Calculating electronic records storage costs

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This post will do the same for electronic records and follows the same formula of not taking into account personnel or overhead costs or depreciation of equipment. The Library of Congress maintains information about recommended file formats.).

Supply-Chain Attack against the Electron Development Platform

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Electron is a cross-platform development system for many popular communications apps, including Skype, Slack, and WhatsApp. Tsakalidis said that he had contacted Electron about the vulnerability but that he had gotten no response -- ­and the vulnerability remains.

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Arup Library: 60 years


Arup Library: 60 years. Arup Library: 60 years. Key projects include the Sydney Opera House, the Pompidou Centre and the British Library. The first library in the firm?s What follows is a brief overview of 60 years of the Arup Library in London. Early Arup Library.

A greener library: The Bodleian?s push for sustainability


A greener library: The Bodleian?s A greener library: The Bodleian?s As well as looking at some of the easy wins on the sustainability agenda, this article also explores the cutting edge of library sustainability, with the focus on library buildings, their resources and users.

Reflections on the Libraries? Responses to Coronavirus, Resource Discovery and the Future


Reflections on the Libraries? In my workplace, physical library services have stopped completely, with no readers and no staff permitted to access buildings. All of that is gone now, as the libraries are closed to readers and staff. The Temporary Digital Bodleian Library.

FAQ: How does web archiving fit into records management?

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Records Management for Blogs, Texts, Social Media, Cloud Computing and more! Web archiving involves using software to take periodic snapshots to preserve as much data as you need about your organization’s website, including any associated metadata.

e-Records 2017: “Teacher Retirement System of Texas: The Information Governance Journey”

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TSLAC Wants Your Electronic Records. These results were used to develop a big bucket retention schedule and create standard repositories for electronic records. Training Conferences electronic records Email eRecords eRecords 2017 Information Governance Retention

Navigating the complex legal landscape of the information professions.


Library, information and knowledge professionals are often at the front line of managing and monitoring their organisation?s Previously she was Professor of Information Management at Robert Gordon University where she focused on legal and ethical issues relating to digital libraries.

Writing Your First Bootloader for Better Analyses

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When you press the power button you are providing the right power to every electronic chips who needs it. We need to tell to the liner that we want a plain binary file without linked libraries or linked symbols, fir such a reason we’re going to use –oformat binar.

Archive-It Partner News, February 2019


Community Webs cohort members gathered at the Columbus Metropolitan Library for their yearly summit, and to mark the second (and final) year of their Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded program. Community Webs cohort members at the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Florida Man Arrested in SIM Swap Conspiracy

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Officers responding to the report searched the residence and found multiple cell phones and SIM cards, as well as files on the kid’s computer that included “an extensive list of names and phone numbers of people from around the world.”

Failure to Secure Wireless Network Defeats ECPA Claims

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A computer user’s failure to secure his wireless network contributed to the defeat of his claim that a neighbor’s unwelcome access to his files violated the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (“ECPA”). The ECPA places restrictions on unauthorized interception of, and access to, electronic communications. Electronic Communications Privacy Act

Analyzing the APT34’s Jason project

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Microsoft.Exchange.WebService.dll which includes the real functionalities used by Jason.exe, it’s a Microsoft developed library, PassSamplewhich includes some patterns implementation of possible Passwords (ie.[User@first]@@[user@first]123)

Now is the time: Information literacy and sharing information about COVID-19


Ruth Carlyle is the regional lead for NHS library and knowledge services in the East of England and the Midlands, part of the Health Education England team leading the development of NHS libraries in England. Now is the time: Information literacy and sharing information about COVID-19.

Is APT27 Abusing COVID-19 To Attack People ?!

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Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) comprises a set of systems-management technologies developed to unify the management of distributed computing environments. I am a computer security scientist with an intensive hacking background.

The evolutions of APT28 attacks

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In other words all the infrastructures, the samples, the command and controls, the domains and IPs, the certificate, the libraries and, general speaking, all the operations that come before the attack phase in term of environments.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations – Deployment options

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Cloud deployments include high availability, disaster recovery, sandbox environments, and application lifecycle management combined with cloud-based systems of intelligence, infrastructure, compute, and database services in a single offering. Electronic reporting (ER) integration with LCS.

