace flexibility and the value of leveraging the skills of freelance professionals.

You May Say I’m A Dreamer.But I’m Not the Only One


According to AIIM research , 75% of the organizations we surveyed view digital transformation as “important” or “very important” to their organization. Most respondents pointed to operational savings as a result of a more digital and connected workflow. Create a digitally-enabled and hassle-free experience— you win. Free Webinar— From Physical to Digital: Make Your Paperless Office Dream a Reality]. What are the first steps to transformation?

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Democratizing Data and the Rise of the Citizen Analyst


Those that embrace digital transformation , regardless of industry, experience new levels of relevance and success.

Survey Finds Machine Learning is Taking Information Governance by Storm


Judging by the results of a new survey, machine learning software is rapidly becoming the records manager’s best new friend. When you compare the results to a similar survey conducted five years ago, the contrasts are striking. A significant minority of respondents are already converting paper documents and semi-structured documents like invoices to usable digital form.

Netflix or Blockbuster – Justifying the Spend

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Digital transformation isn’t optional anymore. The number one objective is “supporting enterprise information/analytics needs” closely followed by “supporting enterprise digital transformation.”. 2018 will reveal record amounts spent on digital.

New AIIM Research: State of the Industry – Content Services


For this research study, we surveyed over 300 decision-makers from around the world about their focus on Content Services to answer these three core questions: What critical information management problems are users trying to solve with Content Services?

Is Your Customer Experience Future-Ready?


How does your customer experience strategy fit in your organization’s digital transformation strategy? Blake notes that transformation triggers like digital growth and a changing economy can dramatically impact customers and completely change the face of customer experience.

Digital Leaders Tackle Information Chaos at its Origins


In a recent AIIM Industry Watch survey -- State of Intelligent Information Management: Getting Ahead of the Digital Transformation Curve -- I asked this question -- “ Agree or Disagree : Digitizing and standardizing business inputs is one of the key bottlenecks for Digital Transformation.” Three big themes emerged for me in looking through the survey data: Leaders push the envelope on automation and machine learning.

Acceptability = Mobility

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So you got a big win or you want to show your company how awesome you’ve done with patient surveys, just share out the card to the company and let them see it. Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Acceptance analytics Big Data cloud Domo MobileOut of Touch?

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And the survey said. Make your voice heard on the future of Information Management


Our State of the Industry survey this year is focused on better understanding these information management challenges. 84% say that Digital Transformation is “important” or “very important” to their organization. Lend your voice to the survey. As a bit of a thank you, at the end of the survey you'll automatically get a link to 16 AIIM Tip Sheets. Digital Disruption & Emerging Markets. The Next Logistics Wave – Digital Trucking. Take the survey.

Acceptability Equals Mobility

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So you got a big win or you want to show your company how awesome you’ve done with patient surveys, just share out the card to the company and let them see it. Data & Analytics Digital Transformation Acceptance analytics Big Data cloud Domo MobileOut of Touch?

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New AIIM Research: Leveraging Machine Learning Capabilities


Developments in AI — and its sidekicks “Deep Learning” and “Machine Learning” — bring the promise of transforming work as we know it. Those transformed work processes will operate in a completely different way: fully automated and autonomous, with smart machines doing the work.

[Podcast] Artificial Intelligence - What the Research Data REALLY Means


In fact, when we surveyed the AIIM Community about it and found that: 81% of organizations reported that Deep Learning and Machine Learning are key to their future technology and business planning. podcast digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence AI machine learning deep learning

How is content services automation revolutionizing records management and information governance?


Part 1 -- What exactly is the link between IIM and Digital Transformation? 58% of our survey respondents agree that “Information Governance is better sold indirectly – as a byproduct of automation and customer experience – than head-on.”.

Key Metrics to Measure Performance of Your Healthcare App

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In today’s digitally savvy world, consumers-patients-members expect to interact with healthcare organizations across a number of mobile devices whilst on the go, just as they do with organizations across other industries. Regardless of the type of mobile app(s) that forms part of your holistic digital experience, each and every digital interaction across these impact the overall satisfaction levels of your consumers-patients-members.