Four Use Cases Proving the Benefits of Metadata-Driven Automation


Organization’s cannot hope to make the most out of a data-driven strategy, without at least some degree of metadata-driven automation. Metadata-Driven Automation in the BFSI Industry. Metadata-Driven Automation in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Five Benefits of an Automation Framework for Data Governance


In data governance terms, an automation framework refers to a metadata-driven universal code generator that works hand in hand with enterprise data mapping for: Pre-ETL enterprise data mapping. Governing metadata.

Using Strategic Data Governance to Manage GDPR/CCPA Complexity


Activating their metadata to drive agile data preparation and governance through integrated data glossaries and dictionaries that associate policies to enable stakeholder data literacy.


Data Preparation and Data Mapping: The Glue Between Data Management and Data Governance to Accelerate Insights and Reduce Risks


Organizations have spent a lot of time and money trying to harmonize data across diverse platforms , including cleansing, uploading metadata, converting code, defining business glossaries, tracking data transformations and so on. What’s needed to overcome these obstacles is establishing an automated, real-time, high-quality and metadata- driven pipeline useful for everyone, from data scientists to enterprise architects to business analysts to C-level execs.

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Google’s Record GDPR Fine: Avoiding This Fate with Data Governance


An organization’s data preparation (data mapping), enterprise modeling (business, enterprise and data) and data governance practices all draw from a single metadata repository. In fact, metadata from a multitude of enterprise systems can be harvested and cataloged automatically.


Industry Day for Electronic Messages on August 6

National Archives Records Express

We will announce how vendors listed on GSA Schedule 36, Special Item Number 51-600, Electronic Records Management will have the opportunity to create demos based on the draft Use Cases for Electronic Messages (Word document). Manage the metadata of an electronic message record throughout the lifecycle. Vendors will individually develop demos of how their solutions could meet the scenarios.

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The National Archives Hosts Industry Day Focused on Electronic Messages: The Next Phase of the Federal Electronic Records Modernization Initiative (FERMI)

Archives Blogs

NARA and GSA publicized how vendors listed on GSA Schedule 36 , Special Item Number 51-600 , Electronic Records Management would have the opportunity to create demos based on the draft “ Use Cases for Electronic Messages.” Further, NARA and GSA detailed demos must express the following three scenarios from the Use Cases : Determine if the electronic message can be placed under records management control. Manage the metadata of an electronic message record throughout the lifecycle.

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How to: Find and Clean out Your Dark Data with


You can see the label when you look at the metadata for an individual file. Send us a demo request. We talk a lot about how you need to get control of the dark data spread across disconnected silos in your company.

Managing Governance Policies with everteam.policy


Everteam.policy allows you to assign intermediate milestones to your policy definitions related to how a piece of content is stored, indexed or the metadata applied to it. You can see a brief demo of everteam.policy at the end of our webinar, “ Managing Retention Policies the Right Way ,” or you can reach out to us for a personalized demo where we can answer specific questions related to how you need to manage your governance policies.

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Gartner IT Expo: Real Time Data Drives Fanatics Growth

Perficient Data & Analytics

FanViz Demo. Amit showed a demo of the tool with synthetic data. They built a complete metadata architecture with a simplified approach that fits more of a web developer skill set. Key is the dynamic metadata architecture.

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Manage Your Dark Content and Increase Compliance


Metadata enhancement: Adding new tags based on extracted entities and other content elements. The good news is that Everteam offers solutions to support the work you need to do to manage your dark data and you can check out a quick demo in the webinar recording below.

Webinar Summary: How Everteam Supports CCPA Compliance


This index includes not only file properties and metadata, but also the full-text of each document. You can watch the full webinar on demand below, or you can request a customized demo of one or both products to see if they can support your ongoing compliance requirements.

What is Infonomics and Why Should You Care?


Organize and classify the information into logical categories with relevant metadata, as well as leverage AI, machine learning and natural language processing to ensure both older and new information is organized properly. Learn how we can help you or contact us to set up a demo.

ROT 70

Tech Tuesday: Getting Started with Classification


After you’ve received input from key stakeholders, you can start to define content categories (or content types) and associated metadata. One of the most important elements of an information governance program is the proper classification of your data.

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[1day] [PoC with $rip] Deterministic Linux heap grooming with huge allocations

Scary Beasts Security

The decoder metadata object -- often a very interesting target for corruption -- is in the previous thread arena (the one of size 0x6e000). It is also the thread arena that contains the decoder metadata, so one attack is to go after this. The following demos apply to Fedora 25 with the v1.10.0-1 RPM versions of the various gstreamer1 packages. Demo 1: $rip == 0x414141414141 Demo file: vmnc_rip_414141414141.avi.

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#BoxWorks2016 – My Thoughts


The Perkins+Will demo was really cool and a harbinger of what is possible. No, they’re doing it in an intelligent way that leverages / manages metadata and preserves the integrity of the “records”.

The Strategic, the Tactical, and Agile Records Management

Brandeis Records Manager

Well, we inverted the classic model of requirements first and moved directly to free vendor solution demos, to inform us on the end-state offerings to which we would aspire, from where we are now. With some internal collection prioritizing, sizing, and metadata design, we expect to select and pilot a digital preservation solution before the end of the calendar year. George Despres, CRM. Program Director for University Records Management, Brandeis University.

[0day] [PoC] Risky design decisions in Google Chrome and Fedora desktop enable drive-by downloads

Scary Beasts Security

The demo file can be downloaded here: vmnc_width_height_int_oflow.avi. This level of control will allow good heap grooming, and the possibility of attacking heap metadata, if no other good opportunities present themselves.

ROT 40

Redux: compromising Linux using. SNES Ricoh 5A22 processor opcodes?!

Scary Beasts Security

Demo and impact Today, the demos are videos instead of images. Not to say it is impossible, but the last time I tried to exploit glibc metadata corruption in a decent ASLR environment, I found it hard enough that I had to pull some tricks to “cheat” a little.

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Notes about MySourceMatrix


And naturally in a platform pitched at this level it meets requirements that are particularly important to government departments, like work flow, accessibility standards, content archiving and metadata. Really describing this in words doesn't really do this capability justice - I would recommend that if you are thinking of short listing MySourceMatrix as a solution you arrange a demo of this functionality to understand better what you might be able to do with it.