KSJO 92.3 - Good Product, Bad Marketing. A Case Study

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In case you're wondering, it was this period of time that inspired the name of my company Federated Media , or FM - the explosion of independent voice in radio during the 1970s was quite similar to the explosion of independent voices on the web today.but I'm taking a detour.

Career Choice Tip: Cybercrime is Mostly Boring

Krebs on Security

“The message put out there is that cybercrime is lucrative and exciting, when for most of the people involved it’s absolutely not the case.”

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Crooks offer millions to skilled black hats to help them in extortion campaigns

Security Affairs

Cybercrime gangs aim at hiring skilled hackers that can help them in extortion campaign against high-worth individuals, in this case they promise $30,000 per month ($360,000 per year).

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CIPL Releases Report on Effective Data Privacy Accountability

Hunton Privacy

The Report also includes 46 case studies from 17 participating organizations from different sectors, geographies and sizes – including two SMEs and a university.

Zurich refuses to pay Mondelez for NotPetya damages because it’s ‘an act of war’

Security Affairs

The company estimated the NotPetya attack caused a cut of three percentage points from second-quarter sales growth because of disruptions to shipping and invoices caused by the cyber attack. ” This decision is a case study, both companies are facing an unprecedented court case.

Chinese hackers exploited a Trend Micro antivirus zero-day used in Mitsubishi Electric hack

Security Affairs

According to the media, hackers gained access to the networks of around 14 company departments, including sales and the head administrative office. “In a case study on its website, Trend Micro lists Mitsubishi Electric as one of the companies that run the OfficeScan suite.”

Signal LA: The Curtain Raiser - Tim and Arianna Open A Sold Out Show

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We'll begin the day with Arianna Huffingon, who just last night announced the sale of the Huffington Post to AOL. We'll then pivot into a Case Study from the newly public Demand Media, and then a conversation with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

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What Should Be The Core Competencies For Cybersecurity For C-Suite

Cyber Info Veritas

In the case of security professionals, they must be equipped with the necessary bandwidth to increase the alerting threshold and investigate alerts. In my experience, it is also important to remember that C-suite executives respond well to case studies.

4 ways ISO 27001 can enhance your business

IT Governance

TalkTalk lost more than 100,000 customers, its share price halved in the three months following the attack, and the cost of IT support, customer support and loss of sales reportedly totalled £60 million.

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How to Unite B2B PR and Content Marketing for Powerful Results

OpenText Information Management

As propsects move down your funnel, content may include later-stage content such as case studie and webinars. Case studies. If you want to generate leads, you'll want to generate leads, think webinars, demos, case studies and other later-stage content.

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CM Summit NYC in June: Agenda Is Live

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I'm excited about of the mix of one-on-one interviews, hand-picked case studies, and focused discussions with leaders from major brand advertisers, agencies, and digital media companies. I'm pleased to announce the agenda of our 5th CM Summit: Marketing in Real Time.

Connected Customer 360 Profiles for Retail & Luxury Brands


According to Forrester , by 2023, digital will impact 58% of total US retail sales — that is, sales for which customers do at least some part of their shopping journey via a digital touchpoint. This resulted in $2M in sales per day while stores were closed.

Can Enterprises execute a GRC Movement?

Security Affairs

Are applications or use cases of GRC platforms or products for enterprises going to be different for different organisations? If yes then what kind of use cases? Managed security services or security operations, cloud security, GRC is one of the fastest growing solutions in the world.

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How did we do on the Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) Summit?

Barclay T Blair

In one area we could have done better, but I knew that would be the case going in and will explain why. Believe me, this process is not fun and I had many painful conversations with excellent consultants and experts (personal friends in many cases) as to why they could not attend.

Establishing Records Management at Brandeis—The First Eighteen Months

Brandeis Records Manager

These ranged from one-on-ones to a surprise fifty-person audience of administrators for an entire school (my meeting invitation indicated eight people attending, and I walked into a function hall—should have cased the joint). In one case, we had an oversized vendor truck get stuck between a building, a ledge, and a tree for about twenty-five minutes. George Despres, University Records Manager, Brandeis University.

Does IT matter… in Australian supermarkets?


The SMH reported recently that: "Coles has posted its fastest sales growth in two years as the resurrection of the once ailing supermarket group enters its fifth year and the retailer continues to strip away customers from rival Woolworths as well as other food stores.".

Compete To Death, or Cooperate to Compete?

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Back in the days of print-bound information, we were essentially competing on what were publicly available assets: stories, particularly interpretations and reportage around those stories, and people: writers, editors, ad sales executives, and management.

Predictions 08: How Did I Do?

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For more on that, see the FM Blog , Chas's site (FM's Publisher), and the case studies and writings of scores of folks, including David Armano , David Churbuck , Deb Schultz , Shel Israel , Seth Godin , and of course, all the brands on Twitter. Related: 2007 Predictions. 2007 How I Did.