Educating and Training Future Cybersecurity Pros

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Rob Clyde of ISACA discusses his ideas for how to raise up the next generation of "cyberwarriors" to serve on the front lines of active defense against cyberthreats

Cybersecurity Education for the Remote Workforce

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The Need for 'Short, Sharp Bursts' of Compelling Messages In the current work-at-home environment, keeping the workforce educated about critical cybersecurity practices requires "short, sharp bursts of education" that offer compelling messages, says Vicki Gavin, a former CISO who now serves as a cyber education consultant.


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The Future of Cybersecurity Education - Part 1

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ISACA and (ISC)2 on Meeting Changing Demands of Industry, Students What is the role of professional certification companies in the cybersecurity education ecosystem? In part one of a two-part panel discussion on the future of cybersecurity education, John McCumber of (ISC)2 and Rob Clyde of ISACA share their philosophies

The Future of Cybersecurity Education - Part 2

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Intel's Amit Elazari Bar On and UC-Berkeley's Lisa Ho on Schools and Digital Transformation What are America's universities doing to help fill the cybersecurity skills gap felt by enterprises worldwide? In part two of a two-part panel discussion on the future of cybersecurity education, Lisa Ho of the University of California-Berkeley and Amit Elazari Bar On of Intel Corp.

ISC(2): Only 13% of Cybersec Pros Had a Cyber Education

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Study Points to Need for Extensive On-the-Job Training Only 13% of cybersecurity professionals had a cybersecurity education before getting into the sector reports (ISC)², pointing to the need for extensive on-the-job training

Mastercard Brings Cyber Education to Small Businesses

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To aid in countering the threat, Mastercard has launched a cybersecurity education effort targeting this market segment. Paul Trueman Shares Details of ‘Trust Center’ Initiative Small businesses have been disproportionately affected by hackers in recent months.

A Venture Capitalist’s View of Cybersecurity

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Roger Lang, who has experience in SaaS and fintech and has invested in various cybersecurity companies, says that education is the key to making real progress on cybersecurity issues

Teaching Cybersecurity to Children

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Palmyra, NJ (June 4, 2021) – The Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2021 Foundation Education Scholarship Awards. in Cybersecurity & Information Assurance at Capella University. AIEF Education Featured Press Release Scholorship

Higher Education: 15 Books to Help Cybersecurity Pros Be Better

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Constant learning is a requirement for cybersecurity professionals. Here are 15 books recommended by professionals to continue a professional's education

NDSU Offers Nation's First Ph.D. in Cybersecurity Education

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The new program focuses on training university-level educators in cybersecurity

Education Gets an 'F' for Cybersecurity

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The education sector falls last on a list analyzing the security posture of 17 US industries, SecurityScorecard reports

A Cybersecurity Policy Agenda

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The Aspen Institute’s Aspen Cybersecurity Group — I’m a member — has released its cybersecurity policy agenda for the next four years. Uncategorized cybersecurity national security policy reports risks

Threat actors target K-12 distance learning education, CISA and FBI warn

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The US Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency and the FBI warned about the increase in ransomware attacks targeting the US K-12 educational sector. The post Threat actors target K-12 distance learning education, CISA and FBI warn appeared first on Security Affairs.

How Does the Government Buy Its Cybersecurity?

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The federal government is emphasizing cybersecurity regulation, education, and defense strategies this year

Cybersecurity: Defending Freedom with Information Management

Information Governance Perspectives

Governments at all levels can educate and work with their communities to raise awareness of the risks and mitigation strategies that should be considered. The post Cybersecurity: Defending Freedom with Information Management appeared first on Rafael Moscatel.

How to Get Started in a Cybersecurity Career

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There just aren’t enough cybersecurity pros to go around, meaning that people with the right skills and enough dedication have plenty of opportunities to land rewarding and lucrative jobs. SANS has an Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Cybersecurity program, with a 100% online option.

Microsoft, Google Among Tech Giants Pledging Big Money to Cybersecurity

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The president also launched a 100-day effort to improve cybersecurity in the electrical industry and ordered a framework be developed to improve software security. Security Training and Education Pledged. Threats cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for Information Governance Professionals via Eleven Fifty Academy

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Most companies ignore the importance of information governance in ensuring good cybersecurity. Advancing technology, such as cloud computing, increasing compliance mandates, and increasing amounts of data to be secured have made it essential to improve your cybersecurity strategies.

Free Webcast 4/14 at Noon Central: “Cybersecurity and IG” via ARMA Dallas

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Dear ARMA Members and Friends, Please join us for our lunch webinar tomorrow, April 14 at 12 noon tilted “Cybersecurity and IG” presented by Andrew Ysasi. The post Free Webcast 4/14 at Noon Central: “Cybersecurity and IG” via ARMA Dallas appeared first on IG GURU.

COVID-19 and the Human Side of Cybersecurity Leadership

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2020 Cybersecurity Threat Trends Outlook via Booz | Allen | Hamilton

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The post 2020 Cybersecurity Threat Trends Outlook via Booz | Allen | Hamilton appeared first on IG GURU. Check out their report that includes “Nine ways threat actors will make waves in 2020” here.