Gaining New Workflow Efficiency at Fluid Components International

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When the senior management of Fluid Components International sent Karyn Dawes and her team on a quest to replace their manual document management with a computer system, their first choice was rejected for cost and complexity. Fluid Components primarily manages engineering documentation in Adept, “but if management says, ‘Hey, put this somewhere,’ we will find a place for it in Adept, even if we have to create a library for it.”.

Writing Your First Bootloader for Better Analyses

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When you press the power button you are providing the right power to every electronic chips who needs it. We need to tell to the liner that we want a plain binary file without linked libraries or linked symbols, fir such a reason we’re going to use --oformat binar.

Y2K: The New Year’s Disaster That Wasn’t

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Governments and businesses around the world proactively prepared their computer systems to seamlessly to the year 2000 rather than travel back to 1900. Since its creation in 1941, Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi has specialized in technical training in avionics and electronics.

URLs Aren’t Archives ¯_(?)_/¯, and Other Stories

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The expectation of action on the part of institutions such as the Library of Congress was frustrating. The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations defines vital records as the essential agency records that are needed to meet operational responsibilities under national security emergencies or other emergency conditions (emergency operating records) or to protect the legal and financial rights of the Government and those affected by Government activities (legal and financial rights records).

APT34: Glimpse project

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By focusing on trying to give a project date we might observe the compiled time which happens to be 9/1/2018 at 5:13:02 AM for newPanel-dbg.exe while it happens to be 9/8/2018 at 8:01:54 PM for the imported library called ToggleSwitch.dll.

Meet new Archive-It and Web Group teammates


Helge earned his Master of Computer Science and worked as a researcher in Germany, striving for his PhD on efficient access methods for web archives, in which he already closely collaborated with the Internet Archive and Archive-It. Rutgers) and machine learning/computational modeling (M.S.

Building the Relationship Between RM and IT

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Whether it’s creating and securing electronic records or establishing a process to capture records from social media sites, records managers often find themselves working closely with their Information Technology (IT) Departments.

A Record Center Is Not An Archives: Dispatches from a ARM sector change

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Despite this sort of odd present, the position has an exciting future—City Records is going to be merging with the Legislative Reference Bureau library and the Historic Preservation Office to create a City Research Center, the nature of which is still being determined. Welcome back from SAA!

The debate on the Data Protection Bill in the House of Lords

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It will ensure that libraries can continue to archive material, that journalists can continue to enjoy the freedoms that we cherish in this country, and that the criminal justice system can continue to keep us safe. When we do the weekly supermarket shop online, we should be able to move our shopping list electronically. If you think that your data has been anonymised, according to the computational privacy group at Imperial College, you will be wrong.

GDPR 120

Ten Years After: RIM Standards Evolve Slowly

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Leading-edge records managers joined the techies, smiling that their fledgling stock of electronic records were largely intact; disaster recovery tactics went unused. It is possible that the current buzz words -- Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, It was largely paper-based, and its roots in library science were apparent. Ten years ago, the tech world was still exhaling in relief and self-congratulations on dodging the Y2K bullet.

Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia and the search for trusted information


s Rob Green about the search for trusted information and the role of libraries and librarians in the face of the rise of fake news, clickbait and the erosion of trust in news and information sources. s connected generation take fingertip computing power for granted, and have instant access to information and data from across the internet. and points to libraries and librarians as the facilitators to improve skills. Libraries and librarians in the digital age.

IDEA 2008


The “IDEA Conference&# :[link] took place in Chicago on October 7-9 at the Harold Washington Library Center. Sure it would, but computer scientists have long since proven that such “natural language processing&# can’t be done.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Connections + Information = KM?


In the actual paper [PDF}, the authors also put forward the suggestion that: " firms that primarily compete on quality can benefit most from emphasizing personal advice usage (and perhaps downplaying electronic document usage), while the opposite holds for firms relying on efficiency. " Its neither a case of just building document libraries or just connecting people, but getting the right balance. This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit.