Forrester quantifies information advantage for capital-intensive companies

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Capital-intensive industries like chemicals, utilities, oil and gas, and mining are facing rapid changes in supply and demand. Products Content Services OpenText Content management Enterprise Information Management Forrester Capital Projects data governance Operational Excellence Enterprise Asset Management Master Data Governance Capital Investments Solution Extensions Intelligent Technologies Intelligent Asset Management

The State of Content Management in 2020 [Expert Tips & Research]


Few announcements in information management have been bigger than Gartner’s article heard round the world that announced the death of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) as we knew it. It’s been replaced by the term content services, a strategic concept that covers three aspects, namely content services Applications, Platforms and Components.”. What’s this content services thing? What does content management look like in 2020, years after ECM died?

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Is AIIM Membership Worth It? Pros and Cons


For example, here are just a few of my personal favorites: State of the Content Services Industry (research) and How to Be GDPR Compliant (member toolkit). Of course, it’s not just your membership dues – it’s also your time, your energy, your feedback, and even how you respond to AIIM product and service offerings. I included this last because it is the least valuable benefit I get from mine.

31 Letters to Santa from ECM Users


So for those of you who are hanging in there and thinking about content management in the shrinking shopping days before the holidays, here is your reward – a few nuggets that pop up in the “funny letters to Santa” search stream. I want a new football game and football because my little brother always tries to steal mine. We are at a pivot point for content services and ECM as a monolith may have had its day, especially with cloud based services.

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