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Data monetization: driving the new competitive edge in retail


The 2019 CGI Client Global Insights reveals that harnessing the power of data analytics to drive real-time insights and improved personalization for new revenue streams is a top business priority for the retail and consumer services executives interviewed.

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Understanding Have I Been Pwned's Use of SHA-1 and k-Anonymity

Troy Hunt

More than a decade ago now, I wrote about how Our Password Hashing Has no Clothes and in that post, showed the massive rate at which consumer-grade hardware can calculate these hashes and consequently "crack" the password.

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In Praise of the Invisible DB2 for z/OS System

Robert's Db2

a systems programmer or a database administrator), my advice to you is this: view your organization's application developers as your customers, and seek to excel in customer service. Noticing these characteristics, developers might start expressing a preference for the data associated with their new applications being stored on the platform with the industrial-strength qualities of service.