Capture the Flag events and eSports

Adam Shostack

Capture the Flag Events (CTFs) and electronic Sports (eSports) are good examples of a relatively new trend. Now take that, and imagine that for some people, the game is a video game and the lawn is a network. Capture the Flag events, a collective obsession.

No Bad Faith Means No Sanctions for Failing to Preserve Video of Altercation: eDiscovery Case Law

eDiscovery Daily

O’Hara denied the plaintiff’s motion for sanctions based on the defendant’s alleged spoliation of a surveillance video that shows an altercation between the plaintiff and her supervisor, stating that “plaintiff has failed to meet the requirements of Fed. In Stovall v. Brykan Legends, LLC, No.

The Four Phases of CES: I, Consumer, Am Electronic

John Battelle's Searchblog

The post The Four Phases of CES: I, Consumer, Am Electronic appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog. CES is a huge event, one that almost everybody in our industry has been to at least once, if not multiple times.

Spotlight Podcast: At 15 Cybersecurity Awareness Month Grows with Cyber Risk

The Security Ledger

Russ Schrader of the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) and Angel Grant of RSA * join us to discuss the history of Cybersecurity Awareness Month and how the event is changing to meet growing demand. . The Computers in our Pockets. Russ noted that one of the biggest changes in the last 15 years was the arrival of powerful smart phones like the iPhone and Android, which consolidated a range of functions on a single, portable device: web, video, email and so on.

Plaintiff is Able to Get Some Subpoenas for Personal Data Quashed, But Not All: eDiscovery Case Law

eDiscovery Daily

After the plaintiff left the vessel, defendants located a computer file supposedly created by the plaintiff, containing text messages, emails, and photographs dated October 2013 to July 2014 that seemed to reflect drug transactions and a volatile relationship, but the plaintiff (in his deposition) denied fighting with his girlfriend and denied punching through the wheelhouse window. Case Law Electronic Discovery Mobile Devices ProportionalityIn Delgado v. Tarabochia, et al.,

Summary – “Industry in One: Financial Services”

ARMA International

However, the emerging key risk areas for financial institutions are non-financial in nature, broadly defined as events or actions, other than financial transactions, that can negatively impact the operations or assets of a firm. Electronic Communications Retention and Supervision.

Apple founder Steve Wozniak interview, answers your Tweeted questions | ZDNet

Collaboration 2.0

Wearing a fascinating looking tube valve watch (which didn’t look like Apple’s industrial design) Steve took to the stage and ran through a rapid history of modern personal computing from a very personal perspective.

The debate on the Data Protection Bill in the House of Lords

Data Protector

The new right to be forgotten will allow children to enjoy their childhood without having every personal event, achievement, failure, antic or prank that they posted online to be digitally recorded for ever more. When we do the weekly supermarket shop online, we should be able to move our shopping list electronically. If you think that your data has been anonymised, according to the computational privacy group at Imperial College, you will be wrong.

GDPR 120

Office 2.0 Conference September 3-5 | ZDNet

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Plug a keyboard and mouse into a PS3 and you have a pretty good cloud computing home workstation - we had the session schedule up and running in this format. The first year all event info came on an ipod, last year attendees received an iphone (or a PS3 if they already had an iphone).

Broadcast or communicate? | ZDNet

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Clearly some proprietary information should be tightly controlled and guarded, and providing satisfactory legal access to events and evidence should be carefully thought through.

Openness | ZDNet

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Although Supernova is a somewhat rarified and idealistic/futurist event, JP’s talk was real world pragmatism - Osmosoft , a BT open source unit, was also represented at the conference and ran a Tiddlywiki community user group later that week at the same venue.