A New Approach to Finding Cybersecurity Talent: A Conversation with Alan Paller

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A group of technology luminaries have launched an effort to find and train a new generation of cybersecurity talent, an effort that will gain steam tomorrow with The Cyber Talent CIO Forum. Because the way the education system works, only a few people seem to go into cybersecurity.

State of Cybersecurity 2020, Part 2 Report Available and Free to ISACA Members

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The post State of Cybersecurity 2020, Part 2 Report Available and Free to ISACA Members appeared first on IG GURU. Business Compliance Education IG News Information Governance information privacy information security Privacy Risk News 2020 Cybersecurity ISACA Security

Addressing the Human Element in Cybersecurity

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James Mackay of MetaCompliance Discusses Building Better Risk Awareness Among Employees James Mackay of MetaCompliance explains techniques for educating and motivating employees to be more aware of cyber risks

Beyond Phishing: The New Face of Cybersecurity Awareness

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Terranova's Lise Lapointe on How Cybersecurity Awareness Must Evolve As CEO of Terranova Security, an awareness training provider, Lise Lapointe sees an evolution of education programs that used to be merely phishing simulation tests. What are the most effective forms of training

The IoT Cybersecurity Act of 2020: Implications for Devices

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Last month’s passage of the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020 means all IoT devices used by government agencies will soon have to comply with strict NIST standards. Lastly, we touch on the political rationale of how the landmark IoT cybersecurity legislation came to be.

IoT 113

Recorded Webinar Available Cybersecurity in an Uncertain World: New Ways to Confront New Ransomware Threats” via GovTech

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The post Recorded Webinar Available Cybersecurity in an Uncertain World: New Ways to Confront New Ransomware Threats” via GovTech appeared first on IG GURU.

Healthcare Cybersecurity: Protection and Recovery


Cybersecurity threats keep many healthcare professionals up at night. If your healthcare organization hasn’t yet reported any cybersecurity issues, then it may simply not be tracking them properly. Thankfully, more and more healthcare organizations have recognized the need for a healthcare cybersecurity strategy. Many healthcare leaders just want to throw money at their cybersecurity challenges. Education and Training.

Do's and Don'ts for School Cybersecurity Awareness

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Remote learning has introduced an array of new cyberthreats to American families and schools, but this can be an educational moment for all involved

GUEST ESSAY: ‘Cybersecurity specialist’ tops list of work-from-home IT jobs that need filling

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Many universities offer massive open online courses (MOOC) in cybersecurity. While you’ll need a bachelor’s degree (not necessarily in cybersecurity specifically) for most of these jobs, the median pay is a very solid $47.95/hr. The level of education you have is not a critical factor; training and ability are the keys. The educational requirements are variable, from high school completion through a bachelor’s degree, depending on the employer.

Why Cybersecurity's Silence Matters to Black Lives

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The industry is missing an opportunity to educate the public about bad actors who capitalize off of protest, voting rights education and police brutality petitions through social engineering and phishing attacks

Protecting Sensitive Company Data: How to Educate Employees


In this article, we will examine how to educate your employees so that a lethal hack does not disrupt your business. That makes it essentially unguessable and will greatly increase your level of cybersecurity. Ultimately, cybersecurity is a team effort that can only succeed if all of the members of an organization are on the same page.

SecurityAffairs awarded as Best European Cybersecurity Technical Blog

Security Affairs

I’m proud to announce that SecurityAffairs was awarded as Best European Cybersecurity Technical Blog at European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards. The winners of the annual European Cybersecurity Blogger Awards have been announced.

Cyberspace Solarium Commission (CSC) report deserves more attention

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Breach Business Compliance Cryptocurrency Education Information Governance information security Risk News Standards 2020 Report Cyber Cybersecurity Security SolariumCheck out the report the commission made in March of 2020 and their website here.

Veterans Find New Roles in Enterprise Cybersecurity

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Facebook and Synack create programs to educate vets and grow employment opportunities while shrinking the cybersecurity talent gap

Feds: K-12 Cyberattacks Dramatically on the Rise


Government Malware Vulnerabilities Web Security alert CISA Cyberattacks Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency DDoS distance learning edtech education FBI k-12 Phishing ransomware remote learning schools security advisory zoom bomb

IoT Cybersecurity: 5 Major Vulnerabilities and How to Tackle Them

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IoT devices are exposed to cybersecurity vulnerabilities. However, if you know where the dangers lurk, there is a way to minimize the cybersecurity risks. Here are five significant cybersecurity vulnerabilities with IoT in 2020.

IoT 111

New Professional Development Institute Aims to Combat Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

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The (ISC)2 announces a new institute for working cybersecurity professionals to continue their education

Bad News: AI and 5G Are Expected to Worsen Cybersecurity Risks

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Experts believe Artificial intelligence (AI) could introduce new cybersecurity concerns, and that the upcoming 5G network could pose new risks as well. The document shows the results of polling decision-makers in the cybersecurity and risk management sectors to get their expert opinions on things like the changing threat landscape, corporate decision-making about cybersecurity and other pertinent topics. Here’s a look at how the report frames AI and 5G in cybersecurity.