Cyber Blackmail: More Than Just Ransomware

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The plethora of attacks has sent security professionals and system administrators scrambling to ensure their systems and backups are safe, and executives taking a second look at their cyber security programs. Ransomware Hits CDOT Computers. News Cyber Security electronic records Information Governance Local Governments ransomware security State Agencies

First Multistate HIPAA Data Breach Lawsuit May Signal Increased State Interest in Data Security Enforcement

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On December 3, 2018, twelve attorneys general (“AGs”) jointly filed a data breach lawsuit against Medical Informatics Engineering and its subsidiary, NoMoreClipboard LLC (collectively “the Company”), an electronic health records company, in federal district court in Indiana. million individuals from the Company’s systems. According to the complaint, over a period of 19 days, hackers were able to infiltrate the Company’s computer systems.


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Building the Relationship Between RM and IT

The Texas Record

Whether it’s creating and securing electronic records or establishing a process to capture records from social media sites, records managers often find themselves working closely with their Information Technology (IT) Departments. ” AO : “ Before I joined the OOG in April 2015, Computer Services had been responsible for training the agency on using Archie, our records retention and classification tool.

How To Build A Cybersecurity Career | What Really Matters

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Since the general work of a cybersecurity specialist is to ensure that computer systems and networks are secure—essentially meaning cybersecurity experts are in charge of the electronic security of an organization—they must be knowledgeable. Becoming a Cybersecurity Expert: What To Study In general, to get started on this career path, you need a bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields: computer engineering, programming, computer science, or information science